11 Best Event Management Software in 2023

It all comes down to the organization to throw a successful wedding bash or conduct a seminar. Be it your private event or the commercial event, it all leads to one thing, which is a well-set place, arrangements upto the mark for the participants.  Well, if you organize an event on your own or more so for the event planning companies, there is technology to lend help. This is done with the event management software, which are primarily popular now with the ongoing demands.

We all are tech-savvy, and we can make things easier and better with the help of apps. So, why to select an event management company for your next event, when you can handle it via an app.  Confused? Have doubts till now, don’t worry, as we present to you a list of the best event management software out there.

What Does Event Management Software Do?

Event Management software can be any type of software that helps in planning different kinds of events. It can be an educational event, trade exhibitions, conventions, and more. These event management software are responsible for the planning, venue selection, promotion, budgeting, marketing, content management, booking, billing, and on-site operations.

What Is The Best Event Management Software?

Here is the list of the best event management software; you can look at them and decide for the best for you.

1. Eventzilla

eventzilla event software

Eventzilla, as the name suggests, is a huge event management software for those who want it all in one place. This is a web-based platform that can be easily accessed over any device; it also comes as an application for Android and iOS devices. Eventzilla has an automated process for the registration for the events, building lists for all the attending guests, and managing pages for easy sign-ups. Customize your ticket selling by adding buttons for WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter in one click. The payment page can be integrated with PayPal, Stripe, Square as well as the free tickets or tickets by donation can be done too.


  • It is provided free for all free events
  • Integrated with major payment gateways
  • Embedded widgets

  • Cost of tickets for paid events is high.

Get it here.

2. Cvent

Cvent event software

Cvent is defined as a technology itself that will help any corporation to build its event and manage it successfully. This can cover almost everything from creating events and building websites to promotions and even showing maps to guests. The easy navigation idea is to create a helping guide for making sure all of the attendees are present for the event. This event management software up-ed the game with its new features. But what makes it the best event management software is the ability to set up virtual events, strategic integrations, robust reporting, and award-winning, 24/7 customer service.


  • It provides you with a free trial.
  • The virtual events have the best feature

  • Costly for small organizations.

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3. Bizzabo

Bizzabo event software

Bizzabo is an event management software that will also keep track of your marketing strategy. As a company, the deal takes care of your digital promotions. They also like Cvent are good at organizing real and virtual events. The analytics are recorded timely, and then the required are implemented to keep the event engaging. You can also get a free trial at the beginning of getting the event management software. This is going to help you judge the tool for your process. As the event planners, your duties can be eased with its help, and it also helps in cost-cutting. The more you can manage from any of your smart devices; the multi-platform software gives you options for that.


  • Increased engagement, maximum attendance.
  • Virtual events are as surreal as in real-time.

  • Users reported a lag in confirming email addresses in the login process

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4. Aventri

Aventri event software

Aventri is another of the names amongst the best of event management software. Its best asset is its cloud-based service, and the software works on data analytics and sources best for your events. It regularly collaborates with multiple event planners to make the event management services the best. The main focus on event sourcing, planning, marketing, organizing and engaging the attendees. The company has more than 1400 clients associated with it from different sectors of the industries. The offices in the UK, Australia, UAE, India, and Singapore cover more diverse parts of the world.


  • Leading clients and reviews from them make it reliable.
  • Cloud-based work makes it easier to communicate from anywhere

  • Cost is not suitable for small scale businesses.

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5. Eventbrite

Eventbrite event software

One of the best event management software for the community to spread the word on the largest social networking site Facebook. The thing about this event management software is that the users find it very friendly to create an event’s page and to add other details. Be it the managing the tickets or Eventbrite works on the web platform as good as its application for the Android and iOS devices. This is a plus for the event management software that works great with Facebook applications and web services. You can quickly post about your event on the Facebook page, which will increase the users. Credit Card and online payment gateways are acceptable for ticket booking. The marketing is done over Facebook by looping in a lot of people and, therefore, more engagement.


