Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10 in 2024

Are you looking for an iOS emulator for Windows 10, want to know the best? is the best iOS emulator for your Windows PC to test run app developments and demos.

Duplicating your iPhone’s function on Windows PC is very much possible with iOS emulators now, that too without any added hardware. Run a mobile app or your favorite PUBG game, or if you are a software developer, these iOS emulators for Windows 10 will help in the testing of apps very smoothly.

What Is an iOS Emulator For Windows PC?

Before going ahead, let us just brush up on the concept of an ‘Emulator’. Emulators can be known as an added software that can create another atmosphere on Windows (in this case) to operate iOS apps and other functions. They essentially replicate the iPhone on other operating systems to help you run and test iOS apps. Mostly developers and gamers are the ones to be using them the most, but now you can also have a try at it.

Besides the positive side of an emulator including platform-hopping and cost-free availability, it can disturb other apps’ working due to large RAM usage. Because of it, your high-end game may also get disturbed. Hence, we recommend a solution called Advanced PC Cleanup, which not only improves system performance but also acts as a game booster, system protector, Windows, and disk optimizer.

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You might have heard about several Android emulators before, let us run through the details of iOS emulators for Windows today whose list is collaborated below.

Best iOS Emulators For Windows 10 –

Let’s take a look at the list of the best iOS emulator for Windows 10.


Appetize is a web-based platform that just asks you to upload your apps on the website and eve


Appetize is a web-based platform that just asks you to upload your apps on the website and everything is set then. Interestingly, this process can happen from any browser available, hence there is no need to be specific in terms of the same. If you are looking for a free iOS emulator for Windows 10, then this one is perfect for you.

No wonder why it is known as the best emulator for iPhone as developers highly recommend it for testing. The iOS emulator for PC is free to use and you can access network traffic, debug logs, and even quickly diagnose the problem from a remote device.

Price: Free

Free Trial – Yes.

Compatibility – iOS apps on web platforms.

Features –

  • Track and audit your applications.
  • Live mobile app support.
  • Get live preview of apps anywhere on the web.
  • Automate integration testing.

Get it Here!

2. Smartface


One of the best iOS emulators for Windows 10, Smartface is known to have an excellent and user-friendly interface that is common for developing cross-platform apps. You just need to make sure that iTunes has already been installed on the PC after which you can begin with developing applications.

Smartface carries two versions, i.e. free and premium, where the premium version holds some of the advanced features to help the developers in testing apps. Smartface also has an Android emulator along with a free iOS emulator for Windows 10.

Price: Premium Version starts from $99

Free Trial – Yes.

Compatibility – Windows, Linux 

Features –

  • Supports iOS development on Windows.
  • Custom theme available.
  • Testing and preview support.
  • Also works as an iOS debugger.

Get it Here!

3. Corellium


It works swiftly as on your Windows PC as it is a cloud solution. If you wish to stay away from unnecessary stress of downloading new software. Corellium is an amazing iOS emulator as it supports a wide range of test support with such a simple interface.

Testing cross-platform mobile and applications is quite a simple matter here as you can run on Arm hardware. You can find the fidelity of real devices using this service. 

Price: $99 per month

Free Trial – Yes (on request)

Compatibility – Cloud service.

Features –

  • Supports iOS connections using XCode or libimobile script.
  • Supports HTTP proxy.
  • Run tests for iOS apps easily.
  • Provides secure mobile app developments. 

Get it Here!

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4. Air iPhone Emulator


This iOS emulator for Windows 10 runs familiar with Adobe Air Framework. Yes, you need to install Adobe Air on your PC to run this application. It simply allows all your iPhone apps and games to show up on the desktop, done through a very simple installation process.

It is one of the iOS emulators for PC-free applications to help you use iOS on Windows operating systems.

Price: Free

Free Trial – Yes.

Compatibility – Windows

Features – 

  • Replicates GUI for iOS devices.
  • Mainly used by developers for test runs.
  • Try out the iOS interface on Windows.

Get it Here!

5. iPadian


iPadian is one of the iOS emulators for Windows which continuously updates its features. It however, does not allow you to access App Store or iOS applications on your computer. Instead it gives you a similar environment as an iPhone and lets you run applications specifically designed for it.

It has the iOS imitation for your Windows PC in design, appearance and functionality. There are some of the actions and features that emulate the iOS device for usage on your laptops. While running social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram will give you the same feeling as on iPhone.

Free Trial – No.

Compatibility – Windows, Mac, Linux.

Features –

  • Works with Siri.
  • Compatible with the watchOS, TVOS.
  • Social media widgets are available.
  • Side for Application, iStore & more.

Get it here!

Conclusion –

Now you have a perfect list of iOS emulators for Windows PC with you, select the one that supports most of your needs. From to Smartface, each one of them has its characteristics. Also, do let us know about your experiences of using emulators and suggestions in the comment section below.

Which Is the Best iOS Emulator For Windows 10 In 2024?

No doubt, is one of the best iOS emulators you can find for Windows 10. It is specifically designed to use iOS apps on PC for testing, development, and support. The web-based program makes it super easy to operate from anywhere and on any device.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Is there an iOS emulator for Windows?

Yes, there are several iOS emulators for Windows 10. If you are looking for one to test some applications on your PC, there is a solution. We have listed a few of the best iOS emulators for Windows 10 in the blog post.

Q2. Can you run iOS apps on Windows 10?

Yes, unlike the misconception that iOS apps can’t be run on Windows in any way possible. The best iOS emulator for PC allows the user to run the iOS apps on the PC.

Q3. How do I get an iOS emulator on Windows 10?

You get various options to run iOS apps on a PC using one of the best iOS emulators for Windows 10. It can also be in the form of a Chrome extension

Q4. Is there an Apple emulator for PC?

Some might find it bizarre to think of emulating iOS applications on your Windows PC. But it is very much possible with the use of the best iOS emulator for Windows 10 like Smartface.

Q5. Are iOS emulators safe?

iOS emulators are safe to use as long as it comes from a trusted source. You must download the software from a reputable manufacturer and scan the downloads using antivirus software.

Q6. Can I use Xcode on Windows?

No, Xcode is meant to work on Apple devices. It only works on Mac, iPhone and iPad. 

Q7. Can Bluestacks emulate iOS?

No, Bluestacks does not have an iOS emulator yet.

Q8. Which is the best free iOS emulator for PC?

You can try out Appetize for free on your PC with the Live Demo on their official website.


  • comment_avtar
    Ipadian is crap. It “simulates” not emulates. And the customer service doesn’t respond. doesn’t even have “apps” they just appear to be weblinks to the company’s websites. so so so so bad. why is this #1 rated on all these blogs. i get the feeling people may not be giving an honest look at software they recommend.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Also, AIR iPhone seem to not work: Sorry, an error has occcured … and so on …

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Unfortunately this article is out of date. iPadian for example is NOT free. There isn’t a trial version. Their website auto-scripts into your paypal account without any prompts from you. Which is very alarming to say the least. Air doesn’t work. It flat out fails to install using Adobe Air. is extremely unsecure. For the price of smartface and the others you can buy an iOS device and not worry about compatibility. Due to Apple’s policies and greed there is no real good way to do this at this time.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    iPadian does not have active icons for anything. Cannot do anything

    3 years ago

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