Games like PUBG for Low-end Computers

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is gaining Remarkable popularity since it’s cross platform. This means that you can play it on your computer, gaming consoles and on your smartphone.

When it comes to playing PUBG on computer it runs smoothly and does not exploit much of your internet. So, if you often play PUBG on computer and looking for some options similar to it, then this article is going to help you because here we are listing games like PUBG for low end PC. Same as you enjoyed playing PUBG, you will love playing these games on your computer.

Best Games Like PUBG

1. H1Z1:

H1Z1 best pubg like game

The game is mostly similar to PUBG because you will land with a parachute, need to grab the gun next to you and need to clear all the surviving elements around. The difference is battle grounds are having a heavy load of 200 people. You will enjoy the game because all the buildings bases and areas are beautifully designed. With other enemies you will also see zombies running around any how you need to become the last survival in the game. Downside of the game is that player base has been dropped after the massive popularity of PUBG.

2. Fortnite Battle Royale:

Fortnite Battle Royale alternative to PUBG

Battle Royale is a little away from the league though it is one of the best games like PUBG for low end PC with fast internet connection. In this game first, you will be landing over a small island and then you will be taken to a bigger one this makes you familiar to the location you are going to.

Instead of a parachute you will get a glider which helps you navigate more accurately to places you want to land at. Right after landing you need to loot weapons and all the things you think are necessary to make you the last person standing. You can contract your own walls and can use them as shields. Your enemies can break them anytime with a powerful weapon.

3. Realm Royale:

Realm Royale

Realm Royal is another game like PUBG for PC. Moreover, it looks like Fortnite’s interesting locations and beautiful design of buildings makes it look more fantastic. Like PUBG you can land with your squad and loot weapons. Along with weapons you can also loot magical powers or weapons which can fire lightning or fireballs. Your enemies can equally destroy you with these powers. All you need to become is the last standing person in the battle.

4. Grand Theft Auto V: Motor Wars:

Grand Theft Auto V Motor Wars

In PUBG you use vehicles and win a chicken dinner by becoming the last survivor in the field. Grand Theft Auto V: Motor Wars allows you to control armored vehicles outfitted with weaponry. You can hide yourself in buildings to escape enemies and flank them strategically. You can use a helicopter which brings a complete twist in the gameplay. Though you can get a drop to the ground to fight into an ever-decreasing battlefield but most of the focus is set on vehicular combat racing.

5. Rust:

Rust pUBG like game

Rust is another game like PUBG for PC which you can play on your computer. Rules are almost similar to other picks in the line. You can loot from buildings and from other locations. Once you are ready to unload your weapons into enemies you can proceed further to become the ultimate survivor. You can attack other survivals using ammo and bombs. If we talk about battlefields then they are well designed and crafted to hide and to run. Run for the loot first because if your enemies acquire something better than you then it will become harder for you to survive.

6. The Culling:

The culling

The culling is developed by American studio which is a cross platform game and can be played on PC as well. Moreover, you will get traditional weapons such as arrows swords and shields in the game you will get perks that help defeat your enemies quickly. Game is having different maps. You can test your skills on offline mode if you are a little scared to match with real-world players. With each level up, you will be awarded boxes which may content a new outfit or game rewards which can be used for internal purchases.

7. Last Man Standing:

Last Man Standing

Last Man standing is another game which you can play for free on steam. It can be considered as more or less similar to PUBG. You will be dropped to a battle zone where you need to loot weapons and then you will be able to take down your enemies.

You can create barriers to stop bullets. Bushes and trees works great if you want to hide yourself and open fire on enemies. You need to compete with total 100 people landing at the same time. If we talk about weapons then the list includes pistols, to shotguns, SMG’s, LMG’s, Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles and even a rocket launcher.

8. ARK: Survival of The Fittest:

ARK Survival of The Fittest

Here is another game like PUBG for PC in our list in which you need to deal with some out of the world creatures which may include a dinosaur, a dragon or other flying or walking creatures which makes is core survival gameplay. Game has multiple game play methods which are 1VS1, 2V2, 4V4 and 6V6.

Graphics of the game are well decorated with bright colors and it is the battleground where you will need to fight with different teams along with some giant sized strange creatures. Your gameplays may range between 30 minutes to 3 hours. It is really an engaging game and you need to work hard on strategies to become the ultimate survivor.

9. Minecraft:

Minecraft season 2

If you are looking for a lightweight game like PUBG for low end PC which you can play with your kids as well then you can go for Minecraft. This game has beautifully crafted blocky design. Before PUBG came into the picture Minecraft was leading last man standing host matches.

With Minecraft you can imagine fully destroyable and constructible world. What if in this world buildup of blocks, you can play a battle royale game. It is moreover kids friendly and will not strain their eyes much.sf

10. Rules of survival:

Rules of survival

Another game like PUBG for PC is Rules of Survival. It is also compatible with Mac, PC, iOS or Android. It uses comparatively less resources on PC. Unlike PUBG you need to compete with 120 players to become the last standing person on the battlefield that means you may frequently find someone firing on you and same as PUBG you need to loot the best weapons to become the ultimate survival.

So, this was our list of games like PUBG for low end PC though they do not take much from your system resources and just a high-speed internet connection is required to run them smoothly. If you have got bored with PUBG but it worked fine on your computer, then there is completely no harm in giving these amazing games a try.


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