10 Best Disk Space Analyzer For Mac

On your Mac, a storage problem might be very inconvenient. There’s always a risk you could run across this issue later on when watching a favorite film or working on a crucial assignment. When such a situation occurs, you can either purchase an additional disk or free up some drive space. However, it’s a complicated task to check every folder and file, and might burn a hole in your pocket to buy a new drive. Using a Mac disk space analyzer is a technique that can help you avoid a lot of hassle.

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Disk Space Analyzer Software: What Is It?

A disk space analyzer tool is a storage management tool designed to check every disk, folder, subfolder and quickly optimize it. You may manage and examine your disk space with the aid of a disk space analyzer without having to worry about erasing anything crucial. Therefore, we’re going to provide you with our list of the top 10 Mac disk space analyzer programs so you can easily have a faster Mac.

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Best Disk Space Analyzer For Mac

1) Disk Analyzer Pro

Price: $5.99

Disk Space Analyzer

Disk Analyzer Pro is a versatile program that can rapidly deliver a full drive use report. This utility lets you quickly locate your Mac’s biggest folders and files. You can also quickly view a report on the use of drive space broken down by file size, type, owner, date, and attributes. You may search for and remove duplicate files and media files (photos, videos, and music) that have overrun your Mac’s hard drive.


  • Find the oldest and largest files.
  • Disk Analyzer Pro’s capability displays a comprehensive list of the drive’s folders and subfolders, ordered by file size.
  • For your convenience, this displays a list of the applications installed on the chosen drive.

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2) GrandPerspective

Price: $2.99


An outstanding disk space analyzer tool called GrandPerspective enables users to search their systems for unnecessary and junk files. These files can later be deleted by the user easily. Users can see files in sorted order by date, type, size, and other criteria with the aid of GrandPerspective. This storage manager tool may display a thorough and in-depth list of folders, subfolders, files, and other items. The top 100 files by size or by date are also available for users to analyze.


  • Deep searches to uncover the best and oldest files.
  • Customizable scan parameters.
  • Data can be easily sorted into groups or categories.

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3. DaisyDisk

Price: $9.99


One of the greatest Mac disk space analyzer programs available is DaisyDisk, a wonderful and user-friendly software. DaisyDisk examines your computer and displays every file and folder in a dynamic visual map, giving you the impression that you are a computer expert even if you are not. You can routinely clean up your disk space and monitor your disk utilization with its free trial version.


  • A quick and efficient performance.
  • Playing with visual maps is entertaining.
  • Scans numerous files and directories simultaneously.

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4. CleverFiles Cleaner

Price: $2.99

CleverFiles Cleaner

The robust disk explorer CleverFiles Cleaner enhances your files and folders’ familiar tree-like representation with much-needed data visualization. Your hard disk or cloud storage folder will eventually reach very close to its capacity. In a flash, CleverFiles Cleaner creates a visual data map to demonstrate which programs, videos, photo albums, or music archives are consuming your limited disk space.


  • Disk space, file count, and percent are the three display options.
  • Color-coded names make it easier to spot the biggest folders.
  • Sort data by file/folder type, name, and size using automatic and manual filters

5. Disk Space Analyzer

Price: $9.95/year

Disk Space Analyzer

Another Mac disk management tool, Disk Space Analyzer, aids users in managing their storage space and is more efficient and effective . This storage manager aids the user in data organization and Mac disk space optimization. Disk Space Analyzer is designed to locate and remove unused files that negatively impact the performance of your Mac. This software searches the most obscure areas of your hard disks for unnecessary files that can be deleted, and it also looks for hidden files on your computer.


  • Efficient and effective scanning.
  • Capable of locating hidden files.
  • Scans cloud storage and external disk.

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6. WhatSize

Price: $14.99


WhatSize is a cutting-edge disk management tool that can be used by any user. By identifying the largest files that take up excessive space on your Mac, this Mac disk space analyzer aids users in system optimization. This disk manager tool also offers some tips on how to free up disk space and delete unnecessary items from your computer. Additionally, WhatSize provides a chart depiction of your disk space, which helps the user take in information more rapidly.


  • Find and remove redundant and duplicate files.
  • Quick scans to conserve time.
  • Identify large files.

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7. OmniDiskSweeper

Price: $0


Another Mac Disk Space Analyzer for free that identifies and removes a sizable amount of superfluous files from your Mac is OmniDiskSweeper. Once OmniDiskSweeper has been downloaded and launched, choose the drive you want to clean. On the network, you can also sweep shared files, external disks, and disk drivers.


  • Lightweight performance and powerful.
  • Quick storage recovery and operations.
  • Detailed information regarding the scanned files and directories will be displayed.

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8. Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X

The free Mac disk space analyzer program Disk Inventory X may now display your disk data as treemaps. It displays data and information about the files, including their size and other specifics. Users can just select a file to check more details about it. The ordered presentation of the scan results makes it simpler to quickly study the entire disk. The graphical treemap in Disk Inventory X makes it easier for the average Mac user to understand the scan results and more comfortable to evaluate them.


  • Treemaps to display thorough information.
  • Enables you to zoom in on folders for a close look.
  • A simple-to-use interface.



A freeware disk utilization analyzer with a ncurses interface is NCurses Disk utilization. The tool’s requirement for NCurses installation may make it an inconvenient option for some users. The ability to download and install binary files through the Terminal command line is required for those who intend to utilize this program. You can go for NCDU, which is a Disk Space Analyzer for Mac, for free.


  • Using Homebrew, a well-liked macOS package manager, you can set up NCDU.
  • Excellent performance as a result of its carefully optimized algorithms.
  • Requires the installation of NCurse.

10. Disk Xray

Price: $14.95

Disk Xray

This straightforward disk space analyzer and cleanup tool that can also discover duplicate files is called Disk Xray by Naarak Studio. A Scanner window with buttons for scanning, duplication, and cleanup makes up the simplified user interface. Disk Xray scans huge volumes in just a few seconds, which is extraordinarily quick. When the scan is finished, the contents of the volume or folder, split down by total, common file types, and subfolders, are shown at the bottom of the window. Each item’s size and proportion of the overall volume space it takes up are shown in the displayed data. The quantity of subitems for folders is also shown.


  • This app also finds duplicate files on your Mac.
  • It removes old cache files of the web browsers.
  • The app uninstaller modules help with the complete removal of apps

Your Choice Of The Best Disk Space Analyzer For Mac

So, for Mac users worldwide, these are some of the top disk space analyzer programs. There are both free and paid programs on this list, so you can pick the one that best fits your budget. Make sure the program you choose is compatible with your macOS version and meets its requirements.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or recommendations. We would be delighted to provide you with a resolution. We frequently publish advice, tricks, and solutions to common tech-related problems. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flipboard, and Pinterest.

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