How to Blur Background in your iPhone Photos

Someone has quoted it right, Photography is that beautiful “Story” that you fail to put into words. Well, photography is the first love of many individuals. Isn’t it? Some of us pursue it as a career and for most of us, it is like a hobby that we can’t resist. Thanks to the smartphone revolution that has made almost everyone a photographer. Don’t we love clicking pictures anywhere we go? There’s no better joy than having an insane random collection of images stored on your device. You can revisit any moment you like, whenever you want.

Blur Background in your iPhone
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So, ever wondered how to blur background on iPhone to create those picture-perfect portraits? Yes, blurring the background on an iPhone is not as challenging as it sounds. You don’t need to invest in a fancy, expensive DSLR to blur the background. Your iPhone is quite enough for getting the job done.

Well, there are a few photography hacks that you can use for creating exceptionally gorgeous portraits with a blurred background using your iPhone.

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Let’s begin our quick guide on how to blur background on iPhone for creating a perfect portrait effect.

3 Ways To Blur the Background on iPhone

In our post, we will be discussing 3 simple ways that you can use for blurring the background of an image.

  1. Use the Portrait Mode
  2. Place the subject closer to the Lens
  3. Use a photo-editing app to Blur the background.

Method 1: Switch to the iPhone’s Portrait Mode

Switch to the iPhone’s Portrait Mode

If you own any of the newer iPhone models then clicking portrait jobs is a piece of cake. The latest iPhone models (iPhone 8 Plus and later) come with an easy-to-use default “Portrait” option in the camera app itself. So, your iPhone must have a dual camera. If you own a newer iPhone model, iPhone’s Portrait mode can be of huge help as it automatically blurs the background.

You can simply switch to the “Portrait” option to capture stunning portrait shots where the background is blurred. Here’s what you need to do.

Launch the Camera app on your iPhone.

Launch the Camera app

Swipe across the menu where various options are listed: Photo, video, slo-mo, Panorama, Portrait, and so on. Tap on “Portrait”.

Once you’re into the “Portrait” mode you will see a new menu on the screen.

Portrait” mode
Image source: iPhone Photography School

The Portrait mode allows you to choose between various options that include:

  • Natural Light
  • Studio Light
  • Contour Light
  • Stage light
  • Stage light Mono
  • High-key light Mono

Frame the subject and choose between any of these portrait modes.

While your iPhone’s camera is pointed at the subject, follow the on-screen instructions. Your iPhone may advise you to move a little closer or a bit away from the subject based on your position.

Once the frame and composition are all set, hit the shutter button to capture the portrait.

Adjust the Background Blur

The latest iPhone models including iPhone XR, XS, and later also allow you to adjust the background blur. Newer iPhone models come included with a Depth Control feature that you can use for adjusting the amount of blur in the image. To adjust and blur the background on iPhone, follow these steps:

Open the Camera app and switch to Portrait mode.

Now while you’re framing the subject, look at the top-right corner of the screen for an f-stop button. Tap on this option.

Adjust the Background Blur

You will see a measuring line on the screen. Use this measuring line for adjusting the depth of the blur in an image.

Sliding it to the extreme right will offer a maximum blur effect and sliding to left will minimize the blurriness.

Once the depth of the blur is selected, tap the shutter button to capture your perfect shot.

Method 2: Place the Subject Closer to the Lens

Another way to blur the background on an iPhone is by placing the subject a little closer to the camera lens. The more close you’ll place the lens to the subject, the background will automatically start getting blurrier.

Place the Subject Closer to the Lens

Try clicking a few random shots from your device until you master this skill. Once you’re all set, you can start clicking gorgeous portrait shots from your iPhone with a blur effect.

Method 3: Use a Photo Editing App to Blur the Background

Here comes another interesting way to blur the background on iPhone. Did you know you can also blur the background of an image after it’s being already clicked? Yes, it simply requires some good photo editing skills to get the job done.

How to Blur the Background Using iPhone’s Editing Features:

Click any image in the Portrait mode. Now head back to the Photos app where the image is stored.

Tap on the “Edit” option placed on the top-right corner.

Use a Photo Editing App

Adjust the depth control slider to increase or decrease the levels of blur in your image. Tap on “Done” to save the effect.

And that’s it, fellas!

Tip: If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can download and install any third-party photo editing app on your device to enhance your images.

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Here were the 3 most intuitive ways to blur the background on an iPhone in the most effortless way. You can use any of the above-mentioned methods for creating the perfect portrait shots from your smartphone.

Which photo editing app do you use on your iPhone? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments box!

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