What is AggregatorHost.exe? Is it Safe or is it a Virus?

If ever you find your Windows PC to be working slow or in case an application has acted up and you wanted to close it, fire up the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc, select the application, and hit the End Task button. Lately, users have come across a process that goes by the name AggregatorHost.

What is AggregatorHost.exe?

You might be wondering why are we mentioning this process. It looks quite like other processes, isn’t it? Before we move any further, perform the following steps – 

1. Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc

2. Locate the AggregatorHost process. You’ll likely find it under Background processes


3. Right-click on it and click on the Open file location 


4. You’ll likely land up in your File Explorer and see that the path is C:\Windows\System32


5. Again, head to AggregatorHost. It will most likely be selected. If that’s the case, simply right-click on it and select Properties 


6. Click on the Details tab 

7. Head to the Copyright section

Now stop at this very point. Copyright is the section where you can find the publisher of an application. In the case of various other processes, you will otherwise find the name of Microsoft. But, what about AggregatorHost? Why isn’t there a name of Microsoft? Is it or isn’t it a Windows legit process? 

Some Assumptions and When Is AggregatorHost A Threat?

  • It is a temporary file used in Windows Insider builds
  • It is a file associated with Windows Defender 
  • It is a file associated with Adobe product 

When is AggregatorHost A Malicious Process Or When Is AggregatorHost.exe, a Malicious File?

In the above cases, the AggregatorHost.exe file will harmlessly run in the background. But, what if it is a virus and when should you enforce measures to check it for malicious threats? Let’s say, the AggregatorHost file didn’t appear in the System32 folder. That is the time you should scan it for any impending malicious threat. Also, in case, AggregatorHost.exe is a malicious file, your Antivirus tool will catch it in real-time. 

How To Deal With AggregatorHost, In Case It’s Malicious Threat Or Virus?

– Use An Antivirus Tool

An Antivirus tool is capable of identifying and removing a threat in real-time before it can sneak past your system’s security. And, since we are talking about Windows operating systems, especially the new Windows 11, you need a powerful Antivirus program like Systweak Antivirus which is capable of detecting and neutralizing threats of all kinds. YouIn fact, you should always select an Antivirus program that is capable of differentiating between right and wrong processes

In This Regard, Why Opt For Systweak Antivirus?


Systweak Antivirus installs new database definitions regularly because of which even if a malicious threat disguises as a legit process, Systweak Antivirus will easily identify it and remove it, or, the least it would do is put it in quarantine so that till the time, an action is taken upon it, it stays away from the rest of your files and causes them no harm.

How To Use Systweak Antivirus To Remove Virus From Windows 11/10

– Using Windows Defender

Some users have been able to get rid of AggregatorHost.exe by following the steps mentioned below – 

1. Open Virus and threat protection 


2. Click on Microsoft Defender Antivirus options 

3. Turn the Periodic scanning slider to the right to turn it On


4. Turn off all other Defender options. You will find these when you click on Manage settings under Virus & threat protection settings – 

  • Real-time protection
  • Cloud-delivered protection 
  • Tamper Protection

5. Now, turn off Periodic scanning once again. Here we’d urge you to have a secondary Antivirus ready so that meanwhile no vulnerability can expose your computer to virus attacks

Are you still seeing the AggregatorHost

3. Try and Kill The Process In Safe Mode

“Safe Mode” is a place in Windows, where you can corner any suspicious files and remove them. If the concept of booting into Safe Mode is new to you, you can refer to this post

Now, if you suspect that the AggregatorHost is a notorious process or AggregatorHost.exe is a malicious file, restart your Windows 11/10 PC in Safe Mode, open the Task Manager, locate the AggregatorHost process and click on the End Task. 

Wrapping Up

Did you find the information helpful? If yes, do let us know in the comments section below. For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek.

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