Days at a Glance: 12 Best Day Counter Apps for Android & iPhone

In a world filled with important dates, deadlines, and cherished moments, keeping track of time becomes essential. Luckily, technology offers a myriad of solutions, and the realm of day counter apps for Android and iPhone has expanded exponentially. These apps are more than just digital calendars; they’re versatile tools that help organize life’s countdowns, events, and schedules with precision. The article provides an overview of the top day counter apps available for iPhone and Android, along with a description of key features and compatibility details for each app. It aims to help readers discover the best apps for tracking important dates, milestones, habits, and more based on their smartphone platform.

Let’s dive into a curated list of the finest day counter apps, designed to simplify your life and keep you on top of every ticking moment.

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12 Best Day Counter Apps for Android and iPhone

Day counter apps provide an easy way to track everything from how many days remain until a deadline to how long you’ve stuck to a new habit. We reviewed dozens of options to bring you the top 12 day counter apps for both Android and iPhone.

#1 Timeless


Timeless is one of the most fully-featured day counter apps available. It goes far beyond just offering a basic countdown. This app enables you to track streaks for habits, set reminders to maintain progress, visualize trends in a calendar format, and more.

You can add multiple custom trackers for everything from quitting smoking to learning a new language. Timeless also includes inspirational quotes and the ability to join challenges with friends. It’s free with a premium subscription option.

(iOS, Android)

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#2 Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget

As the name suggests, Countdown Widget puts an easy-to-access widget right on your Android device’s home screen. Open the app and set up as many trackers as you want for quitting habits, counting down to events, sticking to new habits, and more.

Then the widget will display the counters directly on your home screen, making it easy to monitor your progress. Additional features include notes, reminders, password protection, and a cloud sync option.


#3 Day Counter

Day Counter

For iPhone users looking for a simple and streamlined day counter, RV AppStudios’ Day Counter app fits the bill. After adding a new tracker, you can name it, set a start date, choose an icon color, and decide whether to include it on your Apple Watch.

The tracker screen shows the total days along with optional notes and reminders. A settings menu lets you change the text size, reset trackers, and edit dates or names. If you want just a basic day-counting app with no frills, Days Counter is a good match.


#4 Sobriety Counter

Sobriety Counter

Addiction can be an incredibly difficult challenge. For those working towards sobriety from drugs, alcohol, or other substances, the Sobriety Counter offers dedicated support. The app provides day counters specifically for tracking sobriety.

You can track multiple kinds of sobriety while setting start dates, reminders, and milestones. View your progress through the dashboard display. Sobriety Counter also includes inspiring quotes and can integrate with the Apple Health app. Available for free on iOS and Android.

(iOS, Android)

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#5 DayCount


With its bold colors and simple interface, DayCount makes tracking days a breeze. This day counter app for iPhone supports an unlimited number of counters that you can fully customize with names, icons colors, and start dates.

Easy gesture controls let you increment counters without even opening the app. Additional features include iCloud sync, reminders, notes, and more. DayCount comes in both free and paid versions.


#6 The Day Before

The Day Before

With millions of users, TheDayBefore has become one of the most popular day counter apps available for both Android and iPhone. This helpful app enables you to easily track important upcoming events and dates so you never miss celebrations, appointments, anniversaries, and more.

The app shines with its flexibility to count down days, months, weeks, and other time frames in different ways. You can choose from options like DDMMYY, monthly repeat, yearly repeat, and other formats to fit your specific needs. No matter what you want to track, TheDayBefore likely offers the perfect counter.

(iOS, Android)

#7 Days Counter Pro

Days Counter Pro

With its slick dark theme, Days Counter Pro brings premium features for tracking your days. Create an unlimited number of custom counters with names, icons, colors, and start dates. The app displays each tracker on the main screen.

From there, simply tap a tracker to increment days up or down. Additional options include reminders, notes, password protection, and cloud sync across devices. DayCounter Pro works great for everything from productivity goals to special events.


#8 Countdown Star

Countdown Star

With its vast popularity and stellar ratings, Countdown Star stands out as a top event day counter app for both Android and iPhone users. And the best part — it comes completely free! No matter what major event, milestone, or important date you want to track, it makes it simple. Whether counting down the days until your wedding, a big move, a birthday celebration, or a long-awaited vacation, this app helps keep the excitement visible at all times.

Beyond just showing basic days remaining, it elegantly displays exact times in months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds. So you’ll always know just how close your anticipated occasions are getting.

(iOS, Android)

#9 Days


For iPhone users who want a beautifully designed day-counting app, Days is perfect. It focuses on habit and goal tracking with built-in templates and the ability to create custom trackers. Settings allow choosing between a Light, Classic Dark, or Black appearance.

Each tracker displays total days along with optional start dates, notes, reminders, and streak records. See all your trackers together on the main screen. Additional features include Touch ID, iCloud, and Apple Watch support.


#10 Today


While extremely simple, sometimes that’s all you need in a day counter app. Today is an app for iPhone which enables adding an unlimited number of trackers by event name along with a start date.

The main screen displays a list of trackers with the number of days for each. You can also add optional notes and reset trackers when necessary. If you want just basic day counting without the extra bells and whistles, this free app delivers.


#11 Progress – Goal Tracker

Progress - Goal Tracker

For Apple device users who want day tracking combined with habit-building assistance, Progress is a solid choice. Start by selecting habits you want to form such as consistent exercise, meditation, or learning a language. You can also create custom habits.

The app tracks how many days in a row you stick with each habit. Additional features include reminders, motivational messages, inspiration from famous individuals, integration with the Apple Health app, and more.


#12 Days in a Row

Days in a Row

As the name hints, Days in a Row places a strong emphasis on tracking long-running streaks of up to 500 days. In addition to counting current and maximum streaks, the app tracks personal bests for each activity. You can add an unlimited number of counters.

On this day calculator app, each counter saves metrics like start date, last completion, total days, and notes. Emoji icons help identify different trackers at a glance. The app also includes iCloud sync and Touch ID support along with a Lock Screen widget.


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Track Your Days Your Way

With so many great options, you can find the perfect day counter app to match your personal needs. Whether looking to maintain a new habit, set goals, or monitor an important date, these 12 apps make it simple to stay on track. From counting down to a special occasion to meticulously tracking elapsed days, these apps offer a seamless way to manage time.

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