Cannot Update to iOS 13? Here’s What to Do Next!

Are you unable to update to iOS 13 even after all this trying and making so many efforts? Yes, we do understand you must be pretty excited to upgrade your iPhone and iPad to the latest software version. But don’t worry! There’s a fix for everything.

Unable to update to iOS 13? Here’s Why.

When it comes to upgrading your existing device to a new software version, a handful of things might go wrong in the moment. There may be a couple of reasons why you can’t upgrade your devices to iOS 13. Maybe your device isn’t compatible, or if you’re running short of storage space, connectivity issues, it may be anything. But well, you’re not alone! A lot of iOS users face this issue but luckily there’s a fix for every problem.

In this post, we have tried to cover a few common reasons why you cannot update to iOS 13 along with their quick fixes. Let’s explore these troubleshooting solutions so that you don’t face any challenges while installing iOS 13.

Device Incompatibility

Device Incompatibility
Image Source: OSX Daily

For those of you who are not aware, iOS 13 is only compatible with devices iPhone 6S and later. So yes, if you own an iPhone 5, iPhone SE or iPhone 6, you might be a little out of luck here. Maybe it’s time to bid goodbye to your old phone and upgrade to a new latest handset.

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Insufficient Storage

Insufficient storage is another most common cause of “cannot update to iOS 13” issue. So, if you’re trying to upgrade your iPhone to Apple’s latest software version but unable to do it even after all these attempts, just make sure you check your device’s storage capacity.

Insufficient Storage
Image Source: Apple Support

Head on to Settings> General> iPhone Storage to check how much available space you have on your device. If you’re running low on storage, you won’t be able to upgrade to iOS 13 as it requires a free space of about 1.5-2 GB on your device. Free up some memory and then try your luck again. You won’t fail this time!

Rely on iTunes Rather than OTA

Rely on iTunes Rather than OTA
Image Source: iOS Gadget Hacks

OTA refers to Over the Air, which is nothing but the process of installing a software version via Wi-Fi connection. When it comes to convenience and ease of comfort, most of us prefer OTA for upgrading our device with new software. But if you’re facing any challenges, then we would recommend you update your device via iTunes. Upgrading OS via iTunes is a more reliable method as it hinders any kind of network connectivity interruptions.

Plug to Power

This is more of a tip rather than a fix for “Cannot update to iOS 13” issue. Whenever you’re trying to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 13 or any latest software version make sure your device is plugged to a power source. An OS upgrade requires a minimum 50% of capacity to be performed successfully.

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Reset All Settings

Reset All Settings
Image Source: Aiseesoft

Yes, we were saving it as a last resort. If nothing from the above list works well for you then you can factory reset your device and then try upgrading to iOS 13. Head on to Settings> General> Reset> Reset all Settings. You can also start afresh by tapping the “Erase all Settings” option to wipe off your device completely. But before you select this option, make sure you have a safe backup of all your data.

We hope these tips will help you in resolving the “Cannot update to iOS 13” issue. If you have any other queries or doubts, feel free to ping us!

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