Windows 10 Password Recovery Tools

Forgetting your password is not a new thing. It happens to everyone! You start your PC, type in what you think is the correct one, and your account won’t unlock as you completely forgot what the password was. You continue trying different combinations, but nothing works.

Natively, Microsoft doesn’t provide a tool for recovering a forgotten or misplaced password, therefore, you have to use a third-party Windows 10 password reset tools to overcome the issue

Recent technologies have been focusing on eliminating the need of ‘passwords’ and providing much more secure alternatives so that people can be freed up from entering long passwords which should contain letters, numbers, special characters, and lower/upper cases.

Windows 10 Password Recovery Tools
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So, if you’re having trouble signing into your account, try these Windows 10 Password Recovery software.

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Best Windows 10 Password Reset Tools

There are numerous password recovery tools available, although we’re discussing the most commonly used:



Ophcrack is a free Windows password cracker, widely popular & used to recover system passwords. A user can burn the tool to a Live CD and use it to boot computer, which will ultimately help in recovering the passwords. It’s a free & open-source software based on rainbow tables to crack password hashes. Just go to another system > visit their official site and download the free ISO Image > burn it to a CD > Boot from it.


  • Live CD comes handy to simplify the cracking process.
  • Provides real-time graphs to analyze passwords.
  • Best-known for cracking passwords in just few minutes.
  • Doesn’t require installation; will run through a disc or flash drive.
  • Passwords are automatically recovered via Live CD method.
  • Apart from Windows, the tool is also available for Linux/Unix, Mac OS X.


  • To grab advanced & much-needed features a user has to purchase the professional suite.
  • The tool is only able to crack short & simple passwords (less than 14 characters).

 You can download the software from its official website!

2. Password Recovery Bundle

Password Recovery Bundle

Password Recovery Bundle is a handy package to recover all your lost and forgotten passwords effectively and efficiently. The software also supports third-party apps such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, and Yahoo. Its new version allows you to crack Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 passwords with brand-new recovering engine that uses multi-core CPUs and GPU acceleration. Password cracking can be very time and effort consuming process if passwords are long and complex. However, if you need instant access, use the tool to create bootable CD > boot the PC > and remove the forgotten passwords in less than a minute.


  • Easy-to-use and simple interface.
  • Quickly recover/reset passwords for Windows, PDF, RAR, Office Word/PowerPoint/Excel documents.
  • Also supports password retrievals for all popular email clients, web browsers, FTP clients and messengers.
  • The best tool for both beginners and professionals.
  • No technical skills required.
  • Also lets users to recover lost CD Key and other passwords.


  • The free version only provides a basic level of functionality and support.
  • A user has a limited amount of time before the entire package will need to be purchased.

Install the software right here!

3. Cain & Abel

Cain & Abel

Cain & Abel is one of the most popular password recovery tool available around. The dependable software brings multiple techniques to recover various types of passwords. All the encrypted passwords are breakable using Brute-Force, Dictionary and cryptoanalysis attacks. The application is actually much more than a password recovery tool. It can be used for security to verify what can be easily discovered on your own system.  The tool is specially designed for network administrators, security consultants, forensic staff, teachers, security software vendors and everyone who plans to use it for ethical means.


  • Witty enough to recover stronger and complex passwords.
  • Features a bunch of hash and decryption utilities.
  • Allows you to sniff other networks.
  • Let you decode scrambled passwords.
  • Cain is the frontend app to recover password & Abel performs traffic scrambling.
  • Also helps you in recovering wireless network keys.
  • Allows you to locate Wi-Fi password information.
  • Supports every Windows OS.


  • Little possibility of losing your private data during the recovery process.

Download the password recovery tool right here!

4. Lazesoft Recovery My Password

Lazesoft Recovery My Password

The application ensures the entire recovering process to be safe, easy and reliable. Lazesoft Recovery My Password simply follows the password reset disk tricks to bypass the security and every action is performed on ‘host Windows’ PC. Now that your system is locked, and you’ve forgotten your password, you have to download the software on the host PC to prepare the reset disk. Download the app > Choose the OS version of locked system > Click on Reset Local Password option on the interface > Hit Next > Select the user account & properties > Hit Next again > And the final step, select Reset button followed by ‘Finished’.


  • 100% recovery rate.
  • Easy-to-use and have a clear interface.
  • Have capabilities to reset passwords via bootable CD, DVD, USB Drive.
  • Unlocks and automatically enables the user account.
  • Supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000.
  • Compatible with a variety of computer and laptop models.
  • Free technical support.


  • Little complicated to run.
  • Requires preparing a recovery drive in advance (HINT), otherwise, you’ll need access to another PC to recover passwords

Click here, to download the recovery tool!

5. Offline NT Password and Registry Editor

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor

NT Password is another alternative to crack forgotten or misplaced Windows password. Using the tool, you cannot only be able to reset Windows password but also zipped, mail, Internet Explorer and other files and folders as well. In fact, this application doesn’t recover your password but erases it completely so that you can set up a new one. It simply works as Ophcrack, just download the ISO file > mount it to a bootable media such as CD or floppy disk drive > and the recovery process begins.


  • Super-fast password cracking tool.
  • No access to Windows or knowledge of old passwords is required.
  • Requires no installation.
  • Also supports removing passwords from 64-bit versions of Windows.
  • Also comes with a registry editor that works under Linux/Unix and can be used for password editing.
  • Available for free.


  • Works with Windows 10/8/7 but only for local accounts.
  • Requires burning of ISO image file into a pen drive or compact disk before you can use the tool to recover passwords.
  • Entirely text-based, hence little uncomfortable to use.

Download the software from here!

6. WinGeeker


WinGeeker claims to be the fastest and most advanced Windows 10 password recovery app, and we truly agree to it. Regardless of how complex the password is, the tool is known for recovering it in just few simple clicks without damaging your data or re-installing your system. It helps in resetting five types of passwords: Administrator password, User and Guest password, Microsoft account password and Windows Server password. Additionally, WinGeeker supports over 1600 computer models and tablets.


  • Application size is way smaller than any other password recovery tools.
  • Comes with various password cracking capabilities.
  • Password recovery is quite fast.
  • High compatibility with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.
  • 100% Recovery rate.
  • The tool also supports UEFI-computers.


  • A user has to download Rainbow Tables from the Internet before getting started with the tool.
  • A separate system is required with administrator rights.
  • Application not meant for newbies.

Install this amazing tool here!

7. LCP


Last but not the least in terms of performance, here comes another password recovering software that uses three methods to crack user password. First, dictionary attack, second brute force attack and third, hybrid dictionary/brute force attack. Each method has its own advantages; however, users are required to have some basic knowledge to be able to perform certain actions. LCP works on powerful algorithms that other alternatives lack to recover Windows passwords.


  • Fastest Windows password cracking program.
  • High compatibility with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.
  • No specific technical requirements to operate the tool.
  • Effectively recovers Windows & Administrator passwords.


  • Requires having access to your user account, if you can’t access then the tool is of no use to you.
  • Eats a lot of resources on your computer.
  • Not actively maintained by the company.

Install LCP here!

There you have it, folks!

These are some of the most preferred password recovery tools at present. All these seven utilities come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Now it’s up to you to decide which one to use!

Bottom Line

Losing or forgetting your password can be a frustrating experience but thanks to these workarounds that proves that ‘it doesn’t have to mean the end of your account as you know it!


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