Top 7 Attendance Management Software To Set Up In 2023

As an employer, you want to save your time and money and wish that your employees are running on an output-based work. But to keep an eye on the same, you need to know his/her attendance management. Now its manual task is quite tedious, especially when the company has several employees.

But do not worry, we will be helping you with some of the best attendance management software so that you can automate the whole system and prevent time theft, low productivity and loss of overall money being input.

So here we are with attendance management software:

  1. Zoho People
  2. Timecamp
  3. Time Doctor
  4. TrackerPal
  5. Jibble
  6. Cake HR
  7. Timeforge

7 Best Attendance Management Software To Set Up In 2023

 1. Zoho People

If you automate the whole process with your connecting people, Zoho People is the right choice with the best attendance management system. This web-based system is loaded with powerful features along with time tracking, onboarding, and overall centralizing the whole data securely.

Zoho People

Special Features:

  • Services like leave, attendance, training, performance, transport services, etc. can be easily tracked using the attendance system software.
  • It can check the strengths and weaknesses of the employees while bridging the gap between the two ends.
  • Eliminates the errors that can occur due to manual entries. You can also customize the leave types, schedule jobs, and create timesheets easily.
  • Try the free version which is limited to 5 users only with 250 MB storage and email support.

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2. Timecamp

This attendance management software offers a platform to record time and then allocating user-defined categories, including tasks and projects. Your team will actually be tracked, and its project assessment will be seen smartly.


Special Features:

  • You can integrate your favorite applications and forget the manual logging done earlier.
  • Track your employees’ vacations, holidays, work leaves, etc. for smart management.
  • Invoices are prepared automatically and can be customized for either task as well. A smart attendance software indeed.

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3. Time Doctor

As you reach their website, they ask if you are want to manage your employees, do you want to save their time and finally if you want a demo? They know what is required! Now you can see for how long your employees were on break, monitor what they are chatting with each other, and even take screenshots to track their activity.

Time Doctor

Special Features:

  • The additional mobile app helps in GPS tracking of the employees.
  • You can take regular camera shots when they are working on their computer system.
  • Time Doctor can integrate with other project management tools.

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4. TrackerPal

The time and attendance software is one single platform for tracking, reporting, and work automation by giving real insight into the agents. One can view the reports, analyze the performance, identify the trends and manage the whole business using these reports.


Special Features:

  • TrackerPal is capable of tracking location, distance, and speed through the mobile application at one end whereas capturing the proper Punch In and Punch-Out time for salary calculation.
  • It is easy to find travel reimbursements by using this biometric attendance management system.
  • The in-built messaging platform allows interaction with various field teams easily.

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5. Jibble

Jibble is one such powerful attendance management program that lets you track your employees’ productivity level from phone or tablet. In case you are not present in the office, you know where to look. In fact, no one can cheat this system when photos and facial recognition ensure the correct output.


  • Get daily, weekly and monthly timesheets of employees that generates automatically for detailed information.
  • Track activities, time spent with clients, collaborate with other members and even find out staff’s geolocation.
  • Policies lie in your hand only, and you can decide the viewers of your data.

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6. CakeHR


Another attendance management software for your disposal which lets you forget about spreadsheets or paper forms. It can handle requests and approvals digitally with smart customized policies tagging along. The shared calendar keeps everyone in the loop to schedule the meetings, manage the projects, and resource planning.

Special Features:

  • Even every employee can access their accounts to find balance, request time-off, and important company information.
  • Get detailed reporting to find the individual progress sheet.

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 7. Timeforge

Who doesn’t want an attendance management software that is easy to maintain at less price? Yes, Timeforge gives you the opportunity. The online-based system provides solution away from manual attendance of the employees. Where you can track overtime at one end, it is a matter of seconds to find leave and absence as well.


Special Features:

  • Ensure that employees are being paid on time using payroll management.
  • Using this leave and attendance management system, you can check the fingerprint algorithm, enforce schedules, manage labors easily, etc.

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Well, we are sure you will be able to manage your employees’ productivity without losing a penny using these top attendance management software. Find out the detailed features of each and you will be able to know which one has to be downloaded.

With that, let us know your feedback and views on the same point in the comment section below. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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