Why Should You Buy iPhone 11, or iPhone 11 Pro?

One of the most hyped events of the year, Apple Special Event “By innovation only”  happened on Tuesday 10 Sept 2019. Just like every year, Apple announced its flagships iPhones. This year’s highlight was the iPhone 11 trio. Tim Cook and the Apple team were excited to share all the information about these three super devices and the advancement introduced to make the new models better and faster than ever. Well, the event was spectacular, and everyone loved the announcements. So, let’s get down to the intricacies and discuss what makes iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max worth buying.

iPhone 11
Image Credits: Apple

What’s New With iPhone This Year?

Whether it is the battery, or the camera or new bionic chip, iPhone is power-packed with a lot of features this year and is claimed to be superior to its predecessors. 

Reasons To Buy iPhone 11

With its bionic chip A13 already in the discourse, iPhone 11 is already expected to come with significant performance enhancements and bigger battery life. Let’s drill down the features to know more: 

Design & Body:

Image Credits: Apple


If we talk about the design of this new iPhone, it comes with anodized aluminium and glass design. The glass used in the front and the back is claimed to be the most robust glass ever used in the smartphone. If we talk about the glass surrounding iPhone’s camera, it has sculpted 3D geometry and precision milled down from a single piece of glass to get the beautiful design.  This makes the new iPhone quite sturdy & durable.


It has a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display (Advanced LED).   The device comes with the true tone, wide color, Tap to wake and Haptic Touch in more places with iOS 13 like contextual menus.  


Watching videos can be a delight on this stunning display, as this iPhone series comes with Spatial Audio which provides users with an immersive theatre-like experience. This is possible using the surround field around you with the help of  Apple’s in-house designed virtualizer. For phenomenal sound, the device supports Dolby Atmos. We can expect great sound and excellent video quality while watching a video on this iPhone.


iPhone 11 camera
Image Credits: Apple

Along with the camera design, there are some significant changes made. The device comes with a dual-camera system, wide camera, and ultra-wide camera. The New wide camera with a new sensor with 100% pixels, is introduced to improve the Auto-focus, to make the device faster in low light. With the new ultra-wide camera, you get a 120-degree field of view. These cameras will let you take a wide camera shot or switch it to an ultra-wide camera with a just tap while clicking pictures. 

Another prominent thing with the iPhone’s camera is that Image Pipeline is updated. It processes trillion operations for photos. It comes with Image Signal Processor and Neural Engine for Machine Learning along with semantic rendering. This enables the iPhone to detect subjects and light them with detail, so they look magnificent. Making your pictures bigger, brighter and more transparent.

If we talk about Portrait mode,  with a wide and ultra-wide camera, you can take wide shots of Portraits.  Furthermore, with two cameras, you can use stereoscopic depth, which enables you to take portraits of your pet animals.

iPhone’s camera
Image Credits: Apple

Night Mode is also a highlighted feature of this year’s iPhone. The night mode will activate whenever the surroundings are dark and will help you capture great photos with reduced noise. This is possible by determining image fusion time and using adaptive bracketing based on what the device sees as a preview. Therefore, it can determine to use shorter frames if the subject is in motion and longer frames for a deep shadow to get the image. Then, the pictures recovered are fused efficiently to minimize blur and motion.

Night mode
Image Credits: Apple


Just like photos, you can use both wide camera and ultra-wide cameras while shooting a video. You can tap on the screen to switch between the two cameras. Use the zoom wheel for a smooth transition between two. The camera is capable of shooting a video in 4K  resolution with better cinematic video stabilization. Also, you can switch from photo to video or vice versa by tapping on the shutter button.

Image Credits: Apple

With the front camera, now you can record Slo-Mo videos which Apple is calling as Slofie. Also, you can create 4K video resolution, extended dynamic range up to 30 fps, which makes front camera all the more desirable.


As compared to iPhone XR, with A13 Bionic Chip, so you get 1 hour more battery life on iPhone 11. 

Other Features:

Faster Face ID, power A13 chip, a dual-camera system, wireless charging, night mode, water resistance upto 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and WiFi 6

Price: Starting price – $699 

Color Choices:

Apple is feeling quite colorful since last year. It has experimented with bold colors, the previous year it was Coral & blue, now it is green . iPhone 11 will be available in White, Yellow, Green, Black, Purple, and Product Red. 

Reasons To Buy iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max: The Premium Range Models

iPhone 11 Pro
Image Credits: Apple

Apple has never named any of its devices Pro and logic given by the team was that they had never made a device so superior, which deserved the title Pro. Let’s know what makes it Pro: 


So iPhone 11 Pro Max is made up of surgical grade stainless steel. The back is a single piece of machined glass with an optical PVD coating with a matte textured finish that looks great.  The design is elegant, and the body of this iPhone is even sturdier than the iPhone 11.


