A Text Message Which Can Crash Your iPhone

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Every day we receive lots of text messages. Some of them are regarding our bank accounts, some from our friends who still prefer text messages, some regarding apps that we use etc. Some messages are of significance. Most aren’t. Some simply take space on your device and some of them you prefer to delete without even taking a look. We can reply, forward, copy and delete a message with our iPhone but did you know a message can even crash your phone. Yes, this is the worst a message can do to your iPhone.

This text message is getting circulated among many groups and chats. As soon as you get this text, your iPhone will freeze. No notification, no quick reply. As soon as the text hits your iPhone, it freezes. None of the hard buttons will work either. You will only need to wait till your phone restarts by itself.

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What is written in this malicious text?

This text is actually a combination of three emojis ‘a white flag, the digit “0” and a rainbow’


Why this messages crashes an iPhone?

On some third party websites a technical explanation is given for this. According to them when we use a white flag a, digit zero and a rainbow together, iOS tries to combine them to make a rainbow flag emoji and ultimately fails to do so. This freezes your iPhone for a couple of minutes and then it restarted on its own.


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Which devices are effected?

This issue effects any device running on iOS 10.X. You are safe if you are still running an earlier version of iOS.

What can be done if you have got this text?

The text will freeze your iPhone but after restarting you can use your phone normally so you should block the person sending these messages. This is all we can do till Apple release a fix for this.

iPhones are considered as most secure smartphones all over the world and very Apple is expected to take notice of this issue soon.

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