Best Free ARKit Games & Apps for iPhone

Technology that integrates digital information into user’s environment in real time is Augmented Reality. It is not as exciting as Virtual reality but it has proved to be useful in daily life. Whether it’s surgical procedures or social media filters, bringing the virtual world into reality is not only fascinating but also enhances things. However, there were bugs which made it impossible to trust it completely.

Although, Apple took interest in it and in WWDC 2017 launched ARKit. This toolkit helps developers in making apps and games with AR for iOS with ease.


ARkit is an AR platform for developing AR apps for iOS devices. It is an API or application programming interface that comes with a lot of powerful features in a simple interface, which in turns helps in developing software. Apple has worked very hard to make the toolkit stable and work seamlessly.

ARKit has hugely been outdone when it comes to tracking objects in a 3D space. Earlier the objects would glitch and move around after the improvements, objects now stick to 3D plain on which they appear. Although, things are not yet picture-perfect, but Apple is continuously working to update ARKit to make it better.

If you own iPhone or iPad, there is no harm in trying out ARKit.

iOS Devices Compatible with ARKit

ARKit apps can be used on iOS devices with either A9 processor or above. In other words, you need to have at least iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone SE or newer series of iOS. You will get better performance on the most recent device with iOS. For example, if you have iPhone X, you will get the best of it.

Let’s check the ARKit apps & games that are available for free on Apple iOS store.

Best Free ARKit Games

1. Pokémon GO

Pokémon GOPokémon Go is one of the best free ARKit games which lets users explore the world and discover Pokémon while doing so. As you walk through your neighborhood, your smartphone will vibrate whenever you see a Pokémon near you. To catch the Pokémon, take aim and throw a Poke Ball. While catching a Pokémon, one needs to careful and swift. This game is so engaging that you will not know where did the time fly. You can play the game if you have iPhone® 5s / SE / 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus / X devices with iOS Version 9 or later installed. The game is free to play and just needs you to stay connected to acquire correct information.


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2. Shadows Remain: AR Thriller

 Shadows RemainAnother game which lets you explore the AR world is Shadows Remain. It is AR Thriller game based on a mother’s journey, wherein she tries to rescue her beloved son from a dark force. The game is about solving mind-boggling puzzles and optical illusions. The game is very engaging as it makes you lose yourself in 3D environment where you will have difficulty to differentiate between cinema, mobile entertainment and AAA gaming.  Examine hidden objects and clues to reveal a mystery underpinned by jealousy and knavery.


3. Ghosts ‘n Guns AR

Ghosts ‘n Guns ARGhosts n Guns AR is one of best ARKit games. It is a game wherein a player has to defend against an army of pixel ghosts while they try to invade your world. The game is exciting and easy to play, comes with one-touch controls. It has multiple levels to keep up the excitement of the game. It also has custom chip tune soundtrack. This AR game requires iPhone 6s or any newer version releases after that.


4. AR Runner

AR RunnerAR Runner is a wonderful AR app in which player the has to run through checkpoints and set new records. You can compete against other players around the world. You can play anywhere, indoors or outdoors. It is a game which lasts for short pan, is full of fun with the inventive use of ARKit. You can sync your progress using iCloud and has a minimalist design. The gaming app works on iPhone and iPad. The game comes with immersive digital environments and it has no ads.


5. Enter the Room

Enter the RoomEnter the Room is a wrecked look of the brutal reality of war and its impact on civilians. It lets you experience the story to life right in front of you. The app and the ARKit brings the stories to real. This portrays the whole story which includes armed conflict and other war scenes. You can discover the story of what happens when war comes to a child’s bedroom by inspecting the space through Augmented Reality.


Best Free ARKit Apps

6. IKEA Place

IKEA PlaceIKEA Place is one of the best ARKit apps which lets you place IKEA products in your space virtually. The app uses ARKit and it works on iPhone 6s and the newer version. The app has 3D and true-to-scale models, be it sofas, armchairs, coffee tables or more. IKEA Place lets you decide which furniture would go with your home decor. The app gives you a precise impression of the furniture’s design, size in your space. You can share how the place looks like with your friends or family members on WhatsApp or Instagram and ask for their opinion.


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7. Civilisations AR

Civilisations ARCivilisations AR is one of the best ARKit apps which lets you discover the secrets of ancient Egypt, unravels the hidden layers below Renaissance masterpieces. The app lets you know about the origins of these cultural treasures and people who made them. The app consists of 30 historic artifacts. It brings realistic artifacts from history into your own home using cutting-edge AR technology. It lets you explore the collection. It lets you use the magic spotlight to get audio guides and special features. It also has X-Ray feature that lets you discover history’s secrets hidden within things. You can take and share photos of the objects be it your home, school or garden. The app works on iPhone X, iPhone 8 and Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone SE, and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.


8. TapMeasure


TapMeasure is one of the best ARKit apps which is a spatial utility that integrates computer vision and AR, which is a new method to capture and measure your space. It can create scale-accurate 3D models of rooms that you can measure & review anytime you want. It lets you capture point-to-point measurements with two taps. It can detect rectangular objects such as doors, windows, paintings and others automatically and allows you to add them to your model. TapMeasure  creates simple outlines of things on the walls or floor. The app can prove to be useful for professional architects, contractors, and others. The app combines new ARKit framework in iOS 11 with advanced computer vision to identify and track objects.


9. LEGO AR Studio

LEGO AR StudioLEGO AR Studio is an ARKit app that lets you play with digital versions of selected LEGO sets in your real-world scenes.  It lets you record the action, gameplay and save movie clips directly to your iOS device. You can create your own LEGO® AR scenes. You just have to select and place a collection of  LEGO®  AR sets on a desired real-world surface, to begin with. You get to decide everything, whether it is placement, movement or the position. You can imagine, compose and play with scenes by mixing your own physical LEGO creations with LEGO AR sets. You can make your own movies by framing the right shots as per your preferences. The app is available for devices with iOS 11 from iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and newer. It also works on iPad (2017) and iPad Pro (1st Gen and newer).

So, these are some of the best free ARKit Games and Apps available for your iPhone and iPad. Try them out and experience the AR to the fullest.

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