Best Browsers For iPhone 2022

It’s known by one and all that Safari is an inbuilt browser which comes with an iOS and MacOS device. While majority of people usually use the same browser that comes as a default however, some of us   have preferences based on security, privacy, and fast speed. There are dozens of new and old browsers available in the market that not only offer lightweight browser but are also capable of boosting productivity.

Best Browsers For iPhone

In this post, we have hand-picked some of the best browsers for iPhone users that you can use as Safari alternative.

1. Brave Browser

Brave Browser for iphone

Secure your data, enjoy fast and private browsing with Brave Browser. Built by team of privacy focused, performance-oriented developers of the web this browser loads major sites faster than its competitors. Brave Browser using its integrated Ad-blocker, blocks unwanted content and offer rewards to the user to watch ads. In addition to this you can even customize browser’s security and privacy shield settings on basis of the site you visit.

Moreover, this is the only browser that understands how annoying ads can be and why most users use ad blockers. Keeping in mind the initial idea of offering ad-free Internet, Brave Browser offers rewards to user for watching promotional videos and advertisements. This program is known as Brave Ads and it focuses on providing a better platform to both users and advertisers.  Excited! Want to use this browser? Get it from here

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome- best iphone browser

Google is one of the IT giants for browsing anything which strikes your mind. This browser doesn’t need any introduction, as the majority of the population is using it to get an instant and accurate result while browsing. The browser was launched back in the year 2008. Best of all, Chrome is a freeware web browser that you can access on any platform of your choice. Undoubtedly, with these many compatibilities, Google Chrome is one of the biggest competitor and alternative to Safari.

According to StatCounter estimates, Chrome has a 66% worldwide usage share of web browsers as a desktop browser. Google Chrome is the most used browser that has over billions of users every month. It is available in 47 different languages.

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3. Opera Mini

opera- best browser for iphone

Opera Mini is second on our list. A mobile web browser that is developed by the well-known ‘Opera Software AS company’. The browser offers way more features as compared to other browsers such as native BitTorrent support and a ‘Turbo’ mode. As per iPhone users, Opera Mini works effectively to get the result almost with twice the speed than any mobile browser.  In fact, the browser offers ad-blocker and night mode that reduces the brightness.

Opera Mini is developed for Android and iOS. The browser has over 168.8 million users in 2012. It is available in almost 90 different languages.  However, Opera Mini is not popular like Google Chrome and Firefox but it is a gem that has been ignored  when it comes to its capabilities.

4. Firefox

Firefox- best iphone browser 2018

Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation. The browser is known for its flexibility and support for extensions. Firefox has recently released its new and major update (dubbed Quantum) in last 13 years that means the browser is not ready to settle down in the dark which is quite impressive.

The browser is available in 90 different languages including English. Moreover, Firefox comes with tons of amazing features like an incognito mode that doesn’t store any cookies to track down our browsing history.   There are a lot of other features available that you can avail as a Firefox user such as desktop syncing feature, plugin support, and integrated support with Pocket.

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5. Dolphin Browser

dolphin- best browser iphone

It is another freeware and mobile browser for the Android and iOS operating systems. The browser comes with advanced features like you can tell the browser where you want to go just by tapping a finger speed-dial button.  Dolphin lets you access multiple tabs for your multitasking.

Undauntedly, Dolphin Browser is one of the Safari alternatives that you can enjoy on Android and iOS platform. This browser is one of the first alternative browsers that supports multi-touch gestures for the Android platform.

6. Maxthon

Maxthon- best browser for iphone

Maxthon is one of the best iPhone browsers that an iPhone user can use as alternatives to Safari. The browser is developed by the China-based company known as Maxthon Ltd. Like other browsers, it also offers benefits for its users such as it enhances the speed of the internet connection for quick results. Moreover, the browser supports two different browser engines Trident and WebKit.

Maxthon is a multilingual browser that supports 53 languages. You can have the browser on almost all the platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

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7. Torch Browser

Torch Browser- best browser for iphone

Torch browser is another one of the best iPhone browsers. It is a commercial freeware browser that people can rely on for browsing. It is trusted by over millions of users for performing their daily searches on the internet. It is a Chromium-based web browser that is developed by Torch Media. Moreover, Torch Browser comes with an inbuilt Torrent Manager for make downloading a breeze with Torch Torrent, which is super-fast and easy to use.

The browser is capable of handling basic and well-known internet-related tasks, for example, sharing websites via social networks, displaying websites, downloading torrents, enhancing the downloading speed, etc.

So, this is the list of the best browsers for iPhone users which are capable of providing much more than Safari. Choose the one that suits your needs and provides you maximum benefits and capabilities.

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