Best SNES Emulator For Windows, Android, and Mac

Blog Summary – If you are wondering how to play those console games on your smart devices, we have a solution for you. Try one of the SNES emulators from the list to play Super Nintendo games on Mac, Windows and Android.

Old classic games and those childhood memories are very much connected to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES. Now, if you want to go back to that era once again, what would you like to do? Of course, technically it’s not possible. However, you can do something more than just remembering it.

If you are planning to improve the Nintendo old setup, this task might get a little hectic. But if you want to enjoy those amazing games like Super Mario right on the screen, the best SNES emulators for Windows, Mac, and Android awaits.

Best SNES emulator for Windows, Android, and Mac

Relive the era of the ’90s once again without the need of having a game console, and we are getting you options for best SNES emulators right here. To enjoy the classic games, scroll down, download and enjoy!

1. SNES9x


Image Source: malavida

It is incredible as well as the best SNES emulator for Windows which allows simple emulation and doesn’t even require heavy configurations to run the game. Developed by the earliest emulator designers, this product came out in the late ’90s and is still running as a really good SNES emulator till now.

What makes it cool is its ability to load in real-time, add various cheat codes and more lives that we used to love in our childhood days. Plus, it is portable and any gamer, be it newbie or expert, can enjoy those games on any system between Windows, Mac or Linux.

SNES9x Availability: Windows, Mac, and Android

Price: Free

Visit & Download: SNES9x



Another best SNES emulator for PC, ZSNES is irreplaceable with all the amazing and required features you need to play those cool games. Though we may hear about a glitch of its slow functioning when compared with other SNES emulators for PC, yet you will be able to find some fan-made hacks of various SNES games here which are pretty easy to play and enjoy.

Many people even enjoy this emulator to test their games. So you can ignore the drawbacks while you have the best working code with ZSNES. Moreover, it also doesn’t require any high-capacity system to run Nintendo games.

ZSNES Availability: Windows and Mac

Price: Free

Visit & Download: ZSNES

3. Higan


Image Source: Gamulator

Formerly known as BSNES, Higan is capable of running on at least 12 different systems. The legacy of old BSNES is still continuing through Higan as it has been successfully running all the old games without a glitch or error, hence named as best SNES emulator for Mac and Windows 10.

Higan is pretty much accurate for low-level emulation and even after that one can enjoy the original console experience very carefully. Download this fantastic and best emulator today!

Higan Availability: Windows and Mac

Price: Free

Visit & Download: Higan

4. RetroArch


RetroArch is very much free of cost, to begin with, and lets you play games from Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the form of ROMs. You can load the game, save it anywhere and begin right from where you left it. This is one of the reasons why RetroArch is indeed the best SNES emulator for Windows and Mac.

Using this, you can also play it online with friends via Netplay. Moreover, record any video in between the gaming session while adjusting video settings of the overall graphics. The game can also be rewind in real-time as well, isn’t that super cool?

RetroArch Availability: Windows and Mac

Price: Free

Visit & Download: RetroArch

5. OpenEmu


Extremely easy to add, browse and organize a gamepad is possible with OpenEmu where you can enjoy games like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby’s adventure very swiftly; & hence considered as a perfectly amazing SNES emulator for Mac.

OpenEmu is pretty simple to work upon with a very sleek user interface and most importantly can run on low-end Mac as well. So, yes, even if your Mac has gone too old, these games won’t leave you all alone.

OpenEmu Availability: MacOS

Price: Free

Visit & Download: OpenEmu

6. Virtual Consoles

Virtual Consoles

A smart and efficient online emulator for old games wouldn’t let you go away from Virtual Consoles without a doubt. This place has already got a collection of original video games that runs on Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U homebrew. The best part about it is that you don’t need to download anything new on the system. Open the browser and start playing.

Apart from SNES, you can also enjoy emulators for platforms like Atari 2600, DOS, Chip-8, ZX Spectrum, etc.

