5 Best Compass Apps For Android in 2023

You needn’t purchase a compass on your next outdoor adventure because there are several Compass apps for Android. These use the accelerometer on your device to tell you the direction. So, whether you are hiker, traveler or any other adventurer looking out for a digital compass, you are at the right place. Here are some of the best compass apps for Android.

Note: In most cases after you have installed the compass app for Android, you need to move the smartphone in an eight-figure. You might be required to do this so that the device can be calibrated, and the magnetic north can be computed.

Best Compass Apps For Android 2023

1. Compass Galaxy

Compass Galaxy

Compass Galaxy is a simplistic app which tells you exact directions along with degree wise details. The compass app for Android can be put directly to use without getting intimidated by unnecessary permissions. Though you might need to frequently calibrate it you can rest assured that you get accurate results.

Some of the notable features of the Compass Galaxy include –

  • Free to use simplistic app with no in-app purchases
  • No unnecessary permissions
  • Shows you exact degrees with accurate directions

2. Compass


It’s a great app if you are out for activities like hiking and boating. As a compass app for Android, it helps you calculate the accurate altitude above the sea level.

Compass has following notable features –

  • Can be installed on SD card
  • You can save places for tracking them later
  • Create lists of favorite places
  • Shows you the shortest path to destination
  • You can watch the sunset and sunrise times according to location (Great for places where sunrise and sunset are scenic )

Rating: 4.6 Stars

3. Compass Steel 3D

Compass Steel 3D

This compass app for Android makes you feel as if you are marine all set for an adventure. The app does require permission to access location coordinates so that it can calculate true heading. Compass Steel 3D is a decent looking free compass app for Android which is highly customizable and has no in app purchases.

Some of the notable features of this app include –

  • Self-calibration tool
  • Myriad of customizable themes to choose from
  • You can choose from magnetic north and true north
  • Sun and moon direction indicator
  • You can check timings for sunrise and sunset

Rating: 4.5 Stars

4.  Digital Compass

Digital Compass

One of the best compass apps for Android that you can find on Google Play Store is Digital compass. This is one of those compass apps that comes with both compass and map outlay. And, you have the option to distinctly choose your desired outlay. The app clearly displays true north and blinks a location on a map. The developer clearly states not to use any magnetic covers with a compass as those may interfere with the app.

  • Clearly demarcates latitude, longitude and desired address
  • Shows slope level as well as magnetic strength
  • Check the status of sensor
  • Easy calibration
  • Check true and magnetic heading

Rating: 4.5 Stars

5. Compass 360 Pro

Compass 360 Pro

Imagine you are out for a picnic and god forbid, your internet crashes. Maybe you have downloaded the map offline but just can’t seem to access the live location. That’s where a compass app for Android would come in handy and Compass 360 Pro is one such app. It’s a feature-rich app which is extremely free to use.

Here are some of the notable features of Compass 360 Pro –

  • No internet connection required
  • Simple to use has cardinal and decimal bearing for detailed directions
  • Attractive design and user interface
  • Several languages supported
  • The compass app for Android automatically adheres to variations in directions

Rating: 4.7 Stars

Note: This app has been discontinued.


Did We Miss Out On Anything

GPS and Google maps might overlap the need of a physical compass. But, in a situation when you need directions and stuff like longitude, latitude and degrees on your tips, the above-mentioned compass apps for Android might prove to be life savior. Most of these even work offline.

After having read about the above compass apps for Android, you might pack everything but a physical compass for your travel. And, if there is an app that we miss on which you think should have made to the list, do let us know in the comments section below. For more such content keep reading Wethegeek blogs.

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