CCleaner Browser Review: Fast, Private And Secure Browser For Windows 10

An internet browser is one of the most widely used apps on your computer. After all you cannot browse the internet without using a browser app. There are many apps that allow you to surf the internet and the most popular one being Google Chrome followed by Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Opera, Tor and the list goes on.

But did you know that your browser collects data like your history, surfing details and other private information to influence your searches and recommended list?

Have you wondered why you get searches that match your interest all the time?

Then again, do you sometimes see ads related to your searches?

If you have observed the above pattern then you would have realized that there is something fishy going on here and most of us would prefer a browser that has unbiased results displayed. You can get uninfluenced search results on the private or incognito browsing mode of your current browser but this does not mean that it stops collecting data. Hence, we all require a browser that favours the users surfing experience.

CCleaner Browser: The All New Browser In Town

CCleaner Browser
Image: CCleaner

Most of you have realized the problem we have been facing and Piriform was one of the first organizations to have realized this and created an all new browser known as CCleaner Browser that is a fast browser and assures to protect user’s information and prevent ads, trackers and junk files from piling up on your computer. Piriform is the same parent organization that has given us amazing products in the past like:

CCleaner: One of the most popular Windows optimization software that not only maintains your PC but removes junk, temp and other unimportant files.

Recuva: This amazing application helps to recover deleted files on your computer and external drives

Defraggler: Defraggler helps to speed up your computer and protect your hard drive by sorting and categorizing the fragments stored on your disk.

Speccy: This is a system information tool that answers “What is inside my PC?”

If you have used or heard of any of the apps above then you would realize that CCleaner Browser would too turn out to be an amazing internet browser. However if you still have a doubt then the perhaps the next section describing the features would convince you:

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CCleaner Browser: Features

CCleaner Browser
Image: CCleaner

There are many features of CCleaner browser that are not available in other browsers.


Most browsers have started to allow users to add an extension/add-on to block ads in their browser. This browser has an adblock feature built-in and enabled by default. This feature helps increase the speed of loading web pages minus the ads and prevents adware from entering your system.


FingerPrinting stands for the data that is collected from your PC and then passed to a website server which then is used for tracking your browser and PC. CCleaner ensures that no fingerprints are captured.


Anti-Phishing is a feature that blocks websites that carry out phishing attempts when you navigate to them. It also blocks these sites and prevents users from downloading malicious content from these websites.


Some websites inject trackers into your browser to capture your online activities for marketing and analytical research. This browser contains filters to block bugs and scripts responsible for tracking activities.

Extension Guard

If you wish to install Extensions then you can only do so if that extension is allowed by the Extension Guard feature that usually blocks off any untrusted extension.

Flash Blocker

Flash Content is vulnerable to malware and also consumes a lot of PC’s resources. CCleaner browser blocks all Flash based content and provides an option to the user to enable it.

Password Manager

This feature is available to purchase from a lot of developers which allows users to maintain a vault of their passwords with one main password to remember. However, CCleaner Browser provides this feature in-built for free.

Privacy Cleaner

You can delete your browsing history, cache and cookies not only to maintain your privacy but free up valuable space on your hard drive.

Video Downloader

This feature can help users download videos and audio from many websites. But not all websites grant this permission and the downloaded video still maintains the copyright from the original website.

Webcam Guard

You can use this feature to grant access to the websites that want to access your webcam. Without permission those websites will not be able to access your webcam automatically.

Note: All these features are enabled by default but you can always change them in the Security & Privacy centre option in CCleaner browser. For more help on using the CCleaner browser, click here to access the official FAQs.

CCleaner Browser: Pros & Cons


  • Free Of Cost
  • Lightweight Browser
  • Extend Battery Life by 20%
  • Anti Fingerprinting
  • Complete Privacy and Security


  • None Identified yet

CCleaner Browser: System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10, 8, 7
Processor Intel Pentium 4 and above
Screen Resolution 800 x 600
Internet Connection Yes
Download Link Download

CCleaner Browser: It’s Your Decision!

With so many security features, this lightweight browser has been designed to protect our privacy and is available for free. All the anti-tracking, anti-phishing features etc make this browser surpass all others in the market. With a lot of data leak incidents, it is time for us to take our security and privacy in our own hands. And to change the current browser for a more secured one like CCleaner is just the first step.

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  • comment_avtar
    Bill Dsi
    I love and have used CCleaner forever and Recuva is good as well. The only “Con” I can see for the CCleaner Browser is that apparently it MUST be the default browser – the user can’t seem to disable it as the default browser. I’d like to “get to know it” first before making a commitment, so enable the user to decide if it will or won;t be the default browser so we can use it and see for ourselves how awesome it is. For now, i am uninstalling it…..

    3 years ago

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