Best Timetable Apps For Android

Since the sands of time academics started, timetables have been an important part. Noting down classes, assignments, keeping track of time, is something that we might have become accustomed to, ever since our school or university lives have started. Gone are the days when you would have to write down timetables manually. Here are some of the best timetable apps for Android, which will help you create timetables and much more with utmost ease and efficiency.

The Best Part About All The Below-mentioned Apps Is That All Of Them Are Incredibly Light –

1. Schedule & homework planner – Weeklie


Save paper and time and empower yourself with Schedule. Schedule is a timetable app for Android, which keeps you organized and keeps you reminded of your homework and how! Let’s have a look at some of its brilliant features –


  • Simplistic and beautiful interface. Something that’ll make you want to create timetables and stay organized
  • Have a schedule with alternating or recurring weeks; the app sorts your life and automatically displays timetable accordingly. All you have to do is select the repetitive or alternating week
  • Stay on point with the tasks you have completed and the ones that you need to do
  • Feel that a friend is lagging? Quickly share the timetable with them. And, not just one friends with as many friends as you want

2. LifeTime – Timetable, ToDoList, Calendar, Schedule


How about we give you an Android timetable app which packs a timetable, a calendar and a to-do list, all in one app? You’d probably say, wow! My life’s going to be much simpler. And why not? You’ll have your tasks well aligned with time, with the right date. In a nutshell, you’ll be able to take on a scheduled task like a pro!


  • Highly customizable settings
  • Integrated timetable, calendar and to-do list
  • You can assign start and end date to a scheduled to-do list and even assign progress
  • A simplistic calendar where you can schedule tasks on a particular date
  • Under the timetable, you can assign tasks date wise and timewise
  • Check notification alarm right from the home tab

3. Student Calendar – Remember tasks ToDo & Timetable

Student Calendar

A handy Android timetable app for students immaterial of whether they are in school or college. Student Calendar helps you never miss deadlines  and manage time in a much better manner


  • Easily create day and date wise table and assign exact time to a task
  • Events are listed as Checklist and To-Do list so that you can keep track of those events which are completed and those that are not
  • Group events by past, present and future
  • Manage marks semester wise
  • Integrated calendar where you can allocate events and even add details to your event for better understanding

4. Timetable – A Simple Yet Sophisticated Timetable App For Android


Feed the app with a timetable and all your tasks for once, and that’s it! Rest will be taken care of by the app itself. No matter how many Android devices you have, you will be able to see your time table across all your devices.

  • Simplistic interface optimized for tablets and phones
  • Sync timetable across all your devices
  • View timetable in the form of a grid and each of your tasks
  • Watch tasks daily and weekly
  • The timetable for Android lets you resize widgets for each task and lesson
  • You can automate your device during the lesson
  • It even comes with a dash clock extension

5. Timetable – Plan, Organize & Optimize your time

Timetable - Plan, Organize & Optimize your time

Juggling with exams, subjects, assignments and what not? Sit back, relax and feed all your tasks in Timetable, an Android app curated to organize, plan and optimize your time in the best possible manner.


  • Easy to use and modern interface
  • Display time table according to days, date wise or weekly
  • Plan recurring and alternating time tables
  • Keep informed of upcoming tasks, thanks to the widget
  • Choose from light or dark theme
  • Comprehensive stats to tell you how better you can utilize your time
  • You can also import and export data

Stay Organized, Stay Happy!

We might have left the concept of timetable ever since graduating from university, but those were probably the most productive days of our lives, isn’t it? Time to bring that concept back. In my opinion, we shall be able to maintain a better work-life balance since we’ll know exactly when and in how much time, a task has to be accomplished.

If it has to be a race against the clock, we shall win! And the above timetable apps for Android will help us do just that, and maybe you’ve just found a way to stay on the dot with the clock. With the above Android timetable apps, you will no more have to lag behind your schedules; you will no more have to cry about forgetting a task and then getting a scolding.

With that, we bring the blog to an end. Do let us know which of the above timetable apps for Android, you found helpful. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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