Benefits of Using Exif Editor on Windows 11/10 PC

Every image you capture using a camera, be it your smartphone’s camera or DSLR, contains a lot of information that, if exposed, can be dangerous. You might be wondering how? EXIF data or the information recorded in an image can expose details such as camera make and model, date and time at which the photo was taken, GPS coordinates (geotagging), and so much more. In today’s day and age, where copyright issues are rampant or where, for instance, miscreants can stalk you if they can grasp the location details of an image, it is a wise move to stripe off the EXIF data from images much before you share it or upload it on the world wide web.

Read the last two-three lines of the last paragraph again. Consider that you are an avid photographer who snaps hundreds if not thousands of photos. How would you remove important metadata from these many images? Here you can take the help of a dedicated third-party EXIF editor on your Windows PC. Let’s try and understand the benefits of an EXIF editing tool using Photos Exif Editor, which is one of the best EXIF editors for Windows –

Benefits of Using Exif Editor On Windows 11/10

1. User-Friendly Interface

Knowing that if you have embarked on a journey to wipe off EXIF data from hundreds and thousands of images, you wouldn’t want an EXIF editing utility swarmed with intricate functionality. Photos Exif Editor for Windows has a very streamlined user interface. Every operation can be performed with utmost ease, from adding folders or images to editing metadata info.

2. Your Social Media Presence Becomes Even More Secure

Some time back, John McAfee, the founder of MacAfee Corp., was arrested based on his image, whose EXIF data revealed the GPS latitude and longitude. Why he was arrested is a different story. The takeaway here is that, just as in the case of John McAfee, EXIF data can sometimes threaten your privacy, especially if there are stalkers who have keen eyes on your life. Therefore, you should screen through such data and stripe it off using software like Photos Exif Editor before posting it on social media platforms.

3. Batch Processing Capabilities

Since you are processing hundreds of images at once, you need EXIF editing software that can help you with this task. Using Photos Exif Editor, you can edit a batch of photos. Here you can edit the EXIF, IPTC, or XMP data of multiple images at once, set predefined preset to expedite the editing process and do much more.

4. Add or Remove Copyright Information

If you are a photography enthusiast, you probably like understanding the techniques the best in the business use to deliver impeccable photographs? You can analyze their work and incorporate their practices to better your craft and deliver spectacular images.


However, learning is one thing, and stealing someone’s hard work and publishing in one’s name is another. Here at the outset, we’d like to say that we discourage any kind of copyright infringement. With the help of EXIF editor for Windows, you can add or remove copyright information, as shown in the screenshot below.


5. Feature Richness

We said in the beginning that an EXIF editing software for Windows lets you batch edit many photos all at once, but how? In other words, when installing a utility like Photos Exif Editor, what features can you expect? Let’s have a look at some of the best features of an EXIF editor software for Windows –

1. Edit All Kinds of Metadata

From a photographer’s point of view, you don’t just get to edit the EXIF data but even IPTC and XMP data.


2. Various Editing Options To Edit Metadata

You can add or remove metadata from the selected images based on your preference. With Photos Exif Editor, for instance, you can –

  • Only Modify Edited Fields and Keep Others As It Is
  • Modify Edited Fields and Clear Others
  • Clean Metadata Info


Intrigued by this excellent tool? Here is an in-depth review of Photos Exif Editor.

3. Restore Previous Edits

Maybe after you have made changes to the metadata of the images, you might want to restore those changes, and a utility like Photos Exif Editor for Windows lets you do that since it creates a one-time backup of an image’s original information. All you have to do is click on the Restore Exif Info, as shown in the screenshot below.


How To Use Photos Exif Editor On Windows 11/10?

  1. Download, run and install Photos Exif Editor.
  2. Add photos or folders or drag and drop them to get started.
  3. Add or remove photos to view or edit the EXIF information.activate
  4. View EXIF, IPC Data, and XMP data.gps-data
  5. You can add your EXIF presets and then speed up batch photo processing.cancel
  6. Apply EXIF changes to your selected images by clicking on the Start Process button from the bottom right corner of the screen.


What is the Difference Between The Free Version and The Paid Version

With the free variant of Photos Exif Editor, you can edit EXIF data of 15 images. In contrast, with the paid variant, you get many benefits like the ones mentioned in the screenshot below. The paid variant is priced at $29.95.


Wrapping Up

An EXIF editor for Windows is that mindful step where you can review your memories and your hard work from falling in danger. Please let us know in the comments section below if you second our thought. For more such updates, keep reading WeTheGeek.

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