How To Remove Unwanted Apps And Redundant Files From Your Computer?

Storage has become one of the most important issues after most of your files have turned digital. This includes your photos, documents, books, videos, audio, and much more. While digital files can be stored in a much less physical space as compared to their physical counterparts, the truth is most of us are finding it difficult to store all these files, and more or less everyone seems to run out of storage space.

There are many ways to resolve your reduced storage space issue:


  • Buy a new External Disk.
  • Transfer less used files on external storage devices like DVDs Flash Disks.
  • Scan and remove duplicates files from your hard drive.
  • Remove unwanted apps and redundant files.
  • Remove junk files, cache, and temporary files.

If you know of any more ways to resolve the not enough storage space issue, then drop in a note in the comments section below. In this article, I would focus on removing Unwanted Apps and Redundant Files from your computer.

How To Remove Unwanted Apps And Redundant Files From Your Computer?

Redundant files are those files that are no longer needed and had been downloaded on your system for quite some time. Unwanted apps are those apps that had been installed in your system some time ago, and you have completely forgotten about them as you no longer use them. To remove unwanted apps from Windows 10 PC, you can do it in two ways:

Option 1: Remove Unwanted Apps Manually

To uninstall any app in your Windows 10 OS, you can use Microsoft’s utility by following these steps.

Step 1: Open the RUN box by pressing Windows + R keys on your keyboard.

Step 2: In the RUN box type, “appwiz.cpl” and press the Enter key.

Step 3: A new window will open displaying the list of all the programs installed in your system. Choose the program you wish to remove and click on the Uninstall button on the top.

programs and features

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions, and the program will be uninstalled from your system.

Note: There is no systematic way of removing redundant files from your computer. All you can do is manually navigate to the folders and check each file. There is no process defined, and it is not possible as well.

Option 2: Remove Redundant Files & Unwanted Apps With Advanced PC Cleanup


The alternate to the manual method of removing redundant files and unwanted apps is to use a third-party app known as Advanced PC Cleanup. This multi-functional app can scan your computer within minutes and display a list of redundant files on your computer and initiate a complete uninstall of any unwanted app on your PC. Follow these steps to achieve this:

Step 1: Download and Install Advanced PC Cleanup on your PC by click on the following link.

Step 2: Open the application and click on the Uninstall Apps tab on the left panel.

Step 3: A list of installed apps will be displayed to remove the unnecessary apps by clicking on the trash can icon.

APC apps

Note: Advanced PC Cleanup facilitates a complete uninstall of the app, including the folders and files. This does not happen when you use the Windows 10 inbuilt utility as it always leaves certain traces behind.

Step 4: Next, click on the OLD Downloads tab in the left panel, and this application will scan your system and display old files download on your system. Select all the files you do not need and click on the Clean Now button to remove them.

clean now

Step 5: Click on the Hamburger menu on the upper left corner and then click on Settings. Next, Click on Scan Area and then on Old Downloads. You can change the scan criteria from here.

Other Important Features Of Advance PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup can perform many other PC optimization tasks other than just removing unwanted apps and redundant files. Some of these features include:

One-Click Care: This completes all the PC optimization tasks with a single mouse click.

Junk Cleaner: This feature lets users scan their PC for junk files and delete them.

Temporary Files: Like the above feature, this option lets the user identify and delete the temp files that are no longer needed.

Registry Cleaner:  Advanced PC Cleanup tool also fixes registry issues by removing invalid registry entries.

registry issues

Startup Manager: This app also helps the users remove startup items that slow down the computer’s reboot process.

Malware Protection: Advanced PC Cleanup also acts as an antimalware removing malicious files from your computer.

Identity Traces: Your PC is full of stored personal information collected by browsers and other trackers on your system. This application helps the users remove all the identity traces.

The Final Word On How To Remove Unwanted Apps And Redundant Files From Your Computer?

Advanced PC Cleanup tool is truly a fantastic utility that is recommended by experts. It can perform a complete PC optimization process with many features. One of the most notable features is the antimalware feature that helps keep our PC safe without installing any other software in this regard.

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