These Employee Management Software Are Foremost Choice For Work-Supervision

Any business that is on its highest productive level is surely credited to its hard-working employees. But once you go deep into the system, this business usually pertains an efficient employee monitoring software at its back as well. These software are in fact, essential to track the time schedules of employees, applications used on their system, what kind of websites are being visited and even takes care of social media usage through the computer system.

As per Udemy Workplace Distraction Report, there are about 54% of employees not exploring their potential, 20% of them are not able to advance in their careers, etc. Along with this, the report also describes various reasons why employees are being distracted from their assigned tasks. This has definitely become an eye-opener towards another office culture.

Udemy Research

Yes, no employer can keep an eye on your employees’ desktop every time physically and it is not even ethical to invade the work desk privacy. So, it is best to load up employees’ systems with these free employee monitoring software that works according to your requirements, find the grounds of low work rate and ultimately move towards increasing the productivity level for business benefits.

Which Are The Best Employee Management Software?

1. Hubstaff


Perfect for even remote employee monitoring, Hubstaff is capable of viewing the location of employees using smart GPS trackers, their computer activities, and the amount of time spent working. Plus a series of snapshots that this tool sends randomly to the employer also helps in seeing the work progress!

Its major features include employee monitoring by URL and application tracking, automate the payments in a snap, form accurate timesheets, and even helps in building the projects according to the budget limits. If your staff is traveling and working off-site, this could be the best employee monitoring software.

Free, Basic, Premium & Enterprise payment plans offer limited to a variety of features that employers can select as per the company’s requirements.

Begin Employee Monitoring with Hubstaff!

2. Deputy


Very much simple to use and throws away the system of regular paperwork, Deputy can schedule the whole staff in a matter of a few minutes, helps in simplifying the timesheets and ultimately connects with the whole team. Any kind of business, be it hospitality, retail, healthcare or customer services, this is the best employee monitoring software for businesses. How?

Well, it can help in maintaining the allotted team through multi-department automatic or manual scheduling which also sends SMS, emails or push notifications to every concerned party. Moreover, a mobile, web or app, anything can be used to stay connected via Deputy. Leave management, task assigning and swapping of shifts can all be logged and managed using it.

Begin Monitoring Your Employees with Deputy!

3. Interguard


Along with a goal to achieve employee management, Interguard even guards your data while measuring idle or productive time, gives freedom to work from home by supporting remote employee monitoring and forms a final data chart in a productive manner.

In fact, the employer also gets alerts when non-work keywords are typed on the browser. Cool, right? Moreover, if unproductive websites are opened frequently and the user is not acting straight according to the behavior, your course of action will be decided with the help of Interguard.

When much concerned how much it is costing your when employees are stealing time away, an ROI calculator is present to find the overall impact on the business.

Begin Monitoring Your Employees with Interguard!

4. Monitask


Monitask is an absolutely amazing employee monitoring software that manages all the employees, whether in-house or settled remotely, through its advanced striking features. Time logging, reporting to the head and tracking the application’s usage bring a brighter picture in front of the employer so he can judge the efficiency of its workers properly.

It also takes random screenshots to notify the employer of what a user is up to. In fact, one can also notice mouse and keyboard activity which in-all finally helps in generating billing accuracy. Integrating Monistask with other well-known communication apps like Slack, Freshbooks, etc is a matter of blinking the eyes. Isn’t that perfect and easy solution for most of the employers?

Begin Monitoring Your Employees with Monitask!

5. FlexiServer


Business managers, departmental HR, and managers can easily track what their employees are doing using Flexiserver. Now you may also want to call it perfect for remote employee monitoring as well and interestingly, perfect to track freelancers and other remote professionals.

Running in the background of your computer, this free employee monitoring software logs attendance and form the payroll in accordance. FlexiServer can also take care of alerting the employer if unwanted downloads are being taken place or unuseful links are being worked upon. In short, FlexiServer is a one-stop solution for managing the productive hours of your employees.

Begin Monitoring Your Employees with Flexiserver!.

Eyeing For The Best!

Though many employees feel like this being an invasion of work privacy, an employee monitoring software has become essential now. Downloading the best business monitoring software keeps reflecting the status of business growth to the owner looking at which he or she can decide the company’s next step.

Yes, efficient employees are key to the growth of the company’s success and managing their stage of productivity is the core that directly reaches the manager or owner, be it on-site or off-site report.

We would also like to know what you think about these employee monitoring software and your suggestions upon the same. Along with this, keep following us on Facebook and Twitter.


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    very nice blog Yes, efficient employees are key to the growth of the company’s success and managing their stage of productivity is the core that directly reaches the manager or owner, be it on-site or off-site report.

    5 years ago
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    A really interesting read. It’s true, monitoring does influence employees. We’ve chosen Kickidler, and once we’ve downloaded it and notified the employees, the quality of their performance has improved so much.

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      Akanksha Soni
      Hey Alex! Glad you liked the blog,

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