Virtual Consoles Availability: Windows, macOS, and Android

Price: Free

Visit & Download: Virtual Consoles

7. ClassicBoy Pro Games Emulator

ClassicBoy Pro Games Emulator

ClassicBoy Pro Games Emulator by PortableAndroid is one of the best game emulators for an Android device. It lets you play games with the traditional touch buttons or gestures as per your choice. Along with SNES it supports over 20 emulation cores such as NeoPop, Stella, Beetle PCE, YBA-M. It also allows you to manage the games library with the ROMs scanner.

Virtual Consoles Availability: Android

Price: Free

Visit & Download: ClassicBoy Pro Games Emulator

8. Nestopia UE


Image source: emulator-zone

This portable and top SNES emulator has a nice and unique structure. It contains explicit custom palettes, cheats support, Famicom mic support, and has an understandable interface. Moreover, high accuracy and text scaling make it stand apart from others.

Nestopia UE Availability: Windows and macOS

Price: Free

Visit & Download: Nestopia UE

9. BizHawk

BizHawkImage source: emulator-zone

Known for its speed and capability to run games at a faster speed, BizHawk is unavoidably the best SNES emulator for Windows. It has been designed keeping in mind Tool Assisted Speedruns or TAS for the perfect gaming experience.

Moreover, BizHawk supports multiple other platforms like Virtual Boy, Game Boy Advance, ColecoVision, ZX Spectrum, etc. with the highest accuracy possible.

BizHawk Availability: Windows

Price: Free

Visit & Download: BizHawk

10. John SNES


You may want to call John NESS as the multiple Games emulator app for Android and supports 6.0 and above versions. The biggest advantage of it is compatibility with your phone as well as support to newbies. Moreover, you will be getting quality rendering and cheat support, states support, and completely customizable keys. It requires you to have the games files locally stored on your device.

John NESS Availability: Android

Price: Free, In App purchase -$0.99 to $4.49 per item.

Visit & Download: John NESS

11. SNES9x EX+

best snes emulator

Though 1 GHz+ device is recommended, this SNES emulator is classic in its interface. No in-app purchases or even it is free to use, it offers amazing color quality, button settings and is easy to use. You can say it is an advanced version of SNES9x emulator based on version 1.55.

You might want to keep in mind that this SNES emulator works best with Android devices that have a processor clocked to 1GHz or more. Supply any ROM media here and you are good to go!

SNES9x EX+ Availability: Android

Price: Free

Visit & Download: SNES9x EX+

12. NES.emu

best snes emulator

How about backup memory and save state support with your SNES emulator? NES.emu is ready for the same. It supports ROM files in .nes and .unf formats with options in ZIP, RAR and 7Z archives. Moreover, it uses FCEU-compatible cheat files with extra editing features for you. Great, right?

HID bluetooth/USB gamepad and keyboard support is compatible with any input device recognized by the OS. Moreover, all devices support custom key profiles and work in any orientation you desire. Isn’t that already so cool?

NES.emu Availability: Android

Price: $3.99

Visit & Download: NES.emu

Frequently Asked Questions about best SNES Emulator

Q1. What is the best Super Nintendo Emulator?

We believe that SNES9x, Higan and SNES9x EX+ are some of the best examples of the best Super Nintendo Emulator considering the device support, real time loading, understandable by newbies or experts and can easily run on a low-capacity system/phone.

Q2. Are emulators illegal?

Emulators are not illegal at all but if ROMs are copyrighted and shared then this act is illegal. In fact, backing up things is also not illegal. Since copyright infringement is not a legal case, it is best to not to use and share it.

Q3. What is the best SNES emulator for Windows 10?

SNES9x, ZSNES, Higan, Retroarch, and Virtual Consoles are some of the best SNES emulators for Windows 10. However, every emulator comes with its pros and cons, so you can choose the suitable one for yourself based on your interest.

Q4. What is the best SNES emulator for Android?

SNES9x EX+, NES.emu, Virtual consoles, and John NESS are some of the best examples of SNES emulators for Android. One can look up their features and price for their favor and enjoy gaming at their own pace.

Wrapping up –

Here is the list of best SNES emulators for Windows, Mac, and Android. It can help you in reliving your old days playing console games on the latest devices. This gives you a way to play Super Mario, Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Contra and many others. Whether you own an Android phone, have a Windows PC or Mac, there is an SNES emulator available for you. Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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