5 Best Microsoft Windows Launcher for Android

Wish to replicate the experience of your Windows PC on your Android smartphone? Here are some Windows launchers for Android that will let you have the same user interface (or nearly the same) on your Android smartphone as that on your Windows PC.

Why Should You Try Windows Launcher for Android Mobile ?

Probably some of your friends who use iOS and macOS might brag that their UI is consistent across devices. Although it mostly boils down to functionality, where both Android and Windows do a commendable job, we can’t change the fact that Apple’s ecosystem offers a seamless user experience.

As an Android or Windows user, needn’t get disheartened. Here not only will we discuss some of the best apps that can help recreate the magic of Windows on your Android smartphone but first, we’ll have a look at some reasons why you should give such apps a try (and trust us, you’ll be amazed just as we were) –

  • Seamlessly switch between Android and Windows because of a unified ecosystem.
  • You can take your Windows tasks to your Android smartphone.
  • You can get Taskbar, Desktop shortcuts, Tiles, Themes, Start menu, File Manager, Recycle Bin, and every single item on Android that makes Windows better at multitasking.
  • Talking of multitasking, you can manage your files like a pro, thanks to the File Manager.
  • Windows launchers for Android are highly customizable.
  • Easy switch – Don’t feel like using the Windows launcher, pop up the Start Menu and exit the launcher, that’s how easy it is to exit that Windows launcher.

Best Windows Launcher for Android Mobile

While we have enlisted some of the Windows PC launchers for your Android mobile, here is how you can get Windows subsystem for Android on your Windows 11 PC.

1. Computer Launcher Pro

Computer Launcher Pro

This lightweight Windows launcher for Android helps recreate the same experience of your Windows desktop onto your Android smartphone, thanks to its host of features mentioned below. Not just looks-wise, Computer Launcher Pro makes your Android more manageable just like your Windows computer. You can easily switch between your Android user interface and Windows user interface provided by Computer Launcher Pro.

Notable Features

  • File Manager, Taskbar, Start Menu, and various other elements as Windows.
  • Over 100+ themes.
  • Desktop folders.
  • App lock features. However, if you are looking for more advanced or feature-rich app lockers, here are some options to choose from.
  • Several built-in wallpapers.

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2. Win 11 Launcher

Win 11 Launcher

Looking at the same Android interface can be boring, right? How about spicing it up with a different interface? How about making it look like your computer? And, again we are not talking about some hefty piece of app. In just under 10 MB you can convert your Android smartphone into a Windows phone using Win 11 Launcher. You can find all the apps in your smartphone neatly categorized alphabetically in the start menu.

Notable Features

  • Cut, copy, paste, and rename files just as you would on your Windows 11/10 or older versions on PC.
  • Customizable themes.
  • Easily zip/ unzip files. Looking for a standalone app with which you can zip/ unzip files, here are some alternatives.
  • Check file properties just like a Windows PC.
  • See your Android apps in Stylish tiles.

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3. Square Home

Square Home

This is one of the highest-rated Windows PC launchers for Android on the Google Play Store. It uses Device Administrator Permission and in case you are using Android lower than 9.0 pie, you may have to make certain tweaks. It uses the metro UI of Windows. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is simple to use, beautiful, and takes the productivity of your Android smartphone to the next level.

Notable Features:

  • Tablet support.
  • Vertical scrolling and horizontal scrolling when in a page and while scrolling from page to page respectively.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Spectacular tile effects.
  • Quick access for contacts.

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4. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

As you can infer from the developer’s name, Microsoft Launcher comes straight from Microsoft Corporation. Although it lacks certain features that we found in the above PC launchers for Android we’d rate it high as far as smoothness is concerned. Just as with any other Microsoft app, you need to have a Microsoft account. Once you have done that it will bring important items like documents, calendars, and others to your feed.

Notable Features:

  • Use your phone and computer together and be productive.
  • A variety of themes to choose from.
  • Sync photos to your computer.
  • Adaptive icons.
  • Customizable gestures.

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5. Launcher 10

Launcher 10

Last but not least on our list of Microsoft Windows launchers for Android smartphones, is Launcher 10. Despite being number 5 on the list, there is no denying the fact that this app is highly customizable, something that is evident from the features and the screenshot.

Notable Features:

  • Pin apps to the home screen.
  • Group tiles together with folders.
  • Hide apps from prying eyes. Here are some more options with which you can hide apps.
  • Switch between light and dark mode.
  • Highly customizable – change icons, change your wallpaper, choose title color, change title transparency, etc.

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Is Your Android Smartphone Your New PC?

Maybe not completely, but these PC launchers for Android will certainly blur the lines between Windows and Android. If you found the apps in the listicle interesting and useful, do give us a shoutout in the comments section below. For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek.

You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Flipboard, and Twitter.

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