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Cyber Security, How-To - 2021-04-19

How To Uninstall Ads

TORRENT9.SO is a harmful online threat that usually infiltrates your computer while being downloaded in a bundle with popular hacked programs. The adware displays useless pop-up ads on every potential web page you visit. Additionally, it advertises itself as a legitimate Torrents Extension that helps to download torrent files easily. Although this seems like a…

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Driver Guide, How-To, PC Optimization - 2021-04-18

How to Easily Fix Apc_Index_Mismatch BSOD

Are you facing the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) error: Apc_Index_Mismatch when printing from Windows 10? Here’s how to fix the Apc_Index_Mismatch error. What is Apc_Index_Mismatch Issue? Windows 10’s cumulative updates rolled out in March are causing severe problems for some users. Reported lately, after updating Windows users have started encountering Apc_Index_Mismatch Windows 10, error. This…

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Driver Guide, How-To - 2021-04-18

How to Download & Install XP-Pen Drivers In Windows 10

Have an XP-Pen device but unable to use it? Here’s how to download and install XP-Pen drivers. When it comes to e-learning, designing, graphics, etc everyone wants to enjoy it. This is where the XP-Pen graphics display or tablet comes in. A budget-friendly option that brings both traditional and new methods into one place. Using…

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