10 Best Disk Space Analyzer Software for Windows

Computers are machined to perform functions systematically. It is built to perform several functions and is loaded with tons of inbuilt features, and one of those functions is a filesystem. It’s the system that controls and categorizes data. In simple words, it turns pieces of information into a single file that can be viewed at a specific location on your computer. For example, your operating system data is saved in different folders on a local drive. These folders are created and sorted because of the file system that’s when the disk space analyzer comes as a requirement.

Filesystem helps you manage your data in the best possible manner. With that being said, it’s also the system that helps you to remove clutter from your system. Over time, your PC is most likely to pile data that is redundant, junk, or unwanted and hogs space on its disk. However, finding and removing such data requires you to have an efficient disk space analyzer software. So to save you from the hassle, we have listed the 10 best Windows disk space analyzer software for you.

Top 10 Disk Space Analyzer for Windows 10/8/7/XP

Here we have listed out the best disk space analyzer for different versions of Windows. It is important to select the correct file size analyzer for Windows 10 to keep it running at its best. Similarly, you will have to look at the disk usage analyzer software to work for your Windows PC. Check out this list of the best disk space analyzer software for Windows:

1. Disk Analyzer Pro:

Disk Analyzer Pro - Best Disk Space Analyzer


Disk Analyzer Pro is our first utility that scans, analyzes, and presents your entire disk usage in several summaries. You can look up to these summaries to figure out obsolete files, be it the biggest ones or junk files. These summaries include File Size, File Types, Attributes, Date, Time, Ownership, Summary, Folders List, and File Explorer. Once you have previewed files via these summaries, you can go on to delete them and free up disk space. Download Disk Analyzer Pro here.


  • Reports on disk space consumption.
  • Finds large and old files.
  • Detects duplicates.
  • Identifies junk and temporary files.


  • No free trials.

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2. CCleaner:


CCleaner - Best Disk Space Analyzer


Developed by Piriform, CCleaner is another storage analyzer tool to clean up your disk. Unlike others, it is available in different versions that include free, and two paid versions. Its paid versions are Professional and Professional Plus. The free version of CCleaner helps you fasten your computer and protect privacy. Furthermore, the next two versions add up more features successively.


  • Freemium tool.
  • Shows junk and temporary files.
  • Regular updates.
  • All in one PC cleaning tool.


  • No detailed reports.

3. WinDirStat:


WinDirStat - Best Disk Space Analyzer


WinDirStat is another hard drive analyzer, with an intuitive interface. It analyzes and presents disk usage in several colors indicating different file extensions. You can click on any of the colors and find exact files that are occupying space on your system memory. Further, the tool also helps you delete unwanted files with its Clean Up option.


  • Customize scanning option.
  • Quick installation.
  • Supports different file scan options.
  • Deletes unwanted files.


  • Scan results can not be saved.

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4. Wise Disk Cleaner:


Wise Disk Cleaner - Best Disk Space Analyzer


Wise Disk Cleaner analyzes and categorizes your data in a file folder according to its file type. It has various viewers to analyze files, namely Common Cleaner, Advanced Cleaner, Slimmer System, and Disk Defrag. Once you’ve checked all files on your disk, you can proceed to the removal with the ‘Clean’ button. This disk space analyzer for Windows 7 also has to mark options to select file categories at once for deletion.


  • Free to use.
  • Detects useless files.
  • Disk defragmentation.
  • Clears privacy traces on the computer.
  • Simple interface.


  • Lacks more features.

5. TreeSize:


TreeSize - Best Disk Space Analyzer


Anyone with a steady hand on Office might find this tool better than others. We’d say, its interface is highly influenced by that of Docx files. Once this disk space analyzer scans your disk, it presents all the data in the treemap view. You might have to click on several folders to find the final file that is taking up space on your system. Along with the treemap view, TreeSize also shows disk usage in the pie chart which makes it another best disk space analyzer.


  • Supports external drives.
  • Portable software.
  • Customizable scan.
  • Sort file size for scan.


  • Filtering results are not helpful.

