7 Best Auto Clickers for Mac in 2023

There are certain jobs that require you to perform repetitive tasks. For example, if you are into data entry or software development or play point and click games, you probably spend a lot of time clicking your mouse. Such repetitive motions such as scrolling, mouse clicking mixed with varied grip styles can even lead to health issues such as Psiformitis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Thankfully, there are some great auto clickers for macOS that can help automate mouse clicks.

Here we have enlisted some of the best auto clickers for Mac. But, before we have a look at some of the best tools lets get an overview first –

What Is Auto Clicking? How Can An Auto Clicker for Mac Be Helpful?

Before we dive into the list of some of the best free and paid auto clickers for macOS, let’s quickly understand what “Auto Clicking” is and how an auto clicker application can be beneficial for you.

A good auto clicker for Mac mostly eliminates the need of touching your mouse. You can customize the number of mouse clicks in a specific time interval. Here are some instances, when an auto clicker for macOS can be helpful –

  • Since an auto clicker application for Mac is capable of performing repetitive tasks, it frees you of wrist pain and other ailments like Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Use it in certain games. Though, we recommend that you don’t do this frequently because many games have Anti-cheat systems in place and they can detect clicks from auto-click utilities.
  • Prevent inactivity on Mac by keeping mouse-click active and prevent auto-locking.
  • You can use a paid or free auto clicker application for Mac to ease your tasks. For instance, if you are constantly required to right-click or left-click.

Best Free and Paid Auto Clickers for macOS

Here are some of the best auto clickers for MacBook.

1. Auto Clicker by Mfor Mac

Pricing: Free trial. $6.54/ 6 months/ 1 Mac

Auto Clicker by Mfor Mac

It is an easy and free auto mouse clicker that can help you automate left or right mouse button clicking. The developer “MurGaa” is a maker of various Mac Auto Clicker utilities.  The auto clicker for Mac offers several ways with which you can start and stop the auto-clicking of your mouse cursor. It has a simple interface where you can optimize mouse usage as per your convenience and requirements.

Notable Features:

  • Configure automatic mouse clicks.
  • Choose the number of clicks after which Auto Clicker will be stopped.
  • Choose actions for left or right click.
  • Enable and disable the clicking sound.
  • Set the maximum number of clicks that shut down or ban you if you exceed the click limit.

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2. GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker

If you spend long hours clicking your mouse and are dealing with wrist pain or want to give your fingers some rest, you can use an application like GS Auto Clicker which is a free auto clicker for Mac. It requires you to press one specific HotKey and that’s it, the rest will be done by the application itself. It comes with several useful features, some of which are mentioned below.

Notable Features:

  • Record sequences of clicks on different screen parts.
  • Opt between the right or left-mouse click that you want to use repeatedly.
  • Set click intervals in hours, minutes, seconds or even milliseconds.
  • You can set it to continue to infinity ti;l you stop it or use it for a certain period of time.
  • Test click speed.

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3. iMouseTrick


iMouseTrick is a free and easy to use auto-clicking tool that can help accelerate your clicking process and automate your mouse clicking process. It helps automate your left or right-mouse clicking process by offering you various settings to do the same. Once you have assigned the settings the mouse clicks will appear accordingly.

Notable Features:

  • Set numbers of clicks (1-100)
  • Choose time between clicks.
  • Auto-click on any of the tabs or Windows.
  • Select countdown before the auto clicker starts.
  • Hide iMouseTrick when it is running.

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4. Fast Clicker

Pricing: Free trial. $6.54 for 6 months/ Mac

Fast Clicker

This is a lightweight auto clicker for Mac that can help you click at any location on your Mac screen. You can configure/ initiate the start and stop time on the click of a hotkey. You can even configure it in a way that it simulates the left-mouse click regardless of where the cursor is present. The best part about the interface is that since it is small, you can move it anywhere on your Mac screen.

Notable Features:

  • Choose a random time delay between clicks.
  • You can also perform automated fast clicking in a random screen location.
  • Set interval range between clicks.
  • Configure keyboard shortcuts.
  • Low system resource consumption.

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5. 1Clicker


Another safe and free auto clicker for macOS that can provoke clickers to repeat pre-recorded information is 1Clicker. It is capable of imitating both the left and right clicks thereby giving your hands some rest and freeing it from repeatable, tiresome and time-consuming tasks. It also ensures that mouse clicks are performed with accuracy.

Notable Features:

  • Option to select click type – single, double or even triple.
  • Set desired time between clicks in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.
  • Select the specific area on the screen where you want the application to perform a click.
  • Functionality to record clicks for future.
  • Multi threading technology that automatically clicks the mouse at high speed.

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 6. Auto Clicker for Mac by Autoclicker.io

Pricing – Free trial for 3 days. Then $19.49/ year


Looking for a good auto clicker for your macOS? Auto Clicker by Autoclicker.io is an option you can consider. It is especially suited for gamers who love playing games like Roblox and Cookie clicker. You can easily automate your left, middle and right clicks with just a tap. It also comes with a window overlay functionality.

Notable Features:

  • Hotkeys work even when the app’s working in the background.
  • Record and playback option.
  • Choose the cursor position.
  • Switch between dark and light modes based on the theme of your MacBook.
  • Unlimited clicking; set time interval to milliseconds. Dominate in incremental games like Roblox.

Got too addicted to Roblox? Want to get back your focus? You can uninstall it for a while and here are ways to do that.

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 7. Mac Auto Clicker

Mac Auto Clicker

Last on our list of best mouse automation software is Mac Auto Clicker. You can use this program to click at your desired mouse cursor location any number of times. The only reason we have placed it as a last option is because some Mac users have reported that they noticed occasional crashes.

Notable Features:

  • Set a time interval before and between clicks.
  • Select operation for left, right or double-click.
  • Choose when to start and stop clicking.
  • Auto stop functionality – measured in seconds or the number of times a mouse is clicked.
  • Keep a track of click count times.

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Give Your Hand Rest With Best Auto Clickers for Mac

Using an auto clicker on a Mac can help automate repetitive tasks such as recurring data entry or data extraction tasks. Also, such tools can be helpful for those who have limited mobility  and dexterity. Give these tools a try and let us know if you found this post helpful. We’d also urge you to share this list with a friend who might be in need of such tools. For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek. You can also find us on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

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