Tips To Score Chicken Dinner In PUBG Zombie Mode

Now that the new update for PUBG has brought zombies to the match, Tencent seems to provide you with all the sorts of challenges on your mobile. The official name for this mode is ‘Zombie: Survive Till Dawn’, which is launched as a time restricted mode. What makes the Zombie mode more thrilling is that you not only have to worry about the enemies but also the zombies, who come across your way to harm you.

You will require your own gaming skills to win against both zombies and enemies. However, there are a few tips that you can apply to help a little. Today, we’re going to share some tips to score Chicken Dinner in PUBG Zombie Mode.

PUBG Zombie Mode
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How to win ‘Zombie: Survive Till Dawn’ in PUBG?

Winning a Chicken Dinner in PUBG Zombie mode majorly depends on your gaming skills. However, you can still improve your chances of scoring a Chicken Dinner by following below tips:

1. Pay attention to the time:

While playing PUBG in the Zombie mode, you would notice the horde of undead ambush you when the time changes from day to night. If you’re thinking that you could be saved hiding inside a building or keep driving the car, you may be wrong. Here, the tip to survive is to find an open place where you can get ample space to run from the zombies. Stopping or hiding would only have you eaten by the dead.

Pay attention to the time

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2. Best weapon for zombies:

Tencent is smart enough to introduce the flamethrower and a mini-gun to tackle zombies. However, both of these guns are not easy to find. So, if you get a hold on any of these weapons, it is good. Else, the shotgun is always good in close combat that can dead-open the zombie head in a single shot. If you run out of ammo, make sure that you pick a knife for every such situation.

Best weapon for zombies
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3. Teamwork:

Unity is strength, not just in books but also when you’re having a fierce fight with zombies. Instead of going rogue, you should team up to increase the chances of scoring Chicken Dinner. The Zombie mode in PUBG is relatively easy when you’re teamed up. You must also keep communicating with your team to share and receive commands.

Image Source: Mobile App Daily
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4. Zombie bomb and vaccine:

During gameplay, you may come across new items like the zombie bomb and the zombie vaccine. It is important that you don’t waste the bomb until it is night as one bomb can wipe the entire hordes of zombies. Simultaneously, you can apply the zombie vaccine, which would heal you faster than the conventional medipack and bandage.

Zombie bomb and vaccine

Overall, you can increase your possibility to score Chicken Dinner in PUBG Zombie: Survive Till Dawn mode by applying the above tips. It is also important that you follow basic tips and tricks for PUBG to help you survive in the game for a longer time. Now that you know how to win the zombie mode on PUBG, it is time to celebrate some Chicken Dinners. If you know some interesting tips and tricks for PUBG, do let us know in the comments below.

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