8 Reasons Why Using Incognito Mode Is The Right Thing To Do

We’re all aware of Private browsing aka Incognito mode, right? Since 2010, when Incognito mode started appearing on Chrome, it gained massive popularity amongst users. We have all become used to of pressing the “Control + Shift+ N” key combination the moment we open Chrome web browser, it is like some reflex we cannot control.

No cookies, no browsing history, no online traces being recorded, yes, we all know the drill! And this is why we love surfing on Incognito mode for a stress-free browsing experience.

Incognito mode not just hides your online activities but is also beneficial for another bunch of reasons as well. Here are 9 amazing Incognito mode benefits that you can put to use in your daily lives. (Yes, you can thank us later).

Login to Multiple Email Accounts

Believe it or not, but this one of the biggest reliefs that Incognito offers to us. Rather than opening two separate browsers for logging into email accounts, we can use private browsing mode instead and stay logged in to both of your email accounts in one window. It is one of the safest and easiest ways of logging into multiple accounts.

When You’re not Using your Personal System…

When Youre not Using your Personal System

Suppose you’re out at a friend’s place or some acquaintance whose system you need to use for making an online transaction, or whatever the reason it may be. In such cases, Incognito mode is always a savior! You can use their system, enter all your private and sensitive account info without worrying about a thing. Your online activities will not be recorded on their system and once you log out you can walk back home with a peace of mind.

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For the Sake of Being Weird

There are a lot of lame things that cross our mind in the day, right? And we always run to Google for answers. So, next time when any nonsense thought is crossing your mind, switch to Incognito mode so that you can type in freely without having a feeling of being watched over.

Watch Anything on YouTube

Watch Anything on YouTube

The recently watched YouTube history can get you into a lot of trouble (if you know, what we mean). So, if you don’t want to be embarrassed for watching anything weird on YouTube next time, switch to Incognito mode instead.

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Shopping for Surprise Gifts

Planning to send your beloved a surprise anniversary gift this weekend? Or thinking of buying party decorations online for your kid’s surprise birthday party? But what if your spouse or other family members accidentally access the browsing history while using the PC or laptop? You obviously don’t want to kill the fun, right! Well, you know what to do next. Incognito mode will keep all your secrets safe.

Travel Bookings

Travel Bookings

Airline companies play a lot of games with us, the moment we try to book a flight. The price keeps getting higher each time we check, but this time we won’t fall for their trick. So, next time when you’re making your travel plans or simply checking airline fares, use Incognito mode instead.

Hunting for a New Job

Bored and exhausted with your current job? But you obviously don’t want your managers to know about your new job hunt, right? Whenever you’re using your office desktop for looking for a job, make sure you’re using private browsing mode.

Unbiased Browsing

Nothing compares to the pleasure of working on a clean sate browsing window. No biased search suggestions or cached data, absolutely nothing. Working on Incognito mode comes with its own set of benefits. Each time you open a new Incognito window, it’s like a fresh visitor vibe!

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Hope you liked our list of Incognito mode benefits that can make your browsing experience safe and delightful. For any other queries or feedback, feel free to hit the comment box.

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