7 Best Apps To Keep A Check On Health Of Elderly People

There are applications for everything, and we can utilize them to accomplish our tasks. But when we take into account the senior citizens, there are not many apps for them. The ones available are to keep them engaged! However, there are a few apps which could be used by them to keep an eye on their health conditions as well!

Take a look at the list given below so that you can either use it yourself or suggest it to someone who is in need! Let’s get started!

1. Medisafe

This for people who have to take a lot of pills and are in a habit of forgetting them! There are over a million people who trust this app for taking their pills. You too can put your trust on this one! It is available for both Android and iOS users. This is perfectly safe and you’ll not regret your decision at all.

Apps To Keep A Check On Health

2. Blood Pressure Monitor

If you are looking for an efficient blood pressure measuring app, then this one is the best for you! It is the most feasible option for the people who have fluctuate BP and need to get their pressure checked frequently! It is only available for iOS users now and worth giving a try!

Apps To Keep A Check On Health

3. ICE (In case of Emergency)

It is a reliable way of storing information which might be needed by your doctors in case of emergency! With the help of its efficient database, you can store the medical records of your entire family! For elderly people, this is a must have application!

Apps To Keep A Check On Health

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4. Good RX

You may not even be aware of the fact that the price of prescription meds vary greatly from one pharmacy to another. Elder people aren’t aware of this and they end up buying expensive medicines. It provides information about the current price, coupons that can be applied and several other information. One can save significantly using this app! It is available for both iOS and Android users.

Apps To Keep A Check On Health

5. Red Panic Button

There are many instances in which urgent help is required! Well, in that case, this app is quite handy! All you have to do is set the details. Moreover, there are no ads that save you from hassles of later! You can download it for Android from here and for iOS from here.

Apps To Keep A Check On Health

6. Pillboxie

Another great way of remembering to take meds. As this one is designed by a registered nurse, it is trusted more than any other app! Also, it is virtually easy to manage the pills. This even reminds you to take your pills when your device is on sleep mode!


7. WebMD

This helps you make better decisions regarding your health. It has variety of features including Symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings, and others. Also, it has handy guides for almost everything, be it insect stings to broken bones! You can even find the closest physician, hospital or pharmacy according to your needs. This one is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


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This is not an exhaustive list of apps that can help elderly, but surely guides about the crucial ones. Although we have tried to cover the most of them, we might have missed something. If we have, do let us know in the comments section below!

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