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6. SpaceSniffer:


SpaceSniffer - Best Disk Space Analyzer


SpaceSniffer is another disk space visualizer tool to show folders and files in treemap view. With the help of this treemap, you’ll have to figure out files and folders and their location on the disk. Once all this is done, you can delete files with this file size analyzer Windows 10.


  • Fast scanning.
  • Customizable scan.
  • Free tool.


  • No tree format in reports.

7. DiskSavvy:


DiskSavvy - Best Disk Space Analyzer


DiskSavvy scans and classifies all your data in file explorer, in one place. This disk space analyzer Windows 7 mentions file numbers in a folder, space on disk occupy and % of space it occupies. You need to right-click on each of the listed folders to open, copy, move, or delete them. It’s a handy tool with a clear and easy-to-understand interface.


  • Customized scanning.
  • Quick scan.
  • Uses statistics and pie charts.
  • Extensive reports.


  • Costly tool.

8. RidNacs:


RidNacs - Best Disk Space Analyzer


RidNacs scans your disk and presents its folders in a treemap. Further, the file size analyzer Windows 10 also mentions the size of each folder along with the percent of space it is occupying on the disk. The tool has a clear interface, with which you can view your files hidden in each folder and delete them with a click.


  • Comes with a built-in explorer.
  • Fast scan.
  • Supports TXT, XML, and many more formats.


  • Lacks advanced features.

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9. SpaceMonger:


SpaceMonger - Best Disk Space Analyzer


This is the best disk space analyzer as it has everything in it. Quite literally! Upon scanning, it presents the data in a treemap, pie chart, and file viewer format making it a good choice for the disk usage analyzer software. With this again, you’ll have to look into your files and delete the redundant ones.


  • Reports in pie chart forms.
  • Removes junk files and folders.
  • Free trials.


  • Can be difficult for new users.

10. GetFoldersize: 


GetFolderSize - Best Disk Space Analyzer


GetFolderSize is the last Windows disk space analyzer tool on our list. Like others, it also scans the disk to analyze it. You’ll be able to find out unwanted files on your disk with its treemap arrangement. Once you have reviewed your data carefully, you can head on to delete the clutter out of it.


  • Quick scan.
  • In-built file explorer.
  • Supports CSV and TXT formats.


  • Old fashioned interface.

These are the top 10 software to clean up your disk. Though all these disk space analyzer software performs the same function, they mainly vary with their interface.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How do you analyze hard drive space?

The computer shows you the capacity on the hard disk and the sections separately but it does not show you what is taking up the most space. To analyze hard drive space you need to get dedicated software for it.

Q2. What is a disk space analyzer?

For an optimized computer, you need to keep ample space in your disk to function at its best. But over time, this disk fills up, and then you can not decide what and where is taking up so much disk space. So, the software called disk space analyzer helps in figuring it out for you. It shows you what is taking up space on your hard disk.

Q3. How do I analyze disk space in Windows?

Using one of the best disk Space analyzers is an efficient way to keep the disk space in check. This will not show you results if your disk is out of space but show you the files and folders which are hogging up space on your disk.

Q4. How can I tell which folders are taking up the most space?

To find out which folders are taking up the most space, use the disk usage analyzer tool. It will easily show you the folders which take the most amount of space on the disk for your computer.

Q5. What is taking up so much disk space?

Various things can take up space on the disk such as applications, files, folders. You need to take a look at the hard disk drives to find out the filled space.  This can be easily achieved with the help of the disk usage analyzer tools. Select one for your computer from the list given in this post.

Q6. What files can I delete from the C drive?

If you want to delete files from the C drive, look for all the temporary files, downloads, duplicates, and junk. There might be a chance that you are unable to figure out which file is safer to delete. Therefore we suggest using a disk space analyzer to check what’s taking up most space and then if it needs to be trashed or not.


  • comment_avtar
    Binjamin Man
    Definitely add Directory Report to your list It looks like the MS-Explorer but always shows the folder size This makes it easy to drill down to files/folders which are using all your space Finds duplicate files too!

    3 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mridula Nimawat
      Thank you for responding, we would look into your suggestion and add it to the list.

      3 years ago

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