10 Best IPTV Apps for iPhone To Watch Live Streaming [2023]

Blog Summary – IPTV applications for iPhone are the trending portal to watch numerous TV shows and movies. If you want one for your phone, checkout this list of the best IPTV apps for iPhone in this post.

In the last two years, online streaming content has surged like never before. People are consuming content on online streaming sites, such as YouTube and Netflix, or watching TV and whatnot. Out of this crowd of entertainment sources, IPTV or Internet Protocol Television has become a savior for many. But if you are an iPhone user looking for an exclusive IPTV app, we can help you find one. In this blog, we will show you the best features of the top IPTV apps for iPhone in 2023.


From antenna TVs to smart TVs, a viewer’s journey has been full of surprises and new inventions. However, IPTV technology, which enables consumers to watch TV through their cell phones, has raised the bar for viewers. On your smartphones, desktops, or tablets, you can use the leading IPTV apps to watch television whenever and wherever you choose. With IPTV apps on iPhone, you need not rely on the cable TV as you stream the content on VoIP or a high speed internet.

Best IPTV Apps for iOS To Stream Live TV –

There are plenty of different IPTV apps available for Android and iOS users. But, today, we will list the best IPTV apps for iOS users only. Yes, you can quickly turn your iPhone into a source of endless entertainment by downloading any of the 10 best IPTV apps for iPhone in 2023.

1. IPTV World: Watch TV Online


If you are looking for the best IPTV app for iPhone that lets you watch TV anytime and anywhere, then IPTV World is just for you. It is an advanced IPTV app that you can download on your iPhone. If you are already using VLC on your laptop, then this is your app with gazillion features –

  • An integrated user interface to make user experience fast and easy
  • Live TV can be streamed over Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks
  • Favorite channels can be saved easily and viewed in a dedicated tab.
  • It does not require using the satellite TV play.
  • Supports M3U & XSPF playlists.

2. IPTV Player: Play m3U Playlist

Play m3U Playlist

When you are looking for a smart IPTV player to watch your favorite shows on your iPhone, you can try IPTV Player. Along with M3U player support, this app offers multiple features, including support for AirPlay and Chromecast.–It has a parental lock which will make the app child safe.

  • The exclusive features of uploading, scanning, and previewing your favorite channels
  • It is built on a high video engine; thus, no additional video player is required
  • Users can create, edit and share playlists with their friends
  • The playlist can be easily synced with your other devices.
  • It comes with a parental lock.

3. Mobdro Live TV IPTV HD Player

Mobdro Live TV IPTV HD Player

Mobdro is the fastest and simplest IPTV player for iOS users, with high-resolution picture quality. The brand doesn’t offer any playlists, but if you have a URL, you can easily create your customized playlists. This free IPTV player has a dynamic user interface and multiple useful features.–

  • Supports all the latest formats, including M3U.
  • Offer high-resolution picture quality while streaming.
  • Powered by WiFi and HTTP server.
  • Direct streaming with remote and local playlists support.
  • It shows EPG program info.

4. TV Streams: Play & Cast IPTV

IPTV - Watch TV Online 4+

This is one of the best IPTV apps for iPhone users, as this app has redefined the way of watching TV on Apple devices. This supports Xtream-codes API as well and EPG support for XMLTV and GZIP. Multiple free TV channels are also included in this IPTV application for iPhone.

  • Support multiple network protocols like HTTP, MMS, RTMP, RTS, and UDP.
  • Apple HLS, MPEG-DASH, and more network streaming formats are supported.
  • Supports all the leading platforms from M3U8 to MP4
  • A built-in video player.
  • Get reminders from the TV guide.
  • Large support for networks and streaming formats.



IPTV Go app has revamped television technology with astonishing streams of IPTV technology. Apple devices have gained numerous viewing features with the introduction of this excellent app. It allows you to view TV technology-based IPTV.

