How To Capture Screen While Running Untrusted Apps

The host Windows OS has a safe, secure environment called Windows Sandbox. Here, you don’t have to be concerned about infecting your computer with malware when using untrusted scripts and programs or downloading attachments. Nothing running in the Windows Sandbox can modify or interfere with the host OS. In comparison to standard virtual machine software, Sandbox differs in that it does not store any of the modifications made inside the environment.

Windows Sandbox starts again every time you open it, wiping away all previous information. The primary use of Windows Sandbox includes testing untested scripts and programs, visiting dubious websites, downloading questionable email attachments, and more.

Capture Screen While Running Untrusted Apps

For More Information On How To Enable Windows Sandbox Feature, Click Here.

This article will help readers to test an unverified app or script and record its result by capturing the screen using TweakShot Screen Recorder.

How To Capture Screen While Running Untrusted Apps On Windows PC?

Step 1: To access the official website or to download and install the Advanced Screen Recorder, click the icon below.

Step 2: After the application has been installed, activate it with the registration key you were emailed.


Step 3: Complete of the registration process.

Step 4: After the app’s user interface has loaded, a few tasks must be finished before you can start recording.

Step 5: Click the watermark option and choose the appropriate watermark. You have the option to utilize the Default watermark, No Watermark, or a New One each time you record a video.

ASR 9 Watermark

Step 6: Confirm that the mouse moved while the recording was being made. Click the Arrow icon next to the Watermark section in the lower-right corner of the app. It is possible to show or hide the mouse cursor and click actions.

Step 7: Click the microphone icon to choose the audio source. Choose Microphone if you want to record a tutorial video; select Default Recording Device if you want to record audio on your computer.

Step 8: Select a screen recording option to proceed.

Full frame: This ultimately frames your computer’s display.

Choose a region: With this option, users can select a particular area of their desktop screen to be recorded, and just that area of the screen will be captured.

Active Window: If you have numerous programs open, you can only use this option to capture the active window of one of them at once.

Capture Screen While Running Untrusted Apps

Camera: Using your webcam, you can record anything streamed on your computer screen.

Step 9: In this case, after choosing a recording mode, hit the Record button. The lower right corner of the screen will change to show a new window with basic controls, including options for Pause, Stop, Time Duration, and Screenshot.

Step 10: To halt recording, click the red square in the mini tray. The recording can also be stopped by using the F9 key.

Step 11: Click Open Recording Folder from the hamburger menu in the top-right corner of the screen after the recording is complete.

Step 12: A new File Explorer window will open to display each screenshot.


Step 13: On your computer, use the F11 key to take a screenshot of the software while it is open.

Note: If you continue to experience blank displays before recording, ensure the hardware acceleration settings are disabled in both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Another choice is Microsoft Edge. However, it doesn’t appear to have this capability. You can disable this feature by going to Chrome’s settings and typing “Hardware Acceleration” into the search box on the Settings Tab.

Why Use Advanced Screen Recorder To Capture Sandbox Activities?

Advanced Screen Recorder, which records your screen in high definition (HD) with audio, is the greatest screen recording program. This screen recorder is fantastic, simple to use, and effective. Both novice and expert users can use its great and powerful screen recording features.

Thanks to the straightforward user interface, you may start, pause, or resume recording audio from the screen, computer, or microphone at any time. Everyone can benefit significantly from Advanced Screen Recorder’s outstanding features. The following are some benefits of utilizing this program:

  • With the help of this program, users can record their full screen, a portion of it, or just one window, with or without sound.
  • Screencasts can have watermarks added by users to give their movies personality.
  • Using a camera or webcam overlay, users of this software can capture images and film private videos.
  • A single window, region, selected window, or scrolling window can all be recorded before or after being captured.
  • Users can sequentially or concurrently record PC noises and voiceovers using an external microphone.

The Final Word: How To Capture Screen While Running Untrusted Apps

I hope you can now try any untrusted or unverified app or script on your PC without the fear of malware infecting your computer. The results of trying out any app can be captured by Advanced Screen Capture and shared with other relevant people.

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