How to Fix Slow Running Window 7 PC

Microsoft keeps rolling new updates for its Windows versions now & then to help users enjoy the best performance and new functionalities. But unfortunately, the older versions may remain as sluggish as they have been up until now.

If you’re a Windows XP or 7 users, you might be contemplating how to speed up your computer? However, this isn’t a critical issue but yet needs your prompt action. Trying out these tips and tricks will help you speed up the Windows 7 computer in no time.

How to Fix Slow Running Window 7 PC

Below are specific steps to implement right away and speed up PC running slow (Windows 7).

  • Shutdown Visual Effect: To ensure better performance, you can turn off unneeded visual effects that hogs plenty of memory on your Windows 7 PC. To shut down visual effects, all you have to do is launch window > type sysdm.cpl and hit the Enter button. From the System Properties window, head towards the Advanced tab and navigate to the Performance section; click on Settings > From Performance Options > Adjust for best performance & disable visual effects.
  • Disable Startup Programs: Amongst the many culprits for slow running computers, startup programs are the ones that can be blamed and fixed as well. These are the programs that run on your system automatically. Say, any other browser you have downloaded will run as a startup program even if it isn’t in use. Check out this list of startup programs that are safe to disable, and you can eventually fix Windows 7 Slow Startup Issue.
  • Scan for Malware: Malware, adware, spyware, and so on makes your computer run slow more than often. For this, you should remain vigilant in the first place. You should practice secure means of using a computer. For instance, don’t click on any advertisement on the Internet since they are the biggest source of transmitting viruses. Secondly, you can also download a reliable antivirus or anti-malware software. This will help you get away with the infection your system has already got infected with. Hopefully, you’ll get rid of Windows 7’s running slow problem soon.
  • Free Up Disk Space: Optimal disk usage helps you keep your computer in a fine state. You should remove all duplicate, temporary, cache, and redundant data that your disk may be carrying. Instead of painstakingly looking for all such data, you can rely on Disk Analyzer Pro for the task. It will help you analyze your disk with its apt summaries. Once everything is cleaned and optimized, you can gain better performance eventually. Hence, you’ll be able to resolve the computer running slow on Windows 7.
  • Update Everything: Your system is precisely made of hardware and software. While you can’t do much to the hardware, the software still has the scope for updates. Keep all the software and drivers updated. For software, you should refer to the update section of the software. And for drivers, you can learn about how to update drivers on Windows? Do let us know your experience whether you were able to fix the Windows 7 slow startup issue or not.
  • Defrag your Hard Disk: Fragmented disk causes trouble to your system. It doubles the data read time. Your Windows already has a defragmenter tool, which you can use to fulfill the purpose. You can learn more about disk defragmentation and its use from this link. You can even check out the list of Best Disk Defragmentation Software (2020). Hopefully, you’ll be able to get rid of Windows 7’s running slow problem.

The Best Bet – Advanced System Optimizer To Fix Slow Windows 7 PC Problem

Advanced System Optimizer is an all in one PC optimizer. It allows you to scan for and fix disk performance issues, security, drivers, and the Windows registry. Once you have downloaded and launched the tool, it checks for stated errors on your PC. After complete and successful scanning, it notifies you of errors found on your computer. You simply have to hit the ‘Optimize’ button and fix all issues. Apart from its primary task, it has a few more areas to serve you for.

  • Security & Privacy:This feature will exclusively help you protect your system from malware, spyware, remove internet browsing history, permanently delete files and folders, and lastly, protect your files with hard-to-break passwords.
  • Back & Recovery: Using the Back & Recovery feature, you can recover once deleted files, backup your important data, and restore any file that has been backed up earlier.
  • Common Problems Fixer: Common Problems Fixer can resolve all general issues on your system like performance improvement, overall optimization, deleting duplicate files, and so on.
  • Regular Maintenance:You can maintain your system by updating drivers, managing startup programs, uninstalling unwanted programs, and scheduling automatic scans for PC optimization.

With Advanced System Optimizer, speeding up a computer is as easy as pie. And obviously, your computer running slow issues are fixed in no time. Download the tool and get rid of the slow running PC.

Frequently Asked Questions: Resolved Slow Computer Windows 7 Issues

Have specific queries in mind? Here we are to help!

Q1. Why Is My Computer Running Slow (Windows 7)?

Here are the potential reasons why your Windows 7 PC becomes gradually slower:

  • Several Windows programs & apps are running at the same time.
  • Your C Drive has become full and is affecting the running speed.
  • Turned On Visual Effects feature can degrade the performance gradually.
  • Misaligned SSD partitions can cause the Windows 7 PC to run super slow.

Q2. Will Updating Windows 7 Slow Down My Computer?

Well, with every new update installed on your computer, it can slow down your system to some extent. Since the process put the hardware to work a little more, the overall performance decreases eventually. But looking at the brighter side, with every new update, you get to enjoy new features and functionalities that were not available previously. Hence, an increase in productivity!

Q3.  Which Is The Quickest & Most Effective Way To Fix ‘Windows 7 Slow Startup’?

Running a dedicated Windows Cleaner & Optimization utility like Advanced System Optimizer is probably the best bet to improve Windows 7 performance. It brings all the tools to manager startup items, deletes unwanted software, removes caches/cookies/temp files & whatnot. Additionally, it helps you clean registry issues, update device drivers, and optimize memory to enhance overall performance.

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