  • Supports M3U, JSON, XSPF, XML, and other platforms
  • Video can be cast on Chromecast
  • It doesn’t come with preloaded playlists that facilitate users to customize playlists as per their desire.
  • No built-in playlist to increase confusion.
  • Client-based streaming IPTV application.

6. rIPTV


To easily watch your desired multimedia content on your iPhone, you need the support of the best IPTV apps for iPhone -rIPTV. The electronic program guide of the app is incredible and helpful. From the basic features of showtimes, browsing photos, and display ratings of each channel, this app has a couple of other features as well –

  • Auto group channel & infinite channel search
  • Multiple IPTV formats supported.
  • Upload and refresh playlist without reload
  • Live to stream with easy Pause & Play live video options.
  • Get information about live programs.

Reason to buy – Live to stream with easy Pause & Play live video options. Get information about live programs.

7. Xtreme IPTV – Live TV 4+

Xtreme IPTV - Live TV 4+
If you are looking for the perfect IPTV player with all the necessary features to manage LIVE channels, try Xtreme IPTV. It is a fully functional app with multiple format support and additional features like play, pause, and fast forward.

  • Allows adding IPTV sources from multiple sources.
  • Streaming is fast and consistent without interruptions.
  • Unlimited streaming with support for multiple formats.
  • Play M3U playlists by easy copy-and-paste feature to fetch IPTV quickly.

8. SPB TV World: TV and Movies

SPB TV World

SPB TV World app has turned the iPhone into a high-resolution picture-quality TV set. This is categorized as the best IPTV apps for iPhone because it has an incredibly innovative user interface, free legal content to watch from 100 global channels, and supports Chromecast.

  • More than 100 Free global channels are included in the SPB app
  • User can flip between channels without interrupting the current view
  • Viewing quality will automatically adjust according to the signal strength
  • Volume and brightness can be adjusted with one touch.
  • Set a reminder to never miss a favorite show.

9. IPTV Television – M3U List

IPTV Television

This advanced IPTV app for iPhone is a wonderful solution to watch all types of content and cast various videos on your iPhone anywhere and anytime. High-quality global content is present on this app through multiple features. Add a playlist via a link or webview browser.

  • Support from all the leading IPTV formats
  • It is super easy to add a link to the playlist
  • Easily create a favorite playlist from different groups and channels
  • Direct streaming with remote and local playlists support.
  • It shows EPG program info.

10. Cloud Stream IPTV Player

Cloud Stream IPTV Player

Last but not least, the IPTV app on the list is Cloud Stream. This IPTV app is jammed with many features and add-on features, such as multicast streams using UDP proxy. It has a spotless interface with different customization options. Supports M3U and XML.

  • Multi-stream through UDP proxy
  • Channel information is only available for UK and Spain currently
  • Chromecast and background play support in the pro version only
  • Comes with an easy switch for secondary audio and subtitles.
  • No external player is needed, and you can sync the playlist.

FAQs –

Q1. Which IPTV app works best?

IPTV World: Watch TV Online is the best according to our recommendations. As it can work without satellite TV and supports M3U & XSPF playlists.

Q2. Is IPTV safe to use?

Yes, using IPTV is very safe and can be seen practiced worldwide. If you are using an IPTV service from an untrustworthy and unauthorized source, than it can pose threats to your personal data and device.

Q3. Is IPTV Illegal?

No, IPTV is not illegal unless the service provider does not have the license to stream the video content.

Conclusion: A New Viewing Experience

By installing the best IPTV apps on iPhone, you can welcome a new online viewing experience in your life that lets you watch your favorite content anytime and anywhere. With the IPTV apps, users can watch global content through their iPhone screen without a TV. IPTV is the future of the TV and live streaming industry; thus, it doesn’t matter what gadget you are using – download the best quality and feature-loaded app on your device to be a part of the future.

We hope the article was helpful for you in finding out the best IPTV apps for iPhone. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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