Why Is Whatsapp The Best “Note To Self” App On Android Smartphones?

WhatsApp Instant messaging app has been in the news recently as the company is introducing new features frequently. The ViewOnce feature where images auto-delete after the recipient has viewed them once or increasing the number of devices that can be signed with the same WhatsApp to 4 are some of the features. But today I would like to discuss a hidden feature that existed for a long time but was never promoted and that is to chat with yourself on WhatsApp.

If you take a look at WhatsApp’s rival apps, Signal and Telegram, they have a special feature called “note to self” that allows you to chat with yourself. In other words, you can send messages, images, audio, and files to yourself and review them later. Although WhatsApp does not have a feature in its menu that you can tap on to send a note to self, there are other simple tricks on How you can send WhatsApp messages to self.

Why Would I Send A Message To Myself

Why Would I Send A Message To Myself?

That would be the first question that one would think of before beginning the process to chat with yourself. Here are a few possible reasons that I can think of (If you of any others then make sure to drop in a note in the comments section below)

Personal Diary: When you send WhatsApp messages to yourself, you have created a digital personal diary on your phone. A diary contains the date and the information you enter and both these features are available in WhatsApp. As you scroll upwards on the WhatsApp chat window, you can see the date the message was sent on.

Note: You can always lock your WhatsApp personal diary ( the entire app or a particular chat)  by using a Whats Chat App Locker app. Click to read more.

Notes: When you chat with yourself on WhatsApp, you can mention important points of any meeting or conversation and refer to them later. Many applications can take notes like Google Keep but WhatsApp messages are easy to send, maintain and read.

Instant Notes. Maintaining notes is different from instant notes because you are prepared for the former and know that the situation will arise. However, some situations arise unexpectedly and require instant action and copying down of some piece of information. At that moment, sending a Whatsapp message to self with credentials, website links or anything else will be easy. You can also forward that message to somebody else on WhatsApp if required.

One of the major advantages of chatting with yourself on WhatsApp is the fact that the chances you forget or lose the message are less because Checking WhatsApp a dozen times a day is now a common habit. But when compared with other note-taking apps, you might even forget to store a note as these apps are not frequently used as WhatsApp daily.

How To Send WhatsApp Messages To Self (Own Number)

As mentioned earlier, there is no direct option in WhatsApp to send a note of self so we will have to use a trick that uses WhatsApp’s Web browser feature.

Step 1: Open your favorite browser.

Step 2: Type wa.me//countrycodenumber in the address bar and navigate to this address.

Send WhatsApp Messages To Self

For example, if my country code is 1 and my number is 999123456, then I would type the following in the address bar and tap on Go.


Step 3: The WhatsApp webpage would open where you have to click on the Send button and it would open your installed WhatsApp app. The chat window with your number on the top will now be available to send any text, image, video, audio, etc just as you would normally send to a friend.

Message to Unknown Number- WhatsApp

Now that you know the usefulness of sending WhatsApp messages to yourself and the way how to do it, there is another easier alternative to doing the same. The second option is to use a $0 free app available on Google Play Store known as Message to Unknown Number. This app is famous for sending WhatsApp Messages without saving a number in your contacts and can be used to chat with yourself. Here are the steps to use this app:

Step 1: Download and Install Message To Unknown Number from the Google Play Store or click on the download button below.

Message to Unknown Number

Step 2: After the installation is complete, tap on the shortcut to open the app.

Step 3: On the next screen, enter the country code of the recipient followed by the telephone number. Do not add double zeros or the ‘+’ symbol before the country code.

Message to Unknown No

Step 4:  Now tap on the Send Message button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: You will get an option to open your WhatsApp app or use WhatsApp on Chrome browser. Choose the App Icon and ensure that it is set to Always so that you do not have to make this choice next time.

WhatsApp on Chrome browser

Step 6: WhatsApp will load the individual chat screen of the number you have entered in Step 3. You will be able to tap on the paper clip icon and attach images, audio, and video clips or type a text message, just as you would do normally to a saved contact.

Message to Unknown Number is an amazing application that is free to use and is an easier way to chat with yourself on WhatsApp. This application is lightweight and allows you to communicate or send stuff to any random number through WhatsApp.

The Final Word On Why is WhatsApp the best “note to self” app on Android Smartphones?

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used Instant messaging app across the globe with its 2 billion + users. And with new features and uses that are being discovered, the user base is going to rise. With almost everyone using WhatsApp users would not require to install multiple IM apps on their smartphones. Try using the ” Note To Self “ concept in WhatsApp and share your thoughts on the same in the comments section below.

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