Best Sandboxing Software For Windows PC [2023]

Does it ever occur to you that all the software that you download today are not always safe & reliable? Or are they tagged along with instability, adware, virus or malware? Yeah, this could all happen while downloading free software in your PC which ultimately affects its work process.

So how can a sandbox software help you to pass through this? Before knowing more, we will understand the basics of it.

What Is A Sandbox?

As the name suggests, a separate or boxed environment is created within the PC to install and run new untrusted programs so that they do not affect the underlying operating system. You can also call Sandboxing as a security treatment because of its virtualization, which doesn’t allow applications to access the personal files or original device.

What Is A Sandbox

Moreover, a separate virtual memory and space will be created for these apps and any connection between the OS and apps remains nil. Now you may understand why downloading a sandbox software is a good idea.

Best Sandboxing Software For Windows 10/8/7

Protect your Windows PC from any malicious content as you run applications through best Sandboxing software compiled below.

1. Sandboxie

One of the most popular sandbox software for Windows 10, it dissects marked programs from running on the PC open-handedly. Plus, it is lightweight and saves space on your machine.

Sandboxie helps in running emails without any worry of phishing attacks, prevents websites from touching your personal data and keeps the overall system protected.

Though its free version doesn’t accompany major features, you can go for paid versions to enjoy such as forced programs, multiple sandboxes, etc.

Sandboxie - Best Sandboxing Software
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2. Bitbox or Browser In The Box

There are instances when you click a malicious link by mistake during browsing and before you realize, the viruses or Trojans have already made their way into PC. To escape from this scene, Bitbox is a free and unconventional tool that can be installed in your virtual environment.

It perfectly works on Chrome or Firefox web browser. Now whatever happens on this VirtualBox, remains here only. If in case, any suspicious activity is noticed, the browser automatically resets while removing all the history behind.

Bitbox or Browser In The Box
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3. Buffer Zone

Consider downloading this virtual container or rather a sandbox software for your Windows PC to keep untrusted sources, threats and harmful elements isolated from your data. Not only browsing safe is one efficient feature, but USB or DVD attachments also run through the software to check any potential threats.

As you select your programs and place them in a virtual zone, BufferZone checks through it and doesn’t allow any outsider to write your hard drive.

Buffer Zone - Best Sandboxing Software
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4. Shade Sandbox

Marked with a quite simple interface for users, you can simply use ‘Drag and Drop’ feature on this platform. Once the applications are placed into it, these applications will run into a virtual environ whenever you open them. Now you shall remain stress-free as all the browsing history, cookies, registry, etc. will remain away from the real machine.

Simply add as many applications you wish to use and let the virus get trapped into this boxed environment, without escaping to the main block.

Shade Sandbox
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5. Time Freeze

Count it as another efficient sandbox software that creates a virtual copy of your system settings and files. Now when you enable it, the whole system acts as if there is a time freeze and runs on virtual mode. As you disable it, the system returns back to normal mode.

So, once the freezing is done, none of your data is saved or the connection between the two worlds is barred.

Time Freeze
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Let’s just assume that everything on your PC is perfectly alright but isn’t it great to stay protected from any malware that may enter through a regular browser? If yes, you shall not forget to install a powerful Antimalware software for your PC.

And here, Advanced System Protector works like a pro by detecting infections, cleaning malware and keeping the system healthy. Moreover, it will also update regularly without grabbing much space on the PC. If you have any queries regarding Advanced System Protector, our dedicated support team will lead it through the suggestions below.

So as you download any other software today, better load up with Advanced System Protector today!

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