With the display size of  6.5 (2688*1242), iPhone 11Pro Max comes with 458 PPI. iPhone 11Pro comes with 5.8 (2436*1125) along with 450 PPI. These models have the highest pixel density compared to any display Apple has ever made. It has a new OLED screen that Apple is calling Super Retina XDR display with true tone, P3 Wide Color, and Haptic Touch. Just like, iPhone 11 it has Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos, along with HDR 10, and Dolby Vision.

A13 Bionic Chip:

With command on all, software, hardware, and chip design, Apple has worked on every chip from the device’s transistors to package design. A13 is all about Machine Learning and low power design.  Performing operations at a higher speed using fewer resources is the agenda that Apple focused on. 

Machine Learning:

Whether it is the chips, or the CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine, are optimized using machine learning workloads to provide better performing iPhone. With brand new Machine Learning accelerators added in CPUs, iPhone can run matrix multiplication fast. This operation is often used in ML computation. These accelerators enable CPU to perform math operations upto 6 times faster, allowing CPU to run over one trillion operations per second.

Image Credits: Apple

Lower Power Design:

A13 Bionic chip uses an advanced improved second generation, a 7-nanometer transistor. Each transistor designed for high performance and low power, the iPhone comes with 8.5 billion transistors. This has also made it possible with great architecture. 


With iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, you get a triple camera system, Wide, Ultra Wide, and Telephoto camera, deeply integrated into iOS to provide you with the ability to click photos like a pro.  Deep Fusion, another addition to camera features, is a new image processing system enabled by Neural Engine. This helps in capturing detailed images. Let’s learn how:


Deep Fusion
Image Credits: Apple

With advanced Machine Learning, it takes a photo in low to medium light, which is something new for the iPhone. It takes nine images to make it possible. Before you press the shutter button, it captures four small images, along with four secondary images.  And, when you press it, it captures a long exposure, & then in a second, the Neural exposure examines the fused combination of long and short images picking the best among the shot images, selecting all pixels, and pixel by pixel going through 24 million pixels to optimize the image for detail and reduced noise


iPhone 11 Pro series has been claimed to capture the highest quality videos in the smartphone ever. Each camera can capture 4K video with extended dynamic range and cinematic video stabilization. On iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, you can utilize all three cameras together as they are paired, calibrating for color and exposure. Also, the intelligent processor takes the data from the camera that you shooting with and prime the other two cameras automatically for AutoExposure, AutoFocus, color temperature, and tone mapping. This, hence results in a smooth transition across the three cameras, without any discernible shifts in exposure or color.

You can not only shoot videos with excellent resolution but can also edit them on your iPhone 11 Pro models. So, now capture a video and, crop, scale, rotate, adjust exposure and apply filters to get the desired video right in the inbuilt Photos app. This is all possible due to the compact integration between software and hardware.  

Enhanced Battery Life:

iPhone 11 Pro comes with 4 hours more battery life than iPhone XS & iPhone 11 Pro Max has 5 hours more battery life than iPhone XS Max. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max with Fast Charger of 18 watts packed in the box. 

Price: iPhone 11 Pro – starts from $999 and iPhone 11 Pro Max – starts from $1099

Color: Midnight Green, Space Grey, a beautiful silver, New Gold

Services That Comes With iPhone 11 Trio

Well, the iPhone is no longer just a device, it is an entire ecosystem.  It is a perfect combo of device & services. So, when you buy iPhone 11, you get a device, a free video streaming service Apple TV+ for a year, access to Apple Arcade right into your App Store, free 3 months Apple Music subscription. Moreover,  now with the iPhone, your iMessages are secured with end to end encryption. 

Another good news is most of these services will be available for every new iPhone user from now, irrespective of the device bought.

It All Comes Down To A Question: Is It Worth?

With all these exciting features and hardware upgrades, the iPhone 11 series is a great option to think about if you are looking for a device upgrade.  Apart from the price range, they lie in, these flagship phones, are packed with great new features and hardware enhancements. The new iPhone is not just a device to make calls and send memojis anymore, but it solves multiple purposes. With a great camera, ML and fastest CPU &  GPU ever in a smartphone, the iPhone trio is one of its kind. 

Want a new iPhone, which could be a little pocket-friendly, then you must think of buying iPhone 11. Love creating videos and photos like a pro using a handy device, then go for iPhone 11 Pro.  So, the iPhone is not just a phone, it is a complete package. Don’t think twice, and buy iPhone 11 and embrace the greatness!


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