What’s Better: Smartphone Apps Or GPS Devices?

This is the era of technology that not only helps you build your career but also help you find the way to any destination. With the blessings of technology, GPS is there to never let you get lost anywhere. Also, you’re powered enough to make your own way without asking people around you. Well, it’s another benefit for introverts who feel uncomfortable in asking for directions, which they hardly understand.

Well, GPS may be there to have your back when it comes to navigation. But one of the hardest decision is to go for either a dedicated GPS device or just the usual GPS enabled smartphone app. To clear this dilemma, we are going to jot down a few differences to help you make a decision on whether to go for a smartphone app or GPS device.

Smartphone Apps Or GPS Devices

Why would you need a smartphone app?

Now that you’ve got almost everything on your Smartphone, GPS is one of those benefits. It is one of those technologies that helps you finding your ways on your own. Another great thing about a smartphone-based GPS app is that you don’t have to pay a hefty amount to get this feature.

Why would you need a smartphone app
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You may consider smartphone apps convenient, but it is important to know that are processor intensive that results in device heat up and draining of battery power. Also, you may not want to put much of your trust into smartphone-based GPS apps as they may malfunction while being out of range. It may become even worse if you’re on a sports trip in mountains or in woods. So, it is important that you decide carefully whether to go for a smartphone app or GPS device.


What’s there in GPS device?

It is understood that a device made specifically to its area of specifications would work better. The same goes for a dedicated GPS device. However, a GPS device is as same as a normal smartphone and carrying both of them together may be a little pain for you.

According to Magellan and Garmin, the leading GPS manufacturers, understand the need to evolve to keep themselves in business. To do that, they are focusing on improving all the pitfalls that occur upon using an Android or an iPhone as a GPS device. One of the examples is the 3D graphics and turn by turn direction assistance.

What’s there in GPS device
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There are now some GPS devices that also work as dash cams. These devices take pictures and also warn about the future collision that may occur due to any negligence. Also, these dedicated GPS devices have zero affect over their accuracy due to any external factor. So, if you’re planning to ride off-road, it’s better to have an expert by your side.

Taking everything into account, every device has its own benefit, which makes it hard to take a decision on going for a smartphone app or GPS device. However, it also depends on the level of service that you’re seeking. If you’re looking for something that has the ability to guide you through all the possible technology, you’ve got various dedicated GPS devices. On the other hand, if you’re not comfortable maintaining two different devices together, you may want to stick to your smartphone app, which works fine. If you wish to share some tips and tricks related to GPS, do let us know in the comments below.

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