10 Best Rated File Sharing Apps on iPhone

File Sharing has never been easier on iPhone. There are many different types of File sharing apps that you can use for your iPhone. In this blog, we focus on the iOS platform. With a fully functional App store at its disposal, you can find multiple applications.

We have listed below the 10 File Sharing Apps for your iPhone which shall serve you the best.

10 Best Rated File Sharing Apps on iPhone

1. Xender:

xender for iphone

First in the list of iPhone file-sharing apps is Xender. Xender can share anything from documents, photos to videos with the simple click of the button. It sends files within matter of seconds across to other devices apart from iPhones without using the internet or Bluetooth.

The latest version has ‘Phone Replicate’ which makes it easy to shift to a new iPhone. With this feature, you can transfer all the data from one iPhone to another. It is easily compatible with iOS 8.0 and above. Offering 17 languages, Xender lists as number one on our list of the Top 10 File Sharing Apps on iPhone.

Note: As the app is of Chinese origin, it may not be available in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the Chinese apps

2. Shareit:

shareit for iphone

Probably the most commonly used File sharing app on iPhone, Shareit has proven itself trustworthy time and again. Apart from traditional file-sharing features like video, audio and document sharing, it also works as a music player!

The latest version supports 29 different languages and is compatible with iOS 7.0 or it’s later versions.

Note: As the app is of Chinese origin, it may not be available in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the Chinese apps

3. Zapya:

zapya for iphone

Earning immense popularity with it’s users, Zapya offers easy file sharing. Boasting amazing features such as AirDrop to file share amongst iOS and Mac devices and QR Code Sharing for instant File Sharing via QR Codes.

Zapya is winning brownie points left and right. Easily compatible with iOS version 7.0 and above, Zapya supports 6 languages.

4. Send Anywhere:

send anywhare app for iphone

Taking data security seriously, Send Anywhere takes File Sharing to the top notch. It offers a feature in which once all the files, be it audio, video or documents are selected, it generates a 6 – digit key. Once this same key is entered in the receiver’s iPhone, only then is files shared instantaneously.

Offering video playback and music playing options, Send Anywhere is a very user-friendly application. Offering services in 19+ languages, it is compatible with iOS 9.0 and later. Keep your eyes open for this one folks!

5. Dropbox:

dropbox for iphone

This applies in particular helps professionals to file share easily. It provides the ease of sharing and accessing files simultaneously. This way, we can edit and work on them in real-time.

Offering a 30-day trial period for free, we are sure that once you use it, you will surely sign up for the paid version. Offering its multiple features in 21 different languages, Dropbox is available on iOS 9.0 and above.

6. Superbeam:

superbeam for iphone

With the help of WiFi, Superbeam is probably the fastest and best file sharing app for iPhones. It offers security features like, QR Code Scanning and even Sharing Keys while pairing devices. As this application is ad free, the users find a clean interface which focuses on file sharing. It adds additional numbers in case of duplicate files. It even shares unsupported files like MP3s which can be transferred to your cloud account via Superbeam. Talk about being Super! The language it operates on is English and is compatible with iOS 7 and later versions. Do not lose out on this,

7. WeTransfer:

we transfer for iphone

This application is the most suitable for people who take loads of photographs and then share it with their friends and family members. Allowing upto 10 GB of files in one go and even downloads it via your email. The free version works only for a week, but once you have tried this application for multiple file transfers in huge sizes, there is no doubt you will rush to sign up for the paid version at $ 10 a month. View your images as a visual board and enjoy yourselves. Currently out as a version 2, it is compatible on iOS 10.0 and above.

8. Droplr:

droplr for iphone

With proven claims to be one of the fastest file sharing app on iOS platform, Droplr secures its position on our list as one of the best File sharing Apps for iPhone. Offering unlimited storage space and file size, one can easily share files onto your Mac or PC from your iPhone.

It offers additional security with password protection and evens offers its interface in 9 different languages. It even offers a customized domain for your ease of use. With a simple compatibility of iOS 8.0 and later, Droplr even offers the feature of ‘self-destruct’ ( automatic deletion of files after a week or day or month!)

9. Pushbullet:

pushbullet for iphone

With high recommendations that promise Pushbullet to be the app you never needed, we were a little hesitant. But, it has exceeded our expectations and delivered fantastically. With features like ‘Pushbullet Channels’ where one gets notifications about the different things they are interested in and interface so easy to navigate, one can sync all their devices, Mac or PC, together.

Offering options like a chat window through which you can send files and even share text messages to further explain about the file that has been shared is like a cherry on the cake. Compatible with iOS 9.0 and later version.

10. MyMedia:

my media for iphone

The last but not the least on our list of the best file sharing Apps on iPhone is MyMedia. Manage your device with ease with this app as it offers features like file manager in which one can read, edit and extract Zip files and then share them across platforms.

Offering Audio player options, one can shuffle and repeat song files and play them back via the iPod. With Passcode lock in place, one can be secure that no one can access the application without your permission. While it supports 4 languages, it is easily compatible with iOS 8.0 and later versions.

There you have it. This extensive list features the top 10 best File Sharing Apps on the iPhone. Hope you agree with our list. Do drop in a line if you wanted any particular app to be featured. You can contact us with the comment section below.


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    Most of sharing apps do lack major content support, either they support individual files transfer not full like smart transfer app which does support and transfer data collectively

    3 years ago

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