  • The update button helps a lot to make changes in case of event date and timing change.
  • No additional costs for participants

  • Restriction for the physical events only.
  • Only posted on Facebook pages and not in a group or personal profile

Get it here.

6. Whova

Whova event software

If you are looking for something like a trendiest event management software to attract the attendees – Whova is for you. This works in all fields of the event management system as it covers all the plans. It is no doubt one of the best event management software for the organizers. The event planners must get this to help with the start to the end of any event and stay focused. As per the reviews, it enables you to deal with the customers with ease as users find it friendly as an app. This increases the return of investment for any event management company, reducing the operational costs.


  • Web-based so can be accessed from any device easily through the cloud service.
  • The free trial makes it a quick favourite

  • Not available as an app for Windows and Mac.

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7. Zoho BackStage

Zoho BackStage

Zoho backstage is the best event management software that will help you conduct events such as meetups, conferences. Customize the daily tasks with the event management software where you can schedule events as per the activities. The event website can be customized with information and product marketing. It will also help you send the events’ details along with the prebuilt templates to the participants. You can keep track of the participants’ responses for who all will be attending the event and prepare lists.


  • Manage the sponsorship.
  • The engagement of the attendants is made easy.
  • Embed the event with other websites and platforms

  • Costly monthly plans for event management.

Get it here.

8. EventLeaf

EventLeaf event software

Eventleaf is another simple and user-friendly event management software. It can be used in an online and offline mode as well. It will help you make secure registration forms and print event badges. You can design a registration form for your event to make it stand out from the rest. Send the marketing emails to the attendees, and other contacts also get the RSVP attached to it. The guide app will help the people attending the event to be engaged and get more relevant information. All this can be started as a free trial and is available as a Desktop app and web-based cloud service.


  • A simple and reliable tool to use.
  • Conducts polls and surveys to gather more information

  • Only available for Windows.

Get it here

9. EventBank

EventBank is one of the options for the best event management software to look forward to in 2023. Whether it is the planning of an event or the follow up of the event from the attendees, it includes it all. The execution of the event can be carried out with ease with EventBank. It will merely process for you as an organizer and help you in each step. Be it planning and promoting it to the engagement to cover the need and reviews for ongoing events. The software includes the event website builder, ticket generator, custom registration, and everything else to be done. Get the attendees the free apps to make the event coverage easy for them, and this is beneficial for you to get real-time updates. Eventbank can be accessed from any platform, which makes it super helpful to track payments and manage the events.


  • Automated notifications for the attendees.
  • Multi-session management helps you to organize multiple events at a time

  • Few technical issues faced by users.

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10. Idloom events

Idloom events events software

Idloom events is an event management software which will give you the basics for the event. All that is needed to organize a successful event like registration, ticket generation, badge creation, and payments, etc. It will help you get the most user-friendly response as the event management software. This is great for events such as trade-related conferences or exhibitions, government, and communication events. Idloom events include social media promotion, which is the need of the hour. It helps you create a dedicated website for the event, making it easy for consumers to get information.


  • Gamification has to be the best feature to keep you interested.
  • Solves complex events.

  • Only caters to small and midsize businesses.

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11. Event Farm

Eventfarm is an excellent event management software for those looking at the details to be monitored offline. This event management software is available on the internet and can be accessed as a web platform or with the mobile application on Android and iOS. This uses a high tech form for the mega-events, which require the participants to wear the smart device to stay connected with the software. This way, the movement of the users is tracked, and the data is used for keeping certain information like when they checked in and out. The dashboard is organized as such to keep the information flowing for all the attending participants.


  • Integration with Salesforce.
  • Free demo available

  • Lack of database update.

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To Sum it up:

We might find it slightly easier to work along with a set up that already has the details covered in the event management software. So why not choose one for yourself from the list above. Do the deed and make your life easier or delegate better for your event management company. You can coordinate perfectly with your team while using the software. As there are fewer chances of missing out on details, and the work is well organized, one can get extreme help from one of the event management software. According to us, Cvent, Bizzabo, Aventri are a few names that score higher than most event management software. You can try the package as the trial is available for all the three and select the best for you.

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