Why Do We Need Blue Light Filter And Which Apps Work Best?

Not a lot of people know but it’s a good idea to enable blue light filter on your phone. But the question in the mind pops up. Why? And what is ‘Blue Light’?

Harvard Medical school has published the study in recent years which shows that the blue light emitted from the gadgets are responsible for poor sleep at night. And this poor sleep is responsible for flawed body cycle.

We are acquainted with the fact that blue light has a short wavelength. This brings attention to our body cycle during daytime (from sun’s wavelength and energy). But when we use the gadgets during the night, the artificial blue light emittance impacts the biological clock, making our sleep suffer.

And who doesn’t wish a good sleep? It is definitely an utmost important thing to keep the body cycle running efficiently.

Blue light filter
Source: Gunnar.com

What is the role of the Blue light filter?

A smart blue light filter stays mostly unfunctional during the day hours and doesn’t show any change on your phone screen. As the sunset takes place, the screen color changes with red and yellow hues very gradually that you may not even notice.

This color change helps reduce the negative effects of blue light at night time and you will begin to notice less strain on your eyes, with time. Even with the diagrammatic representation above, you will get an idea of different wavelengths that blue and red lights possess.

What to do now?

Apart from in-built modes in the phone that change the color pattern, some blue light filter apps can help keep the eyes calm and maintain circadian rhythm in sync.

Android: If you wish to check out Android in-built filter, visit Settings > Display > Night Blue or Reading mode. Turn the mode on and you can see the change in screen color. You can also schedule the time range in which you wish to change the mode.

Reading mode

iPhone: In case of iPhone, you can lower down the brightness level to an extent to keep your eyes away from any strain.

For this, visit Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom. Turn on the Zoom and tap 3 times quickly on screen with three fingers. Choose the filter you wish to use or Select Low Light.

OR just toggle the night shift mode on.

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Best Blue Light Filter apps for Android


This smart app puts a filter over your screen gradually that you don’t even notice the change, while reducing strain on your eyes. Twilight keeps on adjusting the brightness levels according to the phone sensors. So, when you are about to sleep with the lights off, light emitting from your phone do not itch the eyes resulting in better sleep.


Quick Features:

  • Adaptable screen features
  • Helps in maintaining circadian rhythm
  • Development of the app is based on scientific research

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2. Blue light filter- Night Mode

Choose your favorable color temperature profile and adjust the brightness by sliding the dot. The dimmed screen provides you with better reading experience by protecting eyes from long time strain.

Blue light filter- Night Mode

Quick Features:

  • Acts as a phone power saver
  • Developed on circadian scientific research
  • Adjustable filter intensity

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3. Lux Lite

Give your eyes soothing support with stable and customized brightness through Lux Lite. this blue light filter app is free from any ads, saves battery power and brings sub-zero brightness to the screen during the time when lights are completely off.

Lux Lite

Quick Features:

  • Blue light filtering and adaptive light controlling features
  • If phone sensors are not present, the app uses camera functions to adjust the brightness
  • Automatic night mode & backlight adjustments come handy in the paid version

Note- This  app has been discontinued

Wrap the Blue Lights off

We believe your concept of calm and stress-free eyes has been cleared and you would rush back to choose the perfect additionalities for improved sleep. Blue light has been declared harmful, hence your every move towards staying away from it is a safe option. From in-built features to blue light filter apps, choose the one that wraps your needs. We hope this list helps you with keeping the strain off your eyes and a sound sleep.

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