Zoom Unstable Internet Connection On PC? Here Are The Fixes

Video-conferencing platforms are becoming popular with every passing day as more and more people are conducting online meetings and classes, getting connected with friends and family, and the list goes on and on. Amongst various such platforms, Zoom is probably one of the most popular ones. However, many users have reported unstable internet connection errors when using Zoom.

Many agitated users have reported problems like –

Video and audio freezing for a few seconds, then coming back to normal, and then, again the same problem.

Many are not even able to connect and receive Unable to connect and similar issues.

If that’s you, this is the blog post that might put an end to “Zoom unstable internet connection”. But first, as many users are left wondering –

Why Is My Internet Connection Not Stable When Using Zoom

Before we enlist the various methods using which you can resolve the internet issue while using Zoom, let’s quickly have a look at the possible reasons, because of which an unstable internet connection is bogging you down while using Zoom –

  • The distance between the router and the device is more than what it should be and this might result in the internet reception being affected.
  • Multiple devices on the same Wi-Fi network are feeding on your bandwidth.
  • Multiple applications are taking up the bandwidth at the same time.
  • Bad internet reception or temporary outage in your area.

Now that we have a broad idea of why you are facing an unstable internet connection when using Zoom, let’s have a look at the ways using you can fix the issue –

Best Ways To Deal With Zoom Unstable Internet Connection

1. Test If Your Internet Connection Is Stable or Not

An unstable internet connection can be one of the prime reasons why you are constantly facing interruptions in your Zoom meetings such as audio stuttering, video buffering for eternity, and many others. So, before you take any advanced measures, check for the following things –

  • Is there an internet outage in your area?
  • Is your router working fine? Quite possibly there is some technical issue because of which your internet is getting disconnected on and off.
  • Are there any firmware updates that you missed?

If it’s one of the above issues, a technician will most likely fix it for you. You can also try disconnecting other devices on your network. And, also, check if your computer is within the proximity of your router.

2. Restart the Router/ Modem

Router and Modem are two important devices that are crucial for internet access. Rebooting them can help fix the issue. Here are the steps –

  1. Disconnect the modem/ router from your device.
  2. Wait for a few minutes and let all the lights turn off till the router/ modem reaches the offline status.
  3. Plug the router/ modem back into the device and boot them up after at least 2 minutes.

Now check if you are still dealing with an unstable connection when trying to use Zoom or not.

3. Tweak Video Settings On Zoom

While not a direct workaround, you can try disabling HD video or video feed in case you are encountering low bandwidth. For this –

1. Open Zoom desktop client.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Uncheck the box next to the HD option.

HD option

4. When attending or conducting a meeting, you can even disable the Start Video.

disable the Start Video

Want to check if the unstable internet connection issue is occurring with Zoom only, you can try out some other video conferencing platforms as well.

4. Run The Network Troubleshooter

Microsoft itself provides you with a tool that can help you automatically find out what’s wrong with your network and based on the issue, it will provide you with troubleshooting. To use it –

1. Press Windows + S to open the search bar and type Troubleshoot.

2. Click on Troubleshoot Settings.

3. Click on Other or Additional Troubleshooters depending on whether you are using a Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system.

4. You can click on Run next to Internet Connections or Network Adapter and then, follow the on-screen instructions.

on-screen instructions

5. Update Your Network Driver

If you are still receiving the Zoom unstable connection error, it could be that your network adapter drivers are outdated or have become corrupt. In such a scenario, using a driver updater software can be helpful.

Let’s take the example of Advanced Driver Updater. It is one of the best driver updater tools that can help identify your PC for outdated drivers such as an outdated network adapter driver and it can further help you install the latest driver.

How To Use Advanced Driver Updater

1. Download, install and run Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater

2. Once downloaded, click on the Start Scan Now button to scan your computer for outdated drivers.

computer for outdated drivers

3. Locate your outdated Network Adapter Driver. To update it, click on the checkbox next to the driver’s name and click on the Update Driver button.

outdated Network Adapter Driver

Wait for the process to complete and that’s it! Once you have updated the driver, check if the issue still persists or not.

Why do We recommend Advanced Driver Updater For Updating Drivers?

With Advanced Driver Updater you can –

  • Backup driver before updating it so that if anything goes wrong during the process you can roll back the driver to its previous version.
  • Schedule driver scans for identifying outdated drivers from time to time and steer clear of any system-related issues that may arise because of outdated drivers

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have been able to fix the “Zoom unstable internet connection” issue. If you have, do share with us the strategy that worked out for you. Our personal recommendations include restarting the modem/ router, disabling HD for a while, and updating the outdated network driver (if that’s the culprit).

We regularly come up with such fixes and other tips and tricks pertaining to Windows and other operating systems, so do stay tuned, bookmark We The Geek and share the content you feel can help someone in need. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flipboard, and Pinterest.

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