Best Vault Apps to Hide Photos in 2024 | Protect Your Privacy

Privacy, a precious commodity in our hyper-connected world, becomes even more crucial when it pertains to our private photos. From embarrassing selfies to intimate moments, our smartphones hold a treasure trove of digital memories we wouldn’t want prying eyes to stumble upon. Fear not, privacy warriors! Enter the realm of Best Vault Apps, these apps are designed to shield your sensitive photos and videos from unwanted gazes.

But, with a plethora of options flooding the app store, choosing the best app to hide photos can be overwhelming. Worry not, for this comprehensive guide dissects the Best Vault Apps of 2024, each meticulously vetted to ensure your personal data remains under your lock and key.

Best Vault Apps to Keep Your Personal Photos Off the Grid in 2024

After testing dozens of picture-hiding applications, we’ve selected these top 7 choices, that use strong encryption methods to keep your files secure, are easy-to-navigate & highly reliable. Choose any of them to quickly safeguard your digital memories!

1. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault designed by Keepsafe, is a titan in the digital security realm and offers a vault so secure, that it would make Fort Knox blush. Military-grade encryption, disguised app icons, and decoy PINs with fake vaults are just the tip of the iceberg. Take photos directly within the app, organize your hidden files in password-protected folders, and receive break-in alerts if someone tries to crack your code. Keepsafe’s intuitive interface and robust feature set make it the undisputed champion of photo privacy.

Download Private Photo Vault on Android and iOS

2. Vaulty


Vaulty masquerades as an ordinary audio player, fooling anyone who stumbles upon it. But behind this unassuming facade lies a vault brimming with security features. AES 256-bit encryption, disguised PINs, and decoy logins keep your photos out of reach. Vaulty lets you import photos from multiple sources, create fake albums for added subterfuge, and even disguise itself as a calculator, doubling down on its deceptive charm.

Download Vaulty on Android and iOS

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3. Calculator Photo Vault

Calculator Photo Vault

If blending in is your style, Calculator Photo Vault is your perfect match. It disguises as a functional calculator app, and seamlessly integrates into your phone’s interface, raising no eyebrows whatsoever. You can hide photos and videos, lockdown notes and contacts, and even browse the web incognito within the app’s secure walls. Its intuitive interface and plethora of disguise options make Calculator Photo Vault a top contender for the title of the stealthiest vault app.

Download the Calculator Photo Vault app on Android and iOS

4. Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro strikes a perfect balance between robust security and user-friendly convenience. Military-grade encryption, password-protected folders, and break-in alerts keep your photos locked tight. But Hide It Pro also shines in its ease of use. You can organize your hidden files in customizable albums, import photos from social media platforms, and even access your vault using fingerprint or facial recognition. Hide It Pro is a testament to the fact that security and convenience can happily coexist.

Download Hide It Pro on Android and iOS

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5. LockMyPix Photo Vault

LockMyPix Photo Vault

LockMyPix is a feature-packed behemoth, offering everything from military-grade encryption, decoy PINs to cloud storage and biometric authentication. Organize your hidden files in albums, import photos from social media, and even share hidden photos with trusted contacts (using time-limited passwords, of course!). LockMyPix also boasts a built-in fake gallery to throw off snoopers, solidifying its position as a feature-rich haven for your private photos.

Download LockMyPix Photo Vault on Android and iOS

6. 1Gallery


1Gallery is a great option for anyone looking for a secure and feature-rich vault app to hide their photos and videos on Android. It uses AES 256-bit encryption, the same security standard used by banks and governments, to keep data secure. This vault gets completely hidden from your phone’s default gallery, making it virtually undetectable. It can capture photos of anyone who tries to break into your vault with the wrong password, giving you valuable evidence if someone tries to access your hidden files. Cool, right?

Download 1Gallery on Android

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7. Sgallery


Sgallery takes your photo privacy to the cloud, offering secure online storage alongside its on-device vault. Military-grade encryption, password-protected folders, and break-in alerts safeguard your photos both online and offline. It also boasts a convenient auto-sync feature, ensuring your hidden photos are always backed up and accessible from any device. While, the Cloud storage comes with its own set of considerations, Safe Gallery’s robust security measures make it a viable option for those seeking cloud-based protection.

Download Sgallery on Android

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2024’s Best Vault Apps: Keep Your Private Pics Under Lock and Key

Choosing the right vault app is paramount to ensuring the security of your data. The 7 best vault apps outlined above offer a diverse range of features, from cutting-edge encryption to innovative decoy vaults, setting the standard for privacy in 2024. As you navigate the digital realm, arm yourself with the best app to hide photos and secure your data. Safeguard your memories and enjoy peace of mind with these top-tier vault apps – your digital fortress in an interconnected world.

If you ask for my recommendation, it would be Private Photo Vault! In addition to its robust capabilities for keeping your files safe, it includes the useful Space Saver feature that compresses photos and saves originals to the cloud. Moreover, their Trash Recovery tool helps retrieve photos you’ve mistakenly deleted. So, kudos for never missing any precious memory!

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