Why is PUBG So Addictive? And How To Curb your Addiction

From a 15-year high school kid to a middle-aged MNC professional, PUBG is like that universal addiction that ties each one of us together. It’s not just a game, but it has become more of a trend that everyone wants to adapt to. PUBG fever is all over the place!

When it comes to how addictive PUBG is then the answer may reach to extreme ends of your imaginative possibilities. Yes, that’s right! This is one game that people prefer to prioritize above everything, whether it’s work, studies, personal or social lives. So, have you ever taken a moment and thought why is PUBG addictive in such a dangerous way? Are you struggling with PUBG addiction when you can’t keep your hands off your smartphone and lose your sleep after playing this game for endless hours?

Why is PUBG So Addictive And How To Curb your Addiction

Well, don’t worry! As they say, when there’s a will there’s a way. If you really want you to overcome your PUBG addiction you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will be discussing why PUBG is so damn addictive along with a few ways you can curb your addiction to lead a normal life.

Let’s get started.

Why is PUBG Addictive?

PUBG is a multiplayer game that is specifically designed in a way that doesn’t feel like fiction. You actually become a part of the game as if it’s happening in real time. Here are a few reasons why we think PUBG is more addictive than other real-time simulation games.


Competitive pubg

Mostly all games allow you to compete with other fellow members. But when it comes to PUBG the degree of competition crosses the level of insanity on so many levels. Not one, not two, not 10, in fact, you’re playing with more than 100 people from around the world which becomes a huge affair. You want to prove your worth and show your heroic gaming skills to the rest of the players, and until that mission is accomplished, you keep on playing this game for endless hours.


PUBG is a huge game and gives you a handful of opportunities to explore places within the map. And as a lot of folks are playing this game together, some things or some situations definitely occur that will make you laugh hilariously. It’s like ganging up with your pals where you can laugh at something similar and entertain yourself.

Easy to Learn

pubg - easy to learn

Another reason, which makes PUBG highly addictive is the fact that it’s super simple to learn. Even if you’ve started playing the game for the very first time you won’t feel lost at any point. You can head somewhere and find other fellow players who can guide the gameplay. Mastering PUBG is just a matter of a few hours and this is why it becomes tough to keep your hands off the phone once you start playing it.

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New Updates

As PUBG is a massively popular game, so every now and then new improvements are rolled out in the game play to improve user experience. Millions of people from around the globe are addicted to this game and this is why it becomes a crucial duty for developers to make their gaming experience a pleasant one.

It has Something for Everyone

One of the most important reasons why we all keep coming back to PUBG is the fact that it never becomes stale or less entertaining. Whether you’re a newbie or a high-profile gaming veteran, it has something for everyone that keeps the fun element alive!

How to Overcome PUBG Addiction?

How to Overcome PUBG Addiction

So, now that we’ve learned a few reasons why PUBG is addictive let’s take a look at how we can curb this addiction. By following these few tips, you will be able to overcome this viral PUBG fever within no time.


  • Set an alarm/use an app usage monitor:If you’re extremely addicted to playing PUBG day and night then you can start by setting alarms. In this way, you will be reminded after a certain period that you’ve played for so long for a better realization. Alternatively, you can also use a specialized time tracking app such as Social Fever. It lets you monitor and control the time you spend on a particular app on your Android device. Social Fever provides real-time app usage monitoring alongside other features that help reduce eye and ear strain due to prolonged usage. It will allow you to set a time limit on your Android applications and then show reminders when you exceed that time limit. It also allows you to see the real-time screen overlay tracker keep track of the phone usage. Download Social Fever app from the Play Store.
  • Find a new hobby: Only an addiction can kill an addiction! So, to overcome your PUBG addiction and limit your game usage you can try and find some other hobby meanwhile to keep you engaged.
  • Look for signs of addiction: Have you stopped socializing or going outdoors lately? Do you feel irritated when you’re unable to play the game for any reason? Are you constantly thinking about playing PUBG no matter where you are? Look for such signs of gaming addiction so that you can think of an effective solution.
  • Uninstall PUBG: Yes, we know it may sound disheartening but it’s the last resort. If nothing works out and if PUBG is killing your personal and social lives then uninstalling the game is the best thing to do (at the moment).

We hope these tips will help you curb your PUBG addiction. We don’t mean to abandon PUBG from your life but being addictive can be dangerous and have negative impacts on your health and personal lives.

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Good luck folks!


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