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Dheeraj Manghnani

Dheeraj Manghnani likes to read and write about latest technological developments that make life simpler in today's intricate world. He has been fascinated by technology since he got his first computer and is on a never ending quest to know more and share his knowledge with others.

How to fix “No Internet Secured” Error On Windows 10?

Life without the Internet is impossible and even though we have unlimited high-speed Internet, there are times we encounter errors on devices we use. And cause our day to come to a standstill. One such error that occurs when connected to Wi...


How to Change your IP Address in Windows 10

Changing the Internet Protocol Address of your computer is an easy task. Though the technical jargons used may sound scary, the process is quite simple as it involves opening the right settings window and punching in a bunch of numbers, rep...


What is Windows 10 Kiosk Mode & How To Setup it in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has quite a few amazing features, most of which are overrated. However, this is one underrated feature available by default on your Windows 10 operating system, which is not very popular. That feature is the Kiosk M...


Top 5 Best Subtitle Download Websites in 2023

Subtitles in a movie display the dialogues in a written format in the exact scene when it is spoken. They are available in different languages and sometimes are very necessary to enjoy a movie or a TV show. There are a lot of websites that ...


[Solved] How to Fix ChromeOS is Missing or Damaged Error

When it comes to Operating System and Applications, Chromebook is lightweight as compared to Windows and macOS. But every Operating System has its own share of errors and issues and does Google’s Chrome OS. The worst error you can receive...


What Is Juice Jacking And How Can We Prevent It?

What is Juice Jacking? Juice refers to the charge of your mobile devices like smartphones, Tablet or Laptop and Jacking means to take something without permission or to steal. However, Juice Jacking is not stealing the charge of your mobil...


How to Show Multiple Clocks on the Taskbar in Windows 11/10

There are different time zones across the world with four of them in the United States namely, Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern. It is difficult to remember the time difference between them and to calculate what time is it elsewhere ...


10 Technologies That Can Create Future Disruption

Change is inevitable, and so is old technology being replaced by a newer, better and cheaper one. This process of displacing an established technology and replacing it with another one is called Disruption. And the new innovative idea is re...


How to Permanently and Securely Delete a Files & Directory in Linux

In the Linux operating system, a deleted file finds its way into the Trash. When the Trash is emptied, the file is deleted from the system. However, with the increasing demand for recovery software, the files deleted from the Trash can be r...