10 Best Wear OS Watch Faces Apps You Can Use

Wearing a smartwatch jazzes up your style and at the same time lets you keep track of so many things – how many steps you have walked, what’s the weather like outside, how many calories you have burnt, so and so forth. And, when it comes to Android Wear OS, you can customize all such elements right from your watch face itself. But, if you are someone who loves to personalize things, how about changing your watch face every single day? And, something that can make that happen is a Wear OS watch face app.

Here we have enlisted some of the best Wear OS watch face apps that promise to deliver some of the best smartwatches faces to spice up your smartwatch look.

How To Select The Best Watch Face App

The best advice is to listen to your heart and get as creative as you can. If there’s an app that offers you watch faces that suit your personality go for it but also take heed of these factors as well:

  • What’s your vibe?

Fan of classic analog clocks? Or, are you a fan of digital clocks?

  • Free Vs Premium

While most Wear OS smartwatch apps offer watch faces with basic features for free, you can get more customization options with a premium subscription.

  • Don’t drain your smartwatch’s battery

Some watch faces can easily drain your battery. So, if that bothers you, pick a watch face that is battery efficient.

  • How creative can you get with your smartwatch face?

There are some watch face apps that let you create your own designs.

Best Watch Face Apps for Wear OS Smartwatches

1. Pixel Minimal Watch Face

 Pixel Minimal

Pixel Minimal Watch is one of the highest-rated free watch face apps from where you can get free watch faces for Wear OS. One of the greatest aspects of this app is that it provides you with battery-efficient watch faces. In the case of an AMOLED screen, you also get access to a completely black background.

Notable Features –

  • Minimal design.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Battery efficient; full black background for AMOLED screens.
  • 4 widgets – watch/ phone battery indicators, weather display, and phone notification icons.

Compatible Watches –  Wear OS 2 and 3, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 & 5, Google Pixel Watch, Fossil Watches, Oppo watch, Tic Watch, and many others.

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2. Thema


Thema offers premium watch faces for Wear OS. Take, for instance, the Destroy Watch Face app for Wear OS. It lets you choose colors and create your own designs. It offers a variety of interactive areas and offers you detailed data on each touch. If we consider the Destroy Watch Face App, you get 9 interactive areas. You can easily define your presets and reload them with a single touch.

Notable Features (of Destroy Watch Face) –

  • Keep a close watch on your mobile and watch the battery.
  • Watch data like steps, heart rate, calories, and unread emails (more than 10 aspects) on 1 screen.
  • Free and premium settings. Free settings include hour mode (12/24), weather refresh rate, display brand, etc. With the premium subscription, you can blend the background with colors.
  • Clock widget.

Compatible Watches – All Wear OS watches

 Not Compatible With – SAMSUNG GEAR S2 / S3 (Tizen OS)

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3. PhotoWear Classic Watch Face


How about being able to wear your memories on your wrist? It is one of the best WearOS watch face apps that lets you select up to 9 of your favorite photos from your phone’s gallery. You can toggle between these photos and select the one that you like. It is compatible with Android Wear OS watches, the Google Pixel and Fossil Gen 6 and select Samsung watches including Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and 5.

Notable Features –  

  • Crop photos and apply a variety of filters.
  • Select album view or you can tap to display any of your 9 photos full screen.
  • Change aspects like time position, text font, and battery indicator (premium).
  • More attractive clock styles to choose from (premium).

Compatible Watches – All Android Wear OS watches, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 & 5, Fossil Gen 6 and Google Pixel

Not Compatible With – Samsung legacy Galaxy series, Tizen-based smartwatches, legacy Android Wear OS 1.X.

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4. Facer Watch Faces

 Facer Watch Faces

If you are looking for WearOS watch faces, Facer Watch faces is a great watch face app to consider. It offers 300,000 free and premium watch faces both from independent artists as well as leading brands. It is well compatible with a myriad of watches including the Samsung Galaxy Watch series, Fossil smartwatches, Oppo Watch, Guess Wear, and many others. It even lets you publish your watch face design by using its leading Facer Creator Tool.

Notable Features –

  • 3D watch faces
  • Watch faces from brands like NASA, Star Trek, MTV, Garfield, etc and independent artists.
  • Several color themes and customizable data.
  • Create your own watch face with Facer Creator Tool.

Compatible Watches – Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Fossil Smartwatches, Oppo Watch, Mobvoi Ticwatch Series and many others

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5. Bubble Cloud Launcher

Bubble Cloud Launcher

Tired of using your smartwatch’s standard launcher, you can use the Bubble Cloud launcher. It can act as both a launcher and a Watchface. As an extended watch face, you can scroll horizontally for brightness/ apps/ assistant or volume and you can keep using your current watch face and pull the app drawer over the screen just as you would do with other mini launchers. It also has an “Option” feature where the items that you use more frequently stand out from the crowd.

