Best Journaling Apps For Smartphone Users

Every individual goes through multiple experiences in their day. It can be an interesting conversation that one can have with the lift man on the last Rangers game or one may have witnessed their child take their first step. All these little bits of experiences shall be cherished by us in the long run. There are also moments which one can predict shall forever us.

Especially if there is an appointment for a new job, with the doctor on a health issue or simply a new diet that we are following. For both these situations, it is advisable to maintain a journal with which one can jolt and capture these moments forever. Only, in this digital day and age, one need not sit and maintain a diary for everything. With the onslaught of smartphones, its users can avail the service of top journaling apps at the touch of their screen. Mentioned below are the best journaling app for smartphone users.

Best Journaling Apps for Android and iOS Users

1. Journey


Journey works perfectly well on any device and has some exquisite features to offer its users such as synchronization with Google Drive, support for up to four images or videos, auto location check and weather, password protection, and multiple format support. It comes with a streamlined interfaced and a dark mode that one can choose according to their preference. There are two ways of getting access to Journey, i.e., One can either buy a monthly subscription, or purchase a one-time license for the same. However, this app does come with reminders of payments if one is downloading it for the desktop. This is definitely one of the best Journaling Apps for Android and iOS users. Download : Android, iOS

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2. Penzu

Writing an entry in Penzu is similar to writing in WordPress or Blogger. With Penzu, one gets a what-you-see-is-what-you-get-kind of an interface that comes with a text formatting toolbar. It is a great platform which helps in keeping one’s journal online.  It comes with custom email reminders that can help the user record their journal entry and even lets them view the posts from the past. If one happens to purchase the paid version, they would get a military strength encryption that would help in safeguarding entries with a strong encryption. It allows the user to customize each journal according to different fonts, backgrounds, and covers. One of the top journaling apps available online it is highly recommended.  Download: Android, iOS

3. Five Minute Journal

Five Minute JournalThe five-minute journal is for those who have busy schedules and do not get enough time to jot down what they want. For such individuals who live under severe time constraints, Five Minute Journal offers an option of setting up timed prompts where one can list down a few things that they experienced and even set reminders of tasks they want undertaken on a particular day. It is a simple yet a top journaling app that enables one to write a short entry where one can add a photo or export the journal in to a PDF file format. This app helps one decide what was the standout moment of the day and also offers the user positive thoughts so that they can start journaling on a positive note. This is perfect for recording short texts that one can review quickly whenever the user feels the need to do so. Download: Android, iOS

4. Day One

Day One
Day one offers a wide variety of features that are perfect to maintaining a digital journal hence making it the best journaling app for smartphone users. One can make use of its templates, add metadata, play music, and implement motion activity and much more.  This simple tool ensures password-protection of one’s journal. Additionally, it allows the users to insert videos and photos in simple designs and keep a track of their workday. As the journal comes with a customized option, one can change the settings according to their specifications. Download: Android, iOS

5. Diaro

Diaro is quite similar to Day One (an app mentioned above in this list) and comes with features such as a powerful search engine, free access to the notes, and a notebook filled with entries. With it, one can get to organize their diary entries into folders, locations, and one can even add photos and videos along with them. The free version of the app comes with advertisements. Hence, we recommend the paid version. It also offers a powerful search and filtering tool which makes it highly feasible in terms of usage. Download: Android, iOS

6. Evernote

Evernote is more of a note-taking app which can be used for building a quick list of the essential to-do things for the day while also maintaining their dairy. It is adaptable on most of the platforms and can even be used for researching for a paper or even used when one is working on a book. In order to use it as a journal, all one needs to do is  create an independent folder for all the months and years that one can use in the notebooks. Download: Android, iOS

7. Journal with Narrate

Journal with Narrate
Narrate is used to record the experiences, ideas, and thoughts of the user and is an open source app that one should definitely download. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that comes with features that are easily operational hence making it one of the best journaling apps on Android. With this, one can create a journal to add entries, multimedia content, back up the notes in the Google Drive and even set reminders while one is posting something. The photos that one takes with the app get saved on the smartphone gallery automatically and one also gets the option to restore the deleted items.

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8. Universum

UniversumSimilar in interface to most of the diary apps that one finds online, however this particular app helps one get backup notes on to the Google Drive or a SD Card. Additionally, it also lets the user add photos and videos to the diary and set a reminder if they want to view a certain post on a particular time. It also locks the notes with a encrypted password. This app is available in the free version and offers great backup and security. This works well as a travel journal, mood tracker, private diary, diet journal, and much more making it the best journaling app for Android. It also comes with a search tool that helps in quick research. Download: Android

9. Grid Diary

Grid Diary
This app comes with a well-designed interface in which one can arrange posts in different formats that are unheard of earlier and totally novel. With this app, one can add pictures to the notes and select a customized template that offers a full-text search. It with a password protection setup that is available in the paid version. It is perfect for those who wish to go for a journal that is simple yet stylish.  With this app, one can reflect on their daily goals and set the standards of their success, failure, or reflection accordingly making it the best journaling app for iOS. However, this app is not compatible with social media accounts and can only be used for self-analysis. Download: iOS

10.  Daylio

Daylio is one of the best journaling apps for smartphone users that is available online. It offers some of the most amazing features that one could find in this category. It is lightweight, helps in capturing the calendar interface, and lets the user set reminders so that they can perform the important tasks first and backs up data on Google Drive. Daylio comes with a notification support and enables one to make their daily entry in the journal or diary which makes it a reliable app that should be on every smartphone.

There you have it folks! The above mentioned were some of the best journaling apps for smartphone users. With it, they can assess their journals and diary as per their convenience and set reminders to keep updated their daily schedule.


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