100 Hidden iOS 11 Features You Would Want To Know: Part I

Although there’s still time before users can get their hands on the highly awaited iOS 11, Apple released its developer beta at WWDC 2017 held earlier this week. The tech giant is still not talking openly about the changes and new features they’ve brought to the new operating system. Nevertheless, it’s developer version is loaded with more than 100 new elements that not many would know about. You could go through the trouble of installing iOS 11 beta to know about each feature in detail. But if you want to wait till it’s officially launched sometime in september, you can check our list of peculiar changes in iOS 11.

  1. New Icons For Categories in App Store

iOS 11 will bring a lot of cosmetic and functional changes in the UI and this could be visible with the refreshed icons in the Apple App Store for each category. Menus too have a neat look than previous versions with colorful icons that provide a refreshing feel.

  1. Autoplay Videos Still There On App Store

This one might feel a little strange to users, as autoplay of videos is disabled on Safari. Strangely, the videos on App Store still play automatically while scrolling. This might be an overlooked detail that might be corrected with the full release.

  1. Powerful Notes App

Another great new change is how the humble looking Notes app has been given more power by developers at Apple. Addition of new font styles including a typewriter esque font, alongside tables, grids and paper texture types makes it far more interesting. It’s interface has also been changed with new icons and formatting options.

  1. New Video Player

iOS 11 also has a brand new music player with subtle yet highly functional changes. The volume HUD now appears on the top right and doesn’t obscure the video. Moreover, it also has a native zoom option that will add convenience for people with weak eyesight.

  1. Gif Support in Photos App

This might feel like a small fry to many, but we cannot tell you on how much we wanted animated Gif support in Photos folder. Gifs will now animate when highlighted so you can use them easily in text messages and chats.

  1. Changes On Photo Editor

The edit mode in Photos app has also seen significant changes such as a new UI and a brand new filter for photos. Icon names have also been changed a little, however they don’t differ much in functionality from older UI.

  1. Photos and Camera Listed on Separate Tabs In Settings

There are also some significant changes in Settings option. Here we can see a slight change in layout, that lists options more neatly. But a major difference would be separate tabs for Photos and Camera app settings that users will surely find convenient.

  1. Smart Invert For Better Low Light Visibility

Basically a dark mode for people who have trouble with white background screen appearing too bright in sunlight. This inverts the background colors to a darker tone, which makes it a little easy to read for visibly impaired.

  1. Plethora of AirPod Options

iOS 11 has brought out plenty of new functions for AirPods. Now users can easily customize various tap controls and shuffle between tracks by simply tapping twice. This is far better than the often embarrassing voice commands and will prove to be far more practical.

  1. Changes In iPhone Storage Option

iPhone Storage options have been designed to ensure that users never run out of space. As you explore Storage options in iOS settings, you will notice various recommendations how you can free up more space. Regardless of the fact that Apple didn’t talk much about how this feature works, we’re sure that we’ll soon see more details before iOS 11 official release comes to pass.

The above list surely couldn’t contain each and every new change, as some features might undergo further change when the proper user-version sees daylight later this year. However, you can still check our other articles in this series for more hidden iOS 11 features.

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