Your Photos Reveal More Than What Meets The Eye – Metadata

Every image has metadata captures the device, GPS position, date, and time. The EXIF data, or Exchangeable Image File Format, can provide experts with much more information. This information was added to assist users in sorting photos, locating older ones, and locating duplicate and related pictures.

Google and Apple Photos use these details to date- and time-stamp the photographs. To remove the metadata of an image, you need to use the Exif Editor program.

Photo Exif Editor- Remove Metadata And Exif Information Now

Photo Exif Editor

A unique picture metadata viewer, Photo Exif Editor, offers a wide range of functions that are difficult to find in a single application. The following are some of the key capabilities of our online EXIF viewer:

Allows For Multiple Images

An image information viewer called Photo EXIF Editor enables users to modify and import multiple images, such as a batch of pictures. Users will find this convenient because altering a single image would be laborious.

Supports A Variety Of Formats

Numerous image formats, including BMP, JPG, TIFF, and even RAW format, are supported by this application.

Edit All The Data

The Photo Exif Editor modifies an image’s EXIF/IPTC/XMP fields and lets users choose information from dropdown menus containing true and accurate information.

Quick Save Method

Because saved photographs have modified metadata, saving them is quick when a user makes certain modifications to the photo’s metadata.

Setup Presets

By keeping preset the metadata data, this picture metadata reader app lets users save time by applying it to any uploaded photo instead of having to modify each field individually.

Information in Metadata

One of the greatest picture metadata viewers is Photo Exif Editor, which lets users view each photo’s EXIF data, IPTC, and XMP information in a separate window. The information in the two pictures can be compared with this.

Further details

You can see and modify image date and time information using this program. This goes a step further by enabling users to modify the image’s location settings.

Removing Metadata

This application’s most basic but crucial advantage is its ability to remove all image metadata and prepare it for internet upload.

How Can You Stop Your Information From Being Exposed By Metadata

Remove your information from your images before distributing them to anyone or uploading them on social networking platforms. This is the most practical way to secure your information. You can accomplish this by utilizing the Photo Exit Editor tool and taking the following actions:

Step 1: Click the button to download the application.

Step 2: Install the app and open it.

Step 3: Add a folder or picture you want to alter.

Add a folder

Step 4: The metadata, which can be easily modified, will be displayed.


Step 5: The photographs are now being added to the tool, as you can see. As you can see, they are all already selected by default. Therefore, leave it as is if you’re using it to edit the entire batch. If not, unmark them and make the appropriate selections.

Step 6: Select the particular image you want to edit and head to the right pane. You can add data in the EXIF, IPTC, and XMP categories here.

Select the particular image

Step 7: After you select Start Process, a confirmation prompt will appear. Select Yes

Start Process

Step 8: After that, it will apply the modifications to your images and prompt you to choose a location to save the altered pictures.

choose a location

Note: You won’t be able to return to the previous information after making changes to the Metadata.

The Final Word On Your Photos Reveal More Than What Meets The Eye – Metadata

You should now understand how your image might make your personal information accessible to others with ulterior motives. Therefore, you should either preserve your images and choose not to share them or, better yet, remove the information and only share the actual shot. So it becomes very important to delete the metadata using the user-friendly Photo Exif Editor tool.

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