All You Need to Know About Facebook Tracking Pixels and Shadow Profiles

If you are surfing online, then your online activities like purchases, website navigation, mouse clicks, etc are being tracked. There are many ways on how this is being done other than cookies and cache. Facebook has its innovative ways of tracking people and recording information on their browsing activities. The Facebook Tracking Pixels and Shadow Profiles are two such tools among many others that capture identity traces of users and process the information for improving the user’s experience.

What Are Facebook Tracking Pixels?

Facebook Tracking Pixels

A Facebook tracking pixel is a piece of program that allows businesses to track traffic, track customer actions, and create audiences. It’s an analytical tool that looks at how Facebook adverts interact with users. Cookies are placed by the pixel to track users. It can assist businesses in determining how effective their ads are and tracking conversion rates by allowing them to monitor what users do when they see them. It also helps to find new clients by focusing on the appropriate people, either those who have viewed a given website or those who have interacted with a page and taken a specific action.

If you own a business and want to use the Facebook pixel, you’ll need to build up a website for it so you can insert the code. This is what companies put on their websites to track activities that they consider significant to track, such as purchases. Facebook’s marketing is so successful because it considers all of its users.

What Are Facebook Shadow Profiles?

Facebook Shadow Profiles

When a new user creates an account and chooses to import their contacts to assist find friends with a Facebook account, a Facebook shadow profile is created. The new user’s contact list will be compared to accounts in Facebook’s database, and the new user will be notified of who they can link with and add to their social network. When two persons have one or more contacts in common, Facebook can propose friends to these accounts since they may know other linked parties. These shadow profiles will not have a public-facing account, so you won’t be able to find one if you look for one.

How to Prevent Facebook from tracking your activities?

The following steps can be used to stop Facebook from capturing your Facebook activity.

Step 1: On your smartphone, open the Facebook app and tap the hamburger button in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select ‘Settings & Privacy’ from the drop-down menu.

Settings & Privacy

Step 3: Go to Settings > Scroll to Off-Facebook Activity and hit it.


Step 4: Select Clear Previous Activity from the drop-down menu. This will ensure that all of the data gathered by Facebook is deleted.

Clear Previous Activity

Step 5: Click on the Clear History button.

Clear History

Step 6: Now, go to ‘More Options’ and then ‘Manage Future Activity’ to disable the option.

More Options

Step 7: Go back to Manage Future Activity and select Off-Facebook Future Activity.

Future Activity

Step 8: Click on the Turn-Off Button.


With the help of these steps you can disable Facebook tracking, but what about online identity traces?

Luckily there’s a way to deal with them too. To know more about what are identity traces and how can remove them from being a victim read further.

What Are Identity Traces?

Identity Traces

It’s not only Facebook that’s snooping on us. The majority of the world’s tech behemoths are vying for it. The goals are admirable: to improve the user’s experience. Of course, data breaches are a very real aspect of our world today, and they will continue to happen despite companies’ best efforts. The greatest method to stay safe is to limit how much information you share and with whom you share it.

All your personal information falls under identity traces that are lying hidden all across your PC. Your PC will provide data on your internet habits, browser, and device configuration when you visit a website. Your online activity is recorded and added to your online profile until your digital fingerprint is created. Your interests, beliefs, health problems, wealth, gender, and shopping patterns are among the types of data collected. You should ensure that your digital fingerprint is removed from your PC to protect yourself in the case of a data breach and your data falling into the wrong hands.

How To Remove Identity Traces on Your PC?

Remove Identity Traces

Advanced Identity Protector is a digital vault meant to keep passwords and other sensitive information safe from identity thieves. Systweak Software created to assist users in avoiding and protecting credit card identity theft. Sensitive information such as usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and email addresses can be protected. Advanced Identity Protector transfers all of your information to a digital vault made on your PC. This program helps users check popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Opera for traces and removes them by relocating them to a safe digital vault.

Here Are the Steps to Use This App on Your PC:

Step 1: Download this app by clicking on the button below:

Step 2: Install and launch Advanced Identity Protector by following the on-screen instructions.

Advanced Identity Protector

Step 3: Register the product; by going to the “Register Now” page and input the activation code from your email.

Register Now

Step 4:  Click ‘Start Scan Now’ to identify traces that disclose personal information, credit card data, social security numbers, banking details, and other valuable information stored on your PC.

Start Scan Now

Step 5: Advanced Identity Protector will now categorize scan findings, allowing you to see which passwords and data are kept on your PC.

Step 6: Now that you’ve discovered how susceptible your data is, it’s time to safeguard your identity by clicking the “Protect Now” option.

Protect Now

Step 7: Move to Secure Vault is the option we’ve chosen. This means that identity traces will be stored in a Secure Vault, and we’ll need to construct a Secure Vault profile to do so.

Secure Vault

Step 8: Click the ‘Finish’ button.


The Final Word On All you need to know about Facebook tracking pixels?

With 2.85 billion consumers, Facebook knows what it’s doing and has a lot of information! It uses this information to improve the experience of its users by giving suggestions and making each session more relevant and focused. However, you should focus on removing personal information as soon as possible to help protect yourself from identity theft. When it comes to cleaning your computer and removing all unintended identification traces, Advanced PC Cleanup is a champion. It also makes other computer maintenance duties easier, such as deleting temporary files, uninstalling software from launch, and so on. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

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