Notable Features –

  • 2 modes – App Drawer and Interactive watch-face
  • Find apps with minimal scrolling; adjust app icon size. Also, you can organize apps into “clouds”
  • Dim ambient or choose what info stays on the ambient face.
  • Lock screen to prevent accidental taps.

Compatible Watches – Samsung Galaxy 4 Smartwatch, Fossil, TicWatch, Moto360 and Wear OS by Google

Not Compatible With – Samsung Galaxy 1/2/3 (Tizen), Samsung Gear, Android/ Bluetooth smartwatches (GT.08, DZ.09…)

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6. Timr Face Watch Face

Timr Face Watch

Timr Face Watch Face is an app that offers free watch faces for Wear OS. You will especially like this if you are someone who is not very fond of loud bells and whistles. It offers simple and minimalistic watch faces that are designed in line with Google’s material design. Furthermore, it provides 11 different colors and 3 background colors.

Notable Features –

  • Minimalistic design.
  • 11 colors and 3 background colors.
  • Display time in both 12 or 24-hour formats.
  • Seconds are indicated by a smooth, animated scale.

Compatible Watches – NA

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7. Pujie Watch Faces

Pujie Watch Faces

It is one of the best battery-friendly Wear OS watch face apps since it lets you make your own watch face just the way you would like it to be. You can add your own text, images and spice your watch face with your own watch hands, complications, and other elements. In case you are someone who loves details, you will love this watch face app. It even has a cloud library where you can safely store your creations and share them with other Wear OS users. It is a paid app and its subscription starts at $3.99.

Notable Features –

  • Tap drawer, panel with 6 targets and unlimited tap targets.
  • 800+ fonts
  • Calendar integration
  • Multiple time zones

Compatible Watches – All Wear OS 2 and 3 watches; Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5, and Google Pixel Watch

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8. Digitum Watch Face

Digitum Watch Face

It is an easy-to-use app that offers the best smartwatch faces. These smartwatch faces are a mix of elegant and digital and interactive functions. The watch face consists of 3 tap targets that you can further customize to your liking. It comes in two versions – free and premium, the breakdown of whose features will be given below. 

Notable Features –

  • Watch battery, phone battery, and weather (Free version).
  • Google FIT integration (premium).
  • Full ambient mode option (premium).
  • Screen time, forecast, heart rate detector, water/ coffee counter (premium).   

Compatible Watches – All Wear OS smartwatches.

 Not Compatible With – Tizen-based smartwatches.

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9. WatchMaker


With over 100000 watch faces for Wear OS watches, WatchMaker is unarguably one of the best watch face apps. Watchmaker offers a variety of features such as a 3D Gyroscope using which you can create parallax effects or animations with which you can create dim/ bright/ tap animations with 45 tweening functions. Apart from that you can add various cool text effects. You can even add countdowns – for example, days until Christmas or your birthday.

Notable Features –

  • 10000+ backgrounds and watch hands in watch designer.
  • Full Tasker integration.
  • Animated GIFs
  • Weather/ moon icon in 1-click.

Compatible Watches – All Wear OS watches from Google, All Apple Watches, Samsung Gear, Samsung Galaxy Watches, and many others.

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10. TimeFlik (Previously Mr. Time)


TimeFlik is a Wear OS watch face app that was declared Google Play’s best for-wear winner in 2021. It lets you choose from over 150 templates using which you can add widgets, change watch face backgrounds, customize colors and do a lot more. It has over 1 million watch faces designed by designers across the globe. It also has premium design collaboration with brands like Ducati, Dreamworks, Care Bear and the list goes on and on. You can try the app for free. The premium variant starts at $2.99.

Notable Features –

  • Collaborations with epic brands like Ducati, Dreamworks, and Carebear; Straps and straps are regularly updated.
  • Designs range from status photos, color blocking, GIFs, and animated illustrations.
  • 1000 new faces are updated every day by the global user base.
  • Match the design with your outfit.

Compatible Watches – Supports brands like Samsung Galaxy Watches, Hublot Big Bang e, Fossil Q Series, and many others.

Doesn’t Support – FitBit, Garmin, Xiaomi OS Watches and Huawei OS watches

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Your Watch face Doesn’t Have To Be The Same Everyday?

Which of the above Wear OS watch face apps is your go-to if you have to spice up your smartwatch? Or, do you have an app that didn’t make it to the list? Do let us know in the comments section below. For more such app listicles, software reviews, and other fun and thought-provoking tech content, keep reading WeTheGeek. You can also find us on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

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