Why Closing Background Apps Is Bad?

Every time when you see your smartphone’s battery draining, you unlock your phone and check for the background apps or run a cleaner app. Well, have you ever stopped and thought whether this tricks actually work or not?

Closing background apps have nothing to do saving battery. Thinking that it has the slightest effect on the same is a myth. If you are one of the millionth people who close the apps completely just after using them, then you must know that it does more harm than good.

It affects the smartphone’s battery performance negatively.

This must come as a shock to you as for years for feeding this lying, suddenly if we will tell you that this affects your battery in a negative manner, you wouldn’t believe. Therefore, we will talk on some facts to clear the ground.

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The question of the hour: Does Closing Background Apps Really Save Battery?

Well, it certainly doesn’t. You must have been believing this myth due to the confusion if the app is open in the background, we think it is running. Apps open in the background makes it easy to relaunch the app, then opening the app from the start. The background apps are not hogging as much as resources as they are assumed to be.

Important resources are accessed by the apps when they are running in the foreground, mostly location tracking, playing audio or downloading or uploading a file. It is the same for whether you have Android or iOS.

If we talk about facts, closing a background app drains more battery. When you quit an app for good, you consume a percentage of resources and battery for clearing RAM and closing the app. Furthermore, whenever you will open the app, you will use certain device resources, which will increase battery usage.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Vice President of Engineering for Android once mentioned, “(closing apps in the background) could very slightly worsen unless you and algorithm are ONE (you kill something, the system wants it back etc.).”

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Does It Save Data?

Not only closing background apps will save much data, for that you need to customize background data settings whether it is Android or iOS. As some of the apps installed on your system use data even if they aren’t open. Background data is what apps use to check for notifications. That’s why if you disable background data, you will not get any notifications until the app is open.

Although, if you want to improve the battery life of your smartphone as closing apps is not the solution. We have listed some of the tips to enhance the battery life of your smartphone.

Disable Vibration for Calls & Other Notifications

Whenever your phone vibrates, it draws your attention and helps you not miss out any calls. But

to get that vibration, the device has a small vibration motor installed which runs & drains the battery. By disabling vibration, you can optimize battery life to a certain extent.

Disable Notifications For Most Used Apps

Fewer notifications mean low battery consumption. Disabling notifications for apps could help the battery life. In case you don’t wish to disable notifications, then you can instead extend the time consumed by apps to sync. Although only a few apps let you extend the time duration for syncing notifications.

Adaptive Brightness

Now smartphones come with an alternative to track services which drains your battery. You can increase the battery’s life of your smartphone by choosing adaptive brightness or reducing the brightness to a minimum while you are indoor.

Reduce Data Usage

You can keep a check on background data of apps which are not used that often. All you need to do is denying permission to apps to utilize background data.

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To Sum Up:

So, this is what you need to optimize the battery life of your smartphone and also we have burst the bubble that closing background apps and preserving the battery of your phone is connected. Well, actually it could worsen the battery performance. Now, that you know that closing background apps will not help you in enhancing the performance of your device, don’t unnecessarily unlock the phone and close apps to save the battery.

If you are looking for more tips & tricks to manage your devices, then watch this space!

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