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Rimzhim Sharma is a content writer at WeTheGeek. An engineer by qualification, she discovered her penchant for writing all things tech and cool, quite by chance. Loves to write how-to articles and tips/hacks on Windows and Mac. Alongside, she also has a keen interest in exploring newest technology trends and gadgets. An existential hodophile by nature, when not writing, Rimzhim is likely to be found reading, babbling with friends, exploring music, or simply digging into her favorite foods.

Author: Rimzhim Sharma

For Mac, How-To - 2021-09-29

How to Use the Terminal Command-Line in macOS

Just how we have the Command Prompt application on Windows, macOS has a Terminal that we can use for executing commands or to make changes in the OS. The terminal is a macOS dedicated Command-Line application that you can use for making changes in system settings, open files or apps, or accomplishing tasks. Developed by…

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For iPhone, How-To - 2021-09-28

iPhone Storage Full? How to free up space on iPhone

iPhone storage full? Wondering how to clear storage on iPhone? We’ve got you covered! You can easily free up space on your device by following a few workarounds. Thanks to Apple’s advanced technology, our iOS devices come equipped with a high-resolution camera that makes clicking pictures our all-time favorite hobby. So, even if you own…

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For Mac, How-To - 2021-09-25

How Long Does a MacBook Pro Last

Ever thought about how long a MacBook Pro lasts? Well, if weighed on various factors, MacBooks tend to last longer than PCs without a doubt. They outperform other devices in the range especially in the terms of speed, performance, and reliability. On average, a MacBook is expected to last for more than 7-9 years if…

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For Mac, How-To - 2021-09-24

How to Completely Uninstall MySQL on Mac

Thinking about how to uninstall MySQL on Mac? Well, it’s not as simple as you think. Dragging the MySQL icon to the trash bin just won’t do the job as you might also have to remove the associated files, database, and other configurations. In this post, we have summarized a step-by-step guide that you can…

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For iPhone, How-To - 2021-09-23

How to Blur Background in your iPhone Photos

Someone has quoted it right, Photography is that beautiful “Story” that you fail to put into words. Well, photography is the first love of many individuals. Isn’t it? Some of us pursue it as a career and for most of us, it is like a hobby that we can’t resist. Thanks to the smartphone revolution…

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For iPhone, How-To - 2021-09-21

How to Take Long Exposure Photos on iPhone

If you’re constantly giving a thought on how to take long exposure photos on an iPhone, we’re here to offer some rest to your perplexed state of mind. The long exposure technique is quite fascinating! It allows photographers to focus on the stationary elements of the frame via adjusting the shutter speeds of the camera….

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The Firefox logo isn’t a fox

It is a common misbelief that the furry creature in the Firefox logo is a fox thanks to its name. But it is rather a Red Panda.