All About Lockdown Mode – Apple’s Powerful Defense Against Advanced Spyware

Apple’s New Lockdown Lays Down A Defensive Data Barrier To Ward Off Spyware. But, How Significant Is This Feature For You? And, What is it All About? Let’s Find Out 

Apple’s Lockdown Mode – At A Glance

What is It?

Lockdown Mode is a feature to ward off advanced hacking and targeted mercenary spyware such as NSO Group’s Pegasus. When activated it raises security to the highest level by restricting some OS features, apps, and web. It does this to prevent users from even the most sophisticated and rarest attacks. 

Why is it Needed?

As per Apple attacks like Pegasus have been identified on people from over 150 countries. In the near future, these threats might not just be restricted to small groups of targeted individuals such as politicians, lawyers, journalists, etc.  

When and Where Will Lockdown Mode Be Released?

Lockdown mode will be released later this year on iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and Macs running macOS Ventura. The feature is enabled in the third beta version of iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura. 

Interesting Fact

Apple has announced bounties of up to $2 million for those who find security holes in the Lockdown feature. 

Apple’s soon going to release probably one of the most powerful iPhone security settings – The Lockdown Mode. Although intended for a small number of people including journalists, politicians, lawyers, etc who have large amounts of valuable data, it still can benefit normal users. Why/ Why not? Let’s dive deeper and understand what Apple’s Lockdown Mode is all about.

What is Apple Lockdown Mode?

Apple’s Lockdown Mode is an opt-in feature that offers an extreme level of security. It is designed to disable features that though helpful can make you vulnerable to potential attacks.  Once enabled on an iPhone, Mac, or iPad, it will limit a device’s functionality in an effort to harden defenses and reduce vulnerability against any potential exploits. 

What Will Happen When You Will Turn It on?

Apple's New Lockdown Mode for iPhone Fights Hacking

In the wake of thwarting spyware, once activated, Apple’s Lockdown will lay down the restrictions such as the ones mentioned below – 

  • Block major attachment types in messages other than images
  • Turn off link previews 
  • Block potentially hackable complex web browsing technologies such as just-in-time JavaScript compilation
  • Block incoming FaceTime calls from those contacts who have not called you previously
  • Turning off some fonts
  • Wired connections with other accessories or devices will be blocked if the Apple device is locked

Lockdown Mode is Available In Beta Version

Although the feature will be made available somewhere in the fall this year, users who have beta version can check it out. For instance, we tested out the feature on an iPhone running iOS 16.0 (20A5312g), as can be seen from the screenshot below – 

Apple’s Lockdown Mode

When and Why Should You Use Lockdown Mode?

How To Turn On Lockdown Mode On iPhone, iPad, or Mac? 

Lockdown Mode is an optional level of security. This means it won’t be turned on by default. Here is how you can turn on Apple’s Lockdown Mode – 

1. Open Settings

Apple's new Lockdown Mode puts a defensive data barrier around your devices

2. Go to Privacy and Security

Apple's new Lockdown Mode puts a defensive data barrier around your devices

3. Select Lockdown Mode 

Apple’s Lockdown Mode

4. Now, tap on Turn On Lockdown Mode

Apple's New Lockdown Mode for iPhone Fights Hacking

Your device will restart to enable Lockdown Mode. 

Wrapping Up

Various global media groups have testified that spyware is used to snoop on journalists, politicians, lawyers, and other cover professionals. And, with an increased number of spyware attacks across the globe, even an average user is not very far from being attacked. Hence, the Lockdown Mode might just be the ultimate protection iOS users are looking for. What’s your take on Apple’s Lockdown Mode? Do let us know in the comments section below. For more such updates, keep reading WeTheGeek.

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