10 Best Calisthenics Apps For Android and iPhone

In today’s fast-paced world, staying fit and healthy has become a top priority for many. Calisthenics, a form of exercise that utilizes your body weight for resistance, has gained immense popularity. To help you stay on track with your fitness journey, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best calisthenics apps available for Android and iPhone. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, these apps will provide the guidance and motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals.

So, let’s dive into the world of the “Best Calisthenics Apps” that can transform your workout routine.

Discover the Best Apps for Calisthenics for Android and iPhone

If you are new to calisthenics, or if you want to take your workouts to the next level, several great calisthenics apps are available for Android and iPhone. These apps can provide you with workout routines, exercise videos, and progress-tracking tools to help you reach your fitness goals.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Movement Athlete

Movement Athlete

The Movement Athlete app is a comprehensive calisthenics and gymnastics training platform. It is designed to help users of all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced, achieve their fitness goals. The app creates a personalized training program for each user based on their fitness level, goals, and experience. This ensures that users are getting the most out of their workouts and that they are progressing at a safe and effective pace.

Features –

  • Personalized training programs.
  • Workout routines.
  • Progress tracking tools.
  • Community forum.

Get it on Android and iOS

2. Caliverse


Caliverse is a calisthenics app that offers a variety of features to help users of all fitness levels improve their strength, endurance, and flexibility. It offers a variety of workout routines for different fitness levels and goals. Users can choose from pre-made routines or create their own. The app includes over 300 calisthenics exercises with professional videos and descriptions, as well as over 10 training plans and monthly challenges with prizes.

Features –

  • Comprehensive workouts and plans.
  • Professional videos and descriptions.
  • Community support.
  • Advanced features.

Get it on Android and iOS

3. Thenics


Thenics is a calisthenics fitness app that helps users learn and progress through calisthenics skills. The app features a variety of calisthenics skills, each of which is divided into multiple progressions. These progressions are step-by-step workouts that help users build up to the more difficult variations of each skill. It also offers a variety of pre-made workouts designed to help users achieve their specific fitness goals, such as building muscle, losing weight, or improving their overall fitness.

Features –

  • Skill progressions.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Custom workouts.
  • Workout calendar.

Get it on Android and iOS

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4. Madbarz


Madbarz is a popular mobile fitness app designed for bodyweight and calisthenics training. It provides a platform for users to perform workouts without the need for traditional gym equipment. It offers a wide variety of workout programs and routines that focus on bodyweight exercises. These programs cater to various fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. The app features an extensive library of bodyweight exercises with detailed instructions and videos to help users perform them correctly.

Features –

  • Nutrition Guidance.
  • Personalized Coaching.
  • Progress Analysis.
  • Workout Reminders.

Get it on Android and iOS

5. Calisteniapp


Calisteniapp stands as a robust contender to Madbarz with its extensive exercise library neatly packed into a user-friendly mobile application. Its user interface has been designed with accessibility for both novices and seasoned fitness enthusiasts in mind. The exercises are categorized by skill level, employing a color-coded system where blue represents beginner, orange signifies intermediate, and red designates expert exercises.

Features –

  • Large database of calisthenics exercises.
  • You can create custom calisthenics workouts.
  • Workout tracking system.
  • A variety of pre-made calisthenics workouts.

Get it on Android and iOS

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6. Thenx


It is a fitness application with a primary focus on bodyweight exercises and calisthenics, carefully curated by Chris Heria, a globally renowned calisthenics expert. It provides a wide range of workout routines catering to individuals of varying fitness levels, encompassing fundamental exercises as well as advanced calisthenics techniques. With Thenx, users have the opportunity to explore the full spectrum of calisthenics workouts and their benefits.

Features –

  • Professional Guidance.
  • Thorough exercise regimens.
  • Guides and instructional videos.
  • Progress Monitor.

Get it on Android and iOS

7. Fitbod


Fitbod is a state-of-the-art fitness application that utilizes advanced algorithms to create personalized workout routines. These routines are designed to precisely match your fitness level, objectives, and the equipment you have available. While its offerings extend beyond calisthenics, Fitbod includes a variety of bodyweight exercises that will certainly cater to those passionate about calisthenics.

Features –

  • Customized Exercise Programs.
  • Ample Exercise Collection.
  • Supports integration with other apps.
  • Progress Tracking.

Get it on Android and iOS

8. Calisthenics Mastery

Calisthenics Mastery

Calisthenics Mastery stands as an app solely committed to calisthenics workouts that revolve around the use of body weight. It provides a collection of workout routines and gradual exercises suitable for newcomers and seasoned calisthenics enthusiasts alike. This app serves as an indispensable resource for delving into the realm of calisthenics, making it accessible and engaging for all levels of experience. You have the flexibility to select exercises from a comprehensive list of over 150 options, conveniently organized by both difficulty level and target muscle group.

Features –

  • Extensive Exercise Database.
  • Personalization available.
  • ​Progression Focused.
  • Progress Tracking.

Get it on Android and iOS

9. 8fit


8fit merges the expertise of fitness and nutrition professionals into a single app, serving as both your meal planner and personal trainer. It’s an ideal choice when you seek efficient workouts and a comprehensive dietary plan that goes hand in hand. Within the app’s fitness component, you can explore a diverse selection of workouts, including calisthenics routines.

Features –

  • Supports customization.
  • Meal Organizer.
  • Variety of workout plans.
  • Includes 400+ healthy recipes

Get it on Android and iOS

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10. Seven


Seven stands out as a highly favored exercise app tailored for calisthenics-based training. Aptly named for its seven-minute sweat-inducing sessions, Seven’s true allure lies in its user-friendly approach to calisthenics. With no equipment or prior experience required, it boasts a plethora of competitions and challenges and is complemented by a system of collectible achievements. In addition to adhering to the pre-designed programs, you have the flexibility to craft your own personalized workout routines with mere few taps.

Features –

  • Quick and easy workout routines.
  • Personalized Training.
  • No Equipment Is Required.
  • Community and reward programs.

Get it on Android and iOS

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Final Words on the Best Free Calisthenics Apps for Android and iOS

With these best calisthenics apps at your fingertips, there’s no excuse for not getting in shape. These apps cater to various fitness levels and preferences, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect fit for their calisthenics journey. Whether you’re aiming to build muscle, increase strength, or simply stay active, these apps offer the guidance and motivation you need to achieve your goals. So, take your pick, download your preferred app, and start your calisthenics adventure today.

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