Best Kwai Alternatives – Capture Fantastic And Catchy Videos

Kwai is a popular video-sharing application thatprimarily specializes in making short-form videos. And, it is one way to climb your ladder to fame. Yeah! You heard us right. It is one option but not the only option. You might be interested to know that if not Kwai, what are the best Kwai alternatives. Today’s your lucky day as in this blog,we are going to list some of the best apps that work just like Kwai. Some might just prove to be better.

Best Apps Like Kwai

Creators and their creativity are flourishing these days. There are so many platforms where video creators can showcase their talent so why just confine yourself to one app. Agreed that Kwai is one app that lets you lip sync to your favorite movie songs or scenes, has a large variety of filters, and some of the best video editing tools. But, several other apps let you do the same. Here are some of the best apps similar to Kwai.

1. Kinemaster: Video Editor, Video Maker


  1. You can create a video and multiple layer of stickers, special effects, handwriting and much more
  2. Easily share video on social media platforms like Instagram stories and feeds, Facebook stories and feeds And YouTube
  3. Add audio in the form of background music, voice overs, sound effects and voice changers
  4. Easily crop, trim or splice the video
  5. Slow motion and time lapse available
  6. Easy color adjustment
  7. Availability of several filters


Gone are the days when you needed a bulky, expensive video camera to create an astonishing video. Today, if you have a smartphone, you can easily create a video and share it across several social media platforms and make your work reach millions. That’s precisely what Kinemaster does for you. It is one of the best video editors, which is available for both Android as well as iOS devices.


  • Keyframe animation to add motion to layers
  • There are several blending modes available
  • Several equalizer tools for impeccable audio
  • Easy export options
  • Easy editing

  • You might rarely experience app crashing issues
  • Watermark and ads in the free version

Get It On Android

Note – This application has been discontinued for iOS

2. Triller: Social Video Platform


  1. Create impeccable professional videos in a matter of minutes
  2. More than 100 filters and effects like emojis, texts, and drawing
  3. Easy collaboration with other Triller users
  4. You can use trending tracks and edit videos accordingly
  5. Easily share work on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc


Triller is an awesome alternative to Kwai, which lets you make challenge videos on the fly, and why just challenges? You can create any kind of content that you love. Wish to lip-sync to your favourite song? Not a problem! So be it! Triller lets you do that just fine. Another reason that might entice to get this app aboard is the fact that it is also used by some of the top artists across the globe.


  • The interface is simple and does not take much time to get accustomed to
  • Trusted and used by famous artists from all over the world like Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, Rae Sremmurd, Kevin hart and many more
  • Availability of many filters
  • Easy collaboration
  • Videos can be created within minutes in a few taps

  • Editing options are still in their nascent stage
  • Saving videos may at times prove to be glitchy

Get It On Android And iOS

3. Firework: Short-form videos for pro’s


  1. Several effects for motion and time controlling
  2. You can even text to your videos
  3. Watch trending videos from renowned creators from within the app
  4. Several genres of videos – comedy, fashion, art, travel, sports and so on
  5. Easily add audio from within the gallery or choose from existing soundtracks
  6. Easy sharing on all platforms like Instagram (feeds and stories), WhatsApp, Facebook and more. You can even add title, relevant hashtags and even join a trend right from within the app


Looking for an alternative similar to Kwai, Firework can be a great option. Quite true to its title, it lets you make short-form videos whilst adding a professional touch to them. You can creatively showcase your talent, your lifestyle, and give your audience an awesome storytelling experience.


  • Watch video from renowned creators across several genres right from within the app. You can even create a personalised feed
  • Easy and interactive interface
  • Join the community of creators from within the app
  • You can rotate your smartphone and reveal a new perspective
  • Easy social media sharing with appropriate tags and right channel selection
  • Time-lapse and speed controlling functionality

  • Login required to watch or create content
  • Needs more features
  • Upload or exporting videos after editing is slow
  • No like or comment button

Note – This application has been discontinued

4. InShOt: Video Editor & Video Maker


  1. The interface is clean and easy to use
  2. You can use your audio for your videos or choose from InShot featured music
  3. You can even extract audio from a video too
  4. Zoom in and out
  5. Trim and cut video
  6. Add speed effects to video
  7. Availability of several filters
  8. Convert video to mp4 format
  9. Fit your video as per the platform you are putting the video on – Instagram, YouTube, etc
  10. Easy layer-wise edits in the timeline


InShOt is hands down one of the best Kwai alternatives available. It is also one of the highest-rated and most downloaded video editors using which you can make all forms of videos.  It is feature-rich, easy, and lets you share the video you create easily on all social media platforms.


  • The workaround the interface is relatively simple
  • Merge video clips into one without losing the definition
  • Easy layer-wise editing
  • Availability of many filters and effects
  • Easily adjust music fade in and out and volume
  • Easily adjust video contrast, saturation, and brightness
  • Multi-split one video into several clips
  • Easy social media sharing. You can edit your video as per the social media platform

  • You can’t capture a video from inside the app
  • While there are existing filters in the free version, there are many which are only available with the premium version.

Get It On Android and iOS

5. Noizz: Formerly Biugo, Photo Video Maker, Hot Video


  1. Watch video feeds customized just for you based on the videos you’ve liked, shared or watched
  2. You can create videos using existing templates or create a completely fresh video
  3. Availability of tons of filters, magic music feature, and 3D stickers. It comes with more than 10000 magic effects themes
  4. Easily share your videos across all platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others from within the app.
  5. Share videos as Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook status instantly


With Noizz, you can create trending short-form videos on any topic or any genre, and you can also view video content from some of the best video creators from around the globe. It has everything that makes it one of the best apps like Kwai. You can create videos using several templates, edit them, and use tons of filters.


  • Availability of large number of filters, stickers and its very own magic theme
  • Easy to use interface and easy workaround
  • You can watch feeds from within the app itself
  • App has its own templates and you can even customize your own templates
  • Easy social sharing on all platforms

  • Ads can be annoying
  • Push notifications could at times be misleading
  • The latest may cause a few issues

Get It On Android

6. Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Start Effects


  1. You can easily edit your videos, crop them, add effects, text, and music
  2. Share videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook with utmost ease
  3. Use existing effects from the app or create your effects
  4. Play with the speed and even create slow-motion videos
  5. Add music to your own stories
  6. Large community so that you can grow your fanbase


Funimate is one of the highest-rated video editors and creators to create fan edit videos, slo-mo videos, lip-sync videos, and many others. Video-creators of all levels can use it since it has an extremely easy to use interface. Once the video’s been created, it can easily be shared on all social media platforms.


  • Easy video editing
  • Widespread community amongst whom you can flourish your talent
  • You can create perfect video loops
  • You can use Funimate’s effects or create effects on your own

  • Some transitions come only with the premium version

Get It On Android

To Wrap It Up!

Needn’t confine your talent and creativity to one platform or app. The world’s open for you. Try these apps, create and share video content, and let us know which is that one app that has carved a space in your heart. And, if there is an app that should have made its way to this list of apps similar to Kwai, do let us know in the comments